•  Focus on your academics. Your grades will play a huge role in the recruiting process.                
  •  NCAA Division 1 coaches cannot contact you by phone, email or mail (with the exception of one introductory letter, questionnaire and camp flyer).                
  • YOU can email, mail or call coaches as much as you would like. Coaches love to hear from the players themselves (not just their parents).              
  • Always include your name, graduation year, position, contact information, coaches contact information and club schedule with your emails.                
  • Be proactive! Coaches watch hundreds of kids in a weekend. Email them ahead of time to set yourself apart from the rest.               
  •  Go watch as much college volleyball as you can and compare yourself to their current players. Then ask yourself what level can you realistically play. 

 IMPORTANT DATES              

  • September 1st of your junior year you may begin receiving Recruiting Materials (i.e. emails, letters, etc.) from NCAA Div. 1 coaches.              
  • January 1-13, 2012: Quiet Period (no off-campus recruiting allowed for Division 1)            
  • April 9-12, 2012: Dead Period (no in person recruiting allowed for Division 1)             
  • May 1-25, 2012: Quiet Period (no off-campus recruiting allowed for Division 1)  

WHAT TO LOOK FOR             

  • Check out the roster—how many players do they have in your position? When are they graduating? Are they going to need a  setter, libero, outside, etc. in the class of 2013 or 2014?            
  • What is their travel schedule like in a typical season?             
  • How long has the coach been there?                
  • Has the team been successful?                
  • Do I have an opportunity to see them play in person?              
  • Are they offering a summer camp? 


  • What are my top three priorities when choosing a school? i.e. location, size, majors, athletic department, academic reputation, volleyball program, playing time, etc.            
  • What role do I want volleyball to play in my college experience?     
  • How important is receiving a scholarship, either academic or athletic in the college process? 

 For information about additional NCAA rules and eligibility check out: http://eligibilitycenter.org  


The Mid Atlantic Volleyball Club would like to help all of our interested athletes pursue their volleyball careers beyond high school. We are currently in the process of updating the current NCAA Recruiting Guidelines and Documents to assist our families in this process. Please stay tuned for more information as we update this page.

If you have any questions about any of our current athletes, please contact Andrea Dowdy, our Recruiting Coordinator, at
dreadowdy@hotmail.com, or our club director Bret Ragland at bragland01@comcast.net or (804) 399-6472.