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Monday, January 21

Welcome to Mickey Vernon Little League. Chartered member of Little League International since 1955. Located in Lower Chichester Township, Pennsylvania at Hewes Avenue Park.
Named for famous local professional baseball legend Mickey Vernon. Serving the communities of Linwood, Marcus Hook, Boothwyn, Trainer, and parts of Aston and Bethel Townships.

We take registrations up to Opening Day of each year. No child is ever turned away because of financial difficulties. Our  registration fees for the coming 2014 season reflect a small change due to increasing costs. Tee Ball and Coach Pitch players can register for just $65.   Players in the Minors and Majors divisions pay a registration fee of $90. Our Teener League players are charged a flat fee of $150. Senior Teeners age 18 and over register for $175. Registrations are held every Wednesday in  February from 6:30pm to 8pm at the Linwood Youth Center located at the corner of Market and Chichester Avenues in Lower Chichester.  On Tuesday Febrauary 18 and 25 we will hold registrations at the McDonald's on Market Street by I-95.

Mickey Vernon Little League is named after one of the finest baseball players to have played in the Major Leagues and one of Delaware County's famous citizens, Mr. Mickey Vernon.  In fact we are the very first Little League in the United States to be named for a Major League player.  Mickey passed away in 2008 at at the age of 90.  He was an inspiration to thousands of children over the years. We are proud to be named in his honor. We encourage all to learn more about Mickey Vernon.



The Natural

Monday, April 21
MVLL Week 1 Update

Mickey Vernon Little League Update Week 1

Opening Day April 12, 2014 proved to be one of the most memorable days in recent years.   Many thanks go out to all who contributed in setting up the fields, prepping the floats, helping out in the concession stand and umpiring the exhibition games.  Our ceremonies were touching in honoring past President Jim Magaw, whose 15 years as a coach and board member saw great growth to the league.   It was a very emotional speech given by Jim's wife Sue who gave us a glimpse into what it was like when Jim was President.  The Magaw family extends its thanks to Mickey Vernon Little League for taking time out from Opening Day and its 60th season celebration to remember Jim's accomplishments and service to the league.
Also on Opening Day, the League presented its prestigious "Friend Of Mickey Vernon Little League"  Award to American Legion Post 951 of Upper Chichester.  Since 1955 there has been at least one team sponsored by American Legion even up to today when they sponsor a team in every division. The League extended its gratitude for this continuing sponsorship to the Post's Commander, Mr. Ed Keegan and members of the governing board who attended ceremonies on Opening Day.  A plaque was given to Mr. Keegan commemorating the sponsorship through the years for display at their Post.   A little MVLL trivia:  Ed's father was one of the original coaches and board members of MVLL and the Major League field is dedicated in his honor.  A Plaque on the rock behind home plate is on display naming the field Ed Keegan Field.  
The League also presented pins to all attending alumni of Mickey Vernon Little League.  It was great to see at least one person from each decade in attendance with the 90's being the most populated decade.  If you know of anyone who did not receive a pin, have them please stop by at the concession stand and obtain a button to wear proudly.
The League also would like to thank the Delaware County Sheriff's Department Honor Guard for presenting the colors for us on Opening Day, It has become a tradition in past few years to have them lead our parade through town and stay for the National Anthem to open the ceremonies.  
This year the League was very happy to have the Holy Saviour Knights of Columbus Men's Choir sing the Star Spangled Banner and then lead us in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". It was a treat because the Knights are one of our newer sponsors and it is so good to have our sponsors participate in Opening Day with us.  We also like to thank Rev. Ethel Guy for her beautiful invocation.  Rev. Guy is the pastor of Linwood Heights United Methodist Church, another of our fine sponsors.  This was Rev. Guy's second season with us, giving us spiritual words of wisdom to remind us of how much we are blessed.
More thanks go out to all those who worked their "buns" off in the concession stand which was busy all day long.  The hot dog total reached close to 800 franks and buns eaten by the crowd, 200 pounds of french fries, and over 1,000 bottles of water, powerade, and soda. Not to mention the candy and gum and pretzels everybody was enjoying.  It was a record day and we like to thank you for patronizing the stand.
On Sunday we had our Picture Day and hopefully every child smiled and made Mom proud.  Pictures should be in sometime in Mid May.   We are trying to procure a second date for those who missed Pictures for individual shots.   We will let you know when and if that occurs.

Monday we began our regular season schedule in the Coach Pitch, Minors, and Teeners.  Majors and Tee Ball still were in practice mode for the week.  The week did see some bad weather with lots of rain on Tuesday and cooler temperatures lasting till the end of the week. Spring will come I am told.  Apparently next week holds a lot of promise for warmer weather when we commence a full schedule in all divisions.

The League would like to thank all those who came out on Monday and participated in the Nelson's BBQ fundraiser. It was a huge success and we are looking into bringing them back the first week of June for those who missed some first class ribs and chicken, a great pulled pork sandwich, a delicious chicken breast sandwich and some tasty burgers and sides.   Ask anyone who had the food and they will tell you it was pretty good eats.  You got large portions for the little amount of money you paid.   Make sure next time you order ahead so you can be positive you won't miss out on anything if they run out.

Some things we must remind everyone that need your attention.

  It is a Little League rule and a Township rule.  There is no smoking allowed near any dugout areas.  Please take your cigarette, cigar, or ecigarette to an area where no children are playing .  On the Major, Minor , and Tee Ball field that is 50 feet away near the tree line.  On the Teener field that is 50 feet away from the 1st base dugout.  On the Coach Pitch field that is 50 feet away on the 1st base and 3rd base sides.
Please adhere to this rule for the health of the children and for those who are affected by smoke.

  Sitting on the equipment boxes behind home plate is strictly forbidden as is sitting on the rock on the Major field.  Board members will be asking those who violate this rule to remove themselves from this position.  It is a distraction to the pitcher, the umpire, and the batter.  

 Players are not to have a bat in their hands if they are not the designated batter.  No player shall be allowed to swing a bat in the warm up area or in the dugout.   

 Please follow the rules concerning parking in the area.  Do not block the  grassy area in the TeeBall area or park along the fences.  We have plenty of parking but you may have to park in the tennis court area and walk up.   We need to keep certain areas free and clear for ambulances and emergency vehicles.  Violation of these parking rules can and will result in a fine imposed by the Lower Chichester Police.

  If you have not paid your registration fees, you must do so by April 30th.   Any player who has not paid in full their registration will be declared ineligible for play until all monies are paid.   Difficulty in meeting your financial obligation to MVLL must be discussed with the President and only the President.   Failure to pay your debt will cause the League to take action that we do not wish to initiate.  Those who have bounced checks will be informed and required to pay the fine imposed upon the League by the bank and the registration in cash or money order only.

We need volunteers to help out in the concession stand during the week.  We need you to give us two hours of your time once a week so we can provide quick service and give our concession stand manager a break now and then.   Other leagues require you to work the concession stand or your child does not play.  We at MVLL do not do such a thing.  We believe in the good character of our parents who we know will come forth and give of their time willingly.  So look at your calendar, find a time when your child is not playing and give us a hand.  Stop by the stand and put your name in to Jackie.

Fundraising Information
  Tee shirts for sale.   

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Granddaughters #1 Fan
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Tuesday, April 8
MVLL Opening Day Itinerary

Exhibition Schedule
Tee Ball   Field 1    Athletics  v. Marlins    12:30pm
Tee Ball   Field 2    Blue Jays v. Rockies  12:30pm
Tee Ball   Field 1    Phillies v Athletics        1:00pm

Coach Pitch     Volunteers v. Hurricanes  12:15pm
Coach Pitch     Jayhawks v. Tigers             1:00pm
Coach Pitch     Sun Devils v.  JayHawks    1:45pm

 (Coach Pitch and Tee Ball one time through lineup)

Minors             Storm v. Hot Rods              12:15pm
Minors             Raptors v. Bees                   1:15pm
Minors             Storm v River Bandits          1:15pm              (major field)
Majors             Phillies v Orioles                 12:15pm

(Major and Minor games are 4 innings)

Teeners     MVLL Green v. CBL Phillies    1:00pm

April 13 Picture Day Schedule

Tee Ball  Athletics and Marlins        1:00pm
Tee Ball  Blue Jays                        1:10pm
Tee Ball   Phillies and Rockies         1:15pm
CoachPitch Sun Devils                   1:25om
CoachPitch Volunteers              1:30pm
CoachPitch Tigers           1:35pm
CoachPitch Hurricanes              1:40pm
CoachPitch JayHawks              1:45pm
Minors Bees and Raptors       1:50pm
MInors Storm and HotRods           2:00pm
Minors River Bandits          2:10pm
All Majors and Teeners          2:15pm


Wednesday, July 10

Mike Zurawski makes two runs hold up for Green Machine in 2-1 win over Ridley Nall

Green Machine starter Mike Zurawski doesn't need much help when he is on the hill and he showed it on Tuesday at Mickey VernonLL against Ridley Nall. Six 1/3 strong innings by Zurawski carried Green Machine to a 2-1 victory over Ridley Nall in seven innings.

Max Fortuna boosted his batting average thanks to a perfect 3-3 day at the plate to pace Green Machine. He singled in the first, third, and sixth innings.

Kyle Toomey got the win in relief for Green Machine. Kyle pitched two-thirds of an inning and allowed no runs.



RDL 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 6 1
GRN 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 7 1


Wednesday, July 10
Green Machine suffers 1st Loss in close contest at Brookhaven

Green Machine get on top of Brookhaven early but can't hang on in 7-6 loss

Green Machine jumped out to an early lead, but was unable to hold on and lost 7-6 to Brookhaven on Saturday.

While Green Machine led until the sixth inning, Brookhaven worked its way back and took the lead on an RBI double by Flemming.

Falasco got the win for Brookhaven despite allowing six runs over six innings. He struck out two, walked three and surrendered eight hits.

Flemming, Deserio and Papa helped lead Brookhaven. They combined for seven hits and four RBIs.

The top of the first saw Green Machine take an early lead, 2-0. The Green Machine attack began with a single from Chris Gaspari. Tyler Hembree singled, plating Joe Perry and Chris.

Brookhaven scored one run in the first inning, and then followed it up with one more in the sixth. In the first, Brookhaven scored on an RBI single by Papa, scoring Flemming.



GRN 2 0 4 0 0 0 0 6 8 3
BRK 1 0 3 0 2 1   7 10 3


Sunday, March 23
This Week at MVLL

On Monday March 24, MVLL will hold the 2014 season's Coach Pitch Orientation.   All players should report to the CoachPitch field at 6:15pm to be introduced to their coach and assistants,  meet your new teammates and find out what your team name will be.   Will you be a Volunteer, a Jayhawk, a Hurricane, maybe a Sun Devil or a Tiger?    You should also receive a schedule  and a fundraising packet. 

Regular practices have begun for the Teener 13-15 teams , the Major Division teams, and the Minor division teams.  The Minor division will receive their schedules this week and the Major rosters will be formed.  Schedules for the Major and Teeners will be released as soon as the other leagues involved finalize their schedules.    

Tee Ball Orientation will be held on Wednesday March 26 at 6:15pm at the Tee Ball field.  Players and parents will be introduced to the coaches, be given tentative schedules, fundraising packets, and break into teams for a short practice.  Parents will be given a short talk on Mickey Vernon Little League and the purpose of Tee Ball.  

Registrations will continue all week long.  Players can pick up a form at the concession stand and return it there so we can place you on a team as soon as possible.   We have very few openings in Coach Pitch but every other division is still wide open for players.  If you have not signed up yet , this week is a good time to do so.  Do not be left out.  It is no fun when you are not playing.   Monday through Friday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm registrations will be taken.  

All together now.... NO SNOW...NO SNOW....NO SNOW!!!

Monday, March 17
Registration dates added

Mickey Vernon Little League will continue to hold registrations for all divisions this week on Tuesday March 18 and Wednesday March 19 from 6:30pm to 7:15 pm at the fields on Hewes Avenue.  The registration table will be set up in front of the concession stand.   Fees remain the same.   No late fees.   Tee Ball and Coach Pitch are $65.  Major and Minor Divisions are $90.   Teeners are $150.     The League will continue to take registrations up to Wednesday before Opening Day.   This will allow players to receive a uniform for Opening Day and Picture Day.  No registrations will be taken on Opening Day.   Tell your friends about us if you have already signed up.  The events scheduled for this season promise to be fun.   Stop by the concession stand during practice weeks to sign up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Wednesday, July 10
Mike Z hurls 1 hitter, Shuts out Marple

Wayne (JR) Wells helps Green Machine down MARPLE 3-0

Green Machine beat MARPLE 3-0 in seven innings on Thursday at Mickey Vernon behind Wayne (JR) Wells, who went 1-3.

He singled in the first inning.

MARPLE couldn't get anything going as long as Mike Zurawski was on the mound. MARPLE managed just one hit off of Zurawski, who allowed no earned runs, walked four and struck out four during his seven innings of work.

Green Machine stayed on top until the final out after taking the lead in the first, scoring two runs on a two-run single by Wayne (JR).



MRP 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
GRN 2 1 0 0 0 0   3 4 1


Wednesday, June 26

Green Machine takes early lead in 4-1 win over Ridley Nall

Green Machine's three first-inning runs built an early lead that helped bring home a 4-1 win over Ridley Nall on Tuesday at Mickey Vernon.

Green Machine's Cody Nodis was perfect at the dish, going 3-3. He doubled in the third inning and singled in the first and fifth innings.

Kyle Toomey brought the heat against Ridley Nall during his outing. Ridley Nall managed just two hits off of the Green Machine's pitcher, who allowed no earned runs, walked three and struck out five during his six innings of work.

Charlie Congleton filling in at catcher collected two singles and a walk while protecting the plate for Green Machine.

Green Machine closer Max Fortuna put away the final three outs to record the save.

Green Machine improves to 7-0-1 and maintains its first place lead in the Crossan Division.  Two games with Marple at home on Thursday and at Brookhaven on Saturday complete the week's schedule.


RDL 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3 1
GRN 3 0 0 0 0 1   4 10 1


Monday, March 17
Minor League Division Preliminary Rosters

Mickey Vernon Little League announces the Minor League Division rosters as of March 17.   These rosters may change with trades, move ups, and additions.  These rosters are the result of the draft of eligible players.  Coaches will contact players with news of their first practice, weather permitting. 

Storm  Coach Eric Ross


Andrew Cranmer  Andrew Matus   CJ Stolzer
Ezekiel Johnson   Frank Ruggeri   Jordan Drumwright    Nathan Gill
  Nathan Ross    Vincent Wildrick

 Hot Rods  Coach Fran Moore


Andrew Foster IV   Ashlee Atwell   David Atwell, Jr.   Jake Maiale   Jalen Fox   James Roman  Keith Harris
Pastor Rivera Jr.    Ryan Haynes

 Raptors   Coach Jason Muraska


Dominic Cornett   Mackenzie Cornett    Matthew Haggerty    Matthew Richardson    Nicholas Griffin   Nicolas Muraska Shawn Patrick Bedwell    Timmy Kearney    Tommy Worrilow    Mazen Sayed

 River Bandits   Coach Jim Persing


Chase Scheivert   Christopher Rivera Manning     Dominic McInnis   J.B. Martin
Jake Persing   Jonathan Potts    Mason Martin   Michael Irwin    Ricky Lee

 Mets   Coach Stan Kordowski


Tyler Ottinger   Aaron Jackson  Brody Kordowski   Dennis Leary
Dierks Tarbutton   Joshua Sinnott    Kayla Chant    Richard Briggs



Saturday, March 8
Tryout Times for Sunday Changed

Attention all players.

Tryouts scheduled for Sunday March 9 will be held from 1:00pm to 2:30pm at the fields at Hewes Avenue.   Original times were 5:30pm -7:00pm.  Please note the time change.  All Major and Minor players are to attend at least one of the three tryouts scheduled for this week.  It is highly suggested that they attend two but one will be sufficient.

Sunday March 9  1:00pm - 2:30 pm
Monday March 10   6:00pm - 7:15pm
Tuesday March 11  6:00pm- 7:15pm

Registrations will be taken on Monday and Tuesday during tryouts as well as on Wednesday March 12 at Linwood Youth Center from 6:00pm - 7:00pm  before the player draft.
Please bring a friend along to tryouts with you.   The fun begins now.

Wednesday, June 26

Green Machine tops Garnet Valley in back-and-forth affair, 6-3

Green Machine took the last of three lead changes in a back-and-forth affair against Garnet Valley, securing a 6-3 victory on Thursday at Garnet Valley.

Green Machine took the lead in the sixth inning and held on for the victory. Green Machine went up for good on a two-run double by Max Fortuna off D White, scoring Cody Nodis and Wayne (JR) Wells.

Max racked up two RBIs on two hits for Green Machine.

Mike Zurawski picked up the win for Green Machine. Mike pitched six innings and allowed two earned runs, four hits and one walk while striking out three.

Green Machine closer Kyle Toomey put away the final three outs to record the save.

The top of the third saw Green Machine take an early lead, 2-0.

GRN 0 0 2 0 0 4 0 6 10 4
GRN 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 5 4


Sunday, March 2
Tryouts Delayed- Registrations Ongoing

Tryouts scheduled for this Sunday March 2 will be cancelled due to the severe cold weather that we are experiencing.  
The fields will in no way be safe to use.   
Mickey Vernon LL will hold tryouts for the Major and Minor divisions for players 7 - 12  on Sunday March 9 from  5:30-7:00pm, on Monday March 10 from 6-7pm, and on Tuesday March 11 from 6-7pm at the fields on Hewes Avenue.  Those players who are registered for the Coach Pitch division do not need to tryout.
Players must bring their glove and be ready to run, throw, and catch.  Coaches will grade players according to ability.  The draft will be held Wednesday March 12 at 7:30pm at Linwood Youth Center.  Teams will be announced on Thursday March 13 via website.
Practices will begin March 15 for Major and Minor teams.  Coach Pitch and Tee Ball will meet on March 24 for team introductions.  Coach Pitch report at 6:30pm.  Tee Ball report at  6pm.

Late registrations will be held Wednesday March 5 at Linwood Youth Center from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and on Wednesday March 12 from 6:30-7:30pm at Linwood Youth Center.  

Any questions please contact Tom @ TomJKCZ@aol.com.

Sunday, June 16
Solid Defense, Timely Hitting Key to Green Machine's Victory

All-around effort leads Green Machine past Brookhaven 10-0

Kyle Toomey came up big at the dish and on the hill, leading Green Machine to a 10-0 win over Brookhaven on Saturday at Brookhaven.

Toomey went a perfect 2-2 at the plate for Green Machine. He doubled in the second inning and singled in the sixth inning.

Toomey held Brookhaven scoreless for six innings. Toomey allowed five hits, three walks and struck out five.

Five runs in the first three innings helped Green Machine blow out Brookhaven. An RBI single by Chris Gaspari and an error during the first inning fueled Green Machine's offense early.

Winning pitcher Kyle Toomey (2-for-2, three runs) fanned five over six innings and combined with Mike Gonzalez on a five-hit shutout, Cody Nodis belted a bases-empty home run and shortstop Chris Gaspari played exceptional defense while contributing two hits, two runs and an RBI.

GRN 2 1 2 2 1 2 0 10 12 1
BRK 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 6


Wednesday, June 12

Tyler Hembree's two-run blast gives Green Machine walk-off win over Garnet Valley, 5-3

A walk-off two-run home run from Tyler Hembree brought home the winning run for Green Machine in a 5-3 victory over Garnet Valley in 10 innings at Mickey Vernon Ll on Tuesday.

Hembree racked up two RBIs on one hit for Green Machine. He homered in the tenth inning.

Brandon Zebley got it done on the hill on the way to a win. He pitched 2 2/3 shutout innings. He struck out one, walked none and surrendered two hits.

One run gave Green Machine a leg up after neither team scored for most of the game. Green Machine got on the board thanks to an error.

Green Machine answered Garnet Valley's top inning with one run of its own in the eighth. Green Machine scored on an RBI single by Cody Nodis.


0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 3 13 2
0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 2 5 8 0





Sunday, February 16
It's Time for Baseball

Another round of snow!!  Well let's hope not.   
Just a reminder about registrations this week.  
Registrations will be held at the McDonald's on Market Street by I-95 from 7pm to 8:30 pm on Tuesday February 18 no matter what the weather.
Registrations also will be held at Linwood Youth Center on Wednesday February 19 from 6:30-9:00pm.  
It is only 3 weeks away until Tryouts so please find a few minutes to register.  All forms needed can be found on our website www.eteamz.com/MickeyVernonLittleLeague1 in the Handouts section.

Remember our fees are still the lowest in the area and we feature family discounts.  Celebrating our 60th Year as a Little League will be exciting and loads of fun.   

Tuesday, February 11
Registrations Being Held

Tired of Winter?   Had enough of the snow??  Don't you wish it was warmer???
 Well the Groundhog sure has us all looking to ring his neck.
But don't despair cause Spring Training is just days away.   Baseball is in the air.   It is time to start thinking about the smell of leather gloves and the sound of the crack of a bat ( a wood one) or the ping of a bat (an aluminum one).   Yes we are only 3 weeks away from baseball tryouts for Little League.   It is time to register and get ready for spring.   
Mickey Vernon Little League will be holding registrations tomorrow night on Wednesday February 12 from 6:30-8:00 pm at Linwood Youth Center.  The forecast calls for no snow until midnight so come out and get your child signed up.
Registrations will again be held on February 19 and 26 at Linwood Youth Center and on February 18 and 25 at the McDonald's on Market St.
Our fees are still the lowest in the area and we feature family discounts.  Tell your friends and neighbors about the fun that can be had at Mickey Vernon Little League especially this year when we celebrate our 60th Season as a Little League.  
Pass the word on.  Its time to think baseball.   Its time to think Mickey Vernon Little League.

Monday, June 10
Double Header Sweep for Green Machine

Green Machine's offense erupts for 15 runs in blowout victory over MARPLE

Green Machine continued to pile up the runs on Sunday, scoring three runs in the seventh inning, en route to an easy 15-2 win over MARPLE at MARPLE HS.

Green Machine scored six runs in the third on , a three-run double by Tyler Hembree, and a two-run home run by Cody Nodis.

Wayne (JR) Wells racked up three RBIs on three hits for Green Machine. He singled in the third and fourth innings and tripled in the fifth inning.

Kyle Toomey got the win for Green Machine thanks to eight strikeouts. Toomey allowed two earned runs on six hits and two walks over six innings.

MARPLE outdone by Wayne (JR) Wells and Green Machine, 7-3

Wayne (JR) Wells had two extra base hits as Green Machine took home a 7-3 victory over MARPLE in five innings at MARPLE HS on Sunday.

He tripled in the second inning and doubled in the fourth inning.

Mike Zurawski got it done on the rubber on the way to a win. He allowed two runs over 3 2/3 innings. Zurawski struck out two, walked three and gave up six hits.

Green Machine was sparked by Max Fortuna and Wells, who teamed up for four hits and three RBIs.

Green Machine never surrendered the lead after the first inning, scoring two runs on two singles.

A one-run second inning helped bring MARPLE within one. An RBI single by Trainor triggered MARPLE's comeback. But, Zurawski got Swanson to fly out to end the inning.

Green Machine added five more runs in the top of the fourth. Wells kicked things off with a double, plating TJ Connison.

After pushing across one run in the bottom of the fourth, MARPLE faced just a 7-2 deficit. A walk by Swanson fueled MARPLE's comeback. The MARPLE threat came to an end when Fortuna finally got Gallagher to strike out.

After pushing across one run in the bottom of the fifth, MARPLE faced just a 7-3 deficit. An error gave MARPLE life. Fortuna ended the game by getting Young to ground out.


Monday, June 10
Home Win For Green Machine

Green Machine survives Collingdale rally, escapes with 5-4 victory

Collingdale was never able to get over the hump and overcome its troubles against Green Machine on Thursday, as Collingdale fell 5-4 at Mickey Vernon after falling behind by two runs in the fourth inning.

Collingdale scored one run in the sixth on a solo home run by Akens. Still, Collingdale couldn't catch Green Machine.

Brandon Zebley racked up three RBIs on two hits for Green Machine. He singled in the first inning and homered in the third inning.

Mike Zurawski recorded the win for Green Machine. He allowed three runs over four innings. Zurawski struck out three, walked two and gave up five hits.

Green Machine closer Max Fortuna put away the final three outs to record the save.

Collingdale jumped out to an early 3-0 lead in the top of the first. After Hughes singled, Collingdale kept the pressure on Green Machine pitching, as Akens doubled, bringing home Hughes and Quake. Collingdale then tacked on more runs when Akens scored on an RBI single by Oneil.

Green Machine pushed across two runs in both the first inning and the third. In the first, Green Machine scored on a groundout by Tyler Hembree, bringing home Joe Perry.

Green Machine never surrendered the lead after the third inning, scoring two runs on a two-run home run by Zebley.

Wednesday, June 26

Our District 19 Little League All Star team will be playing this Saturday evening at 6pm at Ridley Area LL to start the 2013 Tournament that eventually may lead to the LL World Series in Williamsport PA.
Their opponent for the game will be the Ridley Area LL.   The winner of that game will go on to face Drexel HIll LL on Sunday June 30.
If by some chance, our team loses to Ridley, then they must continue on in the Loser's Bracket portion of the tournament.

I hope that some of you will be able to go out and support our players on Saturday evening June 29 at Ridley Area LL( formerly Leedom LL). Game time begins at 6pm with player introductions 10 minutes before gametime.  A Little League tournament game is an exciting event and an honor to be a participant in.   Come out and show your support by wearing green and cheering on our players and coaches in their quest for a spot in the Regionals.  The players will be so happy and excited to know you are there.

As is the custom for District 19, Mickey Vernon Little League has been assigned to host a tournament game.  This year the game we will be hosting is on Monday July 1.   It is a loser's bracket game in which our team may be one of the participants depending upon the outcome of Saturday's game.  We need lots of volunteers to help with getting the Major field ready.   That is why I am asking you all to give a little time on either Sunday evening or Monday evening to prepare the field for play.
We need to clean the dugouts, repair fences, reattach screens, cut grass, hang flags, paint foul lines, and make sure everything is safe and up to par for Little League tournament play.    We need someone to offer a generator that can be used to power the scoreboard since our generator was broken on Opening Day.  We need field marshals, a score keeper, a couple of players to assist the District coordinator, and concession stand help on Monday evening.  
I myself will not be able to attend on Monday evening because of a prior commitment to our Teener team.   I need the help of our Mickey Vernon family to allow us to have more tournament hosting in the future.   With your help this can be done.

Please respond to me if you can help out.   Your commitment will be greatly appreciated.  

The League is counting on you and so are the young boys and girls who are part of Little League Tournament play.   I would hope that I can count on all coaches and assistants to provide this much needed aid.

Thank you for all you do.

Wednesday, June 26
10U All Stars WIN at Tournament

Congratulations to our MickeyVernon 10U All Star team in their great win against Unionville!


Monday, June 10
Season Begins With Tie

Green Machine and Briarcliffe tie

Green Machine and Briarcliffe played to a 5-5 tie on Tuesday at Mickey Vernon LL.

Wednesday, June 26

Thank you
                to all the coaches, players, parents, and supporters that made the 2013 Mickey Vernon Little League a memorable success.  Our end of season picnic held on Monday June 17 was enjoyed by over 400 people!!  We hope that everyone had a great time and got enough to eat.  Congratulations to all the players on receiving their trophies and to the Coach Pitch skills challenge winners.   The success of any Little League depends upon the coaches who instruct the players in the ideals of Courage, Character, and Loyalty.   Our coaches all of whom are volunteers provide all this and more.  
I look forward to next season when we enter our 59th Anniversary year.  Not too many leagues can say they have been around that long.  I hope to see each and every one of you return next season and I will continue to watch how you all grow in your skills in playing baseball and your skills in being good teammates.   

 Good luck and be safe in the coming summer months.

Monday, June 10
Link Up Now with the Green Machine

Click this link to see scores and more about the Green Machine Team.


Thursday, June 13

It has come to my attention that a lot of people did not receive any communication about the end of season picnic.  
Please allow me to recap what is being asked of everyone.


Please have this money dropped off at the concession stand on Friday June 14 (we are expecting heavy rain on Thursday) with the number of people attending from your family.
This will give us a good idea of how many people we can expect and order enough food and drink.
You will be given paper bracelets to wear that will identify you as paid and eligible for the food and drink.

We will charge a flat fee of $20 per family on Monday evening  the day of the picnic.

I will be at the concession stand from 5:30pm to 7:45om on Friday night.

We apologize to those who came on Wednesday evening to pay their fees and the stand was closed.   

If you are not attending the picnic please contact your coach to receive your trophy.   All absent player trophies will be given to the coach for distribution.

Thank you all for your patience as we deal with this unexpected weather that has dampened the end of our season.

Thank you all for being loyal supporters of MVLL and we hope you have had a wonderful and memory filled season.

Tom Woods
President MVLL

Tuesday, June 4
Mickey Vernon Little League News

MVLL End of Season Picnic and Trophy Presentation

Our annual picnic and trophy presentation will be held on Monday June 17 form 6pm to 8pm.  Hot dogs and drinks will be provided by the League.  Bounce rides will be available for the children to play on as will the Minor and Major fields be available for games.  We will be charging a nominal fee per family size :  $15 for a family of 6 or less.  $20 for a family of  7 to 10.  A family over 10 people will be charged $25.    Each family will receive wristbands to wear in order to participate in the food and amusements.
Trophies will be presented by divisions beginning at 7:30pm. Coaches will be given the team trophies to distribute at that time.  Special presentations for Sportsmanship in the Majors and Minors  and the Skills Winners in the Coach Pitch division will be given out at this time too. If you can not make the picnic, please make arrangements with your coach so your child can receive his or her trophy.
Also we would like the Tee Ball Division parents to provide pretzels and potato chips.
The Coach Pitch Division parents to provide fresh fruit and cupcakes.  The Major and Minor Division parents to provide baked goods such as cake and cookies.  Any wishing to donate any food items please contact the concession stand prior to the event.  All money should be paid to the concession stand  for the picnic.

Playoffs Begin in the Major and Minor Divisions

The regular season has ended and now our playoffs begin.  This year the format will be a double elimination tournament.   A team must lose  two games before it is eliminated from competition.  The schedule calls for games to be held on Tuesday June 4, Wednesday June 5, Friday June 7, Monday June 10, and Tuesday June 11 if necessary.  
Teams will follow the Little League tournament rules regarding pitch counts .  A game will be considered official after  5 innings or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead.  A game tied after 6 innings will go extra innings until one team claims victory.  In case of darkness, a game will be official if it reaches the minimum number of innings. Otherwise it will be played the next day to its conclusion.   NO game will be decided by a score reversion to a prior inning.  
In the Minor division, the same rules apply for maximum number of runs and steals per inning as used in the regular season.  The dropped third strike rule will not be applied in this tournament.

Phillies Raffle Fundraiser

Congratulations to Mrs. Linda Gallagher for winning the MVLL Phillies Raffle  for the 2013 season. She and her family will be enjoying two Phillies games with VIP parking  this summer.  The winning ticket was sold by Hot Rods player Mazen Sayed of the Coach Pitch division.   The highest seller was Nathan Ross of the Storm in the Coach Pitch division.  Thanks to all who participated in the raffle and who vigorously sold the tickets to make the fundraiser a rousing success.  We raised a little over $4,500 for the League.  The Board wishes to thank those generous patrons of MVLL who donated their tickets so the League could alleviate some of the financial burden of operating a League of our size.  Each year it becomes a little more difficult to meet costs with the increase in prices of insurance, uniforms, fees, supplies, and equipment.  We rely heavily on our sponsors and our concessions, all the while supplementing our finances with fundraisers to keep registration costs down so that every child is able to afford to play LIttle League baseball here at Mickey Vernon Little League.

Tuesday, May 7
MIckey Vernon Little League NewsBreak

Phillies Raffle Tickets

If you have sold your tickets please return them to your coach or to myself in an envelope with your name on it with the stubs and money inside by May 17.
If you have tickets you can not sell please return them as soon as possible to your coach or myself so that we can get them to people who need more tickets to sell.    WE are getting a lot of requests for more tickets and do not have them to give out since all tickets have been distributed to everyone.

Important Dates--- Raffle Ticket Money   due   May 17
                                  Raffle Ticket Drawing       May 23   Drawing will be held at concession stand at  8pm.
First Game of Raffle(4 tickets)   June 5   Phillies vs Marlins  Game time 1:05pm  Businessperson's Special   Section 122  Row  34  seats 5-8
Second Game of Raffle (2 tickets)  August 20  Phillies vs Rockies  Game time 7:05pm   Section 116 Row 4 Seats 9-10

The League would like to see all 1500 tickets be sold if at all possible.  This will be a great fundraiser if everyone does their part.

Past Due Registrations

It has come to the Board's attention that a few players have not yet paid their registration fees.   Players who have not paid registration will not be eligible for post-season play nor will they receive a trophy.   If you have made arrangements with the President personally to pay your registration fees, these arrangements must be done by May 24 for final rostering and trophy ordering.   We understand certain financial difficulty but the League relies on the registration fees for insurance purposes.   MVLL continues to be one of the lowest priced leagues in the area and will do its best to maintain that policy but increasing costs caused by the loss of revenue through unpaid registrations may force the Board to revisit its policy.
If you owe,  please pay something before the due date.   

All Star Selections

Selections for All Star teams for tournament play will be made the first week of June.   Players wishing to be considered for the teams should contact their coach.   Tryout dates will be announced in the coming weeks.   The Board will approve one 11/12 year old Little League team and one 9/10 team to compete in local tournaments.   The players selected to the teams must be able to produce their original birth certificate and 3 proofs of residence for verification for approved rostering.   A $25 fee is also required to cover the cost of additional insurance and uniform sponsorship.

Chick Fil A  Night at MVLL

MVLL will host a Chick Fil A night on Thursday May 23.  Chick Fil A sandwiches will be available for purchase along with our regular menu.   Mark your calendar and eat hearty that night.

Trophy Presentations

Trophies will be awarded to all participants who have met all their dues at the end of the season.  Look for more info in the coming weeks as we finalize the dates so as not to interfere with graduations and dances.   These nights are always a lot of fun.  Moon bounces, games, hot dogs, drinks, and much more.   One of the many reasons MVLL is the family friendly league everyone wants to be a part of.  A small charge per family will be asked to offset some of the cost and to make sure only MVLL family is involved.

Any questions, comments, or God forbid  complaints  feel free to communicate them with us.

Tom Woods
President MVLL


Monday, April 29
Rainout Tonight

All games scheduled for Monday April 29 are cancelled due to the rain drenching the fields making them unplayable.  Major game and Minor game will be made up on Wednesday May 1.  Coach Pitch game can be made up at Coaches' convenience on large grass field next to Coach Pitch field during the week.  Tee Ball game will be made up tomorrow Tuesday April 30.  

Any problems with the rescheduling please contact me asap.

Coaches should contact their players to insure everyone knows about the cancellation and rescheduling.

Thank you.

Sunday, May 13
Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and grandmoms who enthusiastically support their Little Leaguers with all the joy and love they bring to the field.  Your devotion and sacrifice play an integral part in the development of your child's baseball experience.  Without you Little League would lack the love needed to instill our goals of Character, Courage, and Loyalty.   Some times your support may go unnoticed and unappreciated but MVLL knows how important each and every one of you are to the success of not only the League but of your child.  Thank you all baseball moms and grandmoms because without you, Little League is nothing more than a game played on grass and dirt. With you it becomes a cherished memory, a loving experience, and the most fun a child can ever have playing on grass and dirt.
Have a Wonderful Day!

Monday, January 9
MVLL Green Monsters meet an Ace

Who's the Big Guy in the Middle?
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Tuesday, April 20
New Website

Magazine Article
MVLL featured in RedSox Mag
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Tuesday, April 6
Boston Red Sox Alumni Magazine Praises MVLL
Our Opening Day Ceremonies last year garnered enough attention that the alumni magazine of the Boston Red Sox printed an article on MVLL's honoring of our namesake and friend, Mickey Vernon.  As a member of the Red Sox in 1955-56, Mickey formed a powerful one -two punch with Hall of Famer Ted Williams, baseball's last .400 hitter.  His time in Boston is well remembered and he is still revered around New England. It is an honor that the Red Sox organization thought enough of our dedication to make sure all the alumni knew and read about what we did to honor one of baseball's greatest men. With their permission it is presented here for all to read.  Comments are most welcome.

MVLL requests that all parents park their vehicles at designated spots in the complex.  Parking is limited so the Township has lifted its ban for parking on Hewes Avenue for Saturday only.  Please obey all traffic laws in this regard.  Parking on the grass is strictly prohibited and you will be ticketed.  The fine is a hefty $75 or it may be more.  Your pet is not permitted to be on a leash or unleashed in the park.  Again please be aware that this action too is prohibited and susceptible to a fine. 

MVLL requests that when entering or exiting the park please do so at a safe manner.  Our speed limit in the park is 5 mph.  That is to insure that no child gets hurt by any motor vehicle.  Be aware the authorities will enforce this law to protect its smallest citizens.

Parking along the fence area is not permitted in the Tee Ball area.  Cars who park along the fence area in the softball section do so at their own risk.  MVLL is not responsible for your car being damaged by a batted ball.  It is clearly marked that parking in the fence area is prohibited.

Use the tennis court parking lot when necessary.  We know it is a walk but it is a very short walk.

Respect the fact that on Opening Day we will have honored guests who will require special parking privileges.  Spaces marked off for these purposes will be necessary.  Please do not cause a disturbance over our use of the parking facilities.  We expect a large crowd. We expect a friendly and safe crowd.   Make everyone feel like they are family here at MVLL. 



Monday, January 18
John Connolly, Friend and Board Member

Again with much sadness I regret to inform all that we have lost another great friend, Mr. John Connolly.  John passed on today after valiantly fighting cancer for many years.  His legacy will be one of great courage in the face of death for I knew no other man who bravely took whatever  grave news the medical professionals dished out and saw hope in the far off distance.   Through many conversations with John it was always the one word....hope... not only for himself but for all those around him.  The pain and suffering that he endured was never an excuse for John to donate his time and energy to MVLL as our equipment and uniform manager for over 4 years.   When treatments kept him away, he made sure everything was in order and each team was satisfied.   No one was as conscientious or dedicated to his volunteerism as John.   My efforts as President pale in comparison to what he gave to MVLL.  
I have many stories to relate of the countless hours John spent at the field to make sure that each child in the League would have a positive experience.  Through John's efforts MVLL has catching equipment for all ages, pitching machines, baseballs, freshly painted bases, new mounds and homeplates, and more things you can imagine that go unnoticed during a season.    It was John who brought to my attention the  Tee Ball bases that make  sounds and he convinced me that this would enhance the young players' experience.   There are very few appropriate words to say how indebted this league is to John Connolly.  Yet a simple "thank you" made John smile from ear to ear.  Each opening day as the players paraded down the street in their new uniforms and stood on the baselines of every field and sang our National Anthem, that made John his happiest to see how proud the kids were to be a part of Mickey Vernon Little League.  
As I write this notice, I can't help but think of how much I personally will miss John.  He was my right hand man for so many years.  He took care of so many things that no one else wanted to do.  Without him, I can only hope and there is that word again, "hope", that someone will take up John's task and continue the good work he did.
Every word that Fred has said about John is more than true.
Ask John how he was doing, and you never heard a word of complaint.  
He was spiritual without being preachy.  He had a contentment with life that was unwavering.   Heaven truly is blessed today as John enters into its gates.
All our prayers go out to his family...Heather, his wife and his three extraordinary children, Tara, Kevin, and Sean.   Your dad and husband is a true hometown hero as far as we are concerned.   A hero to you for being a loving father and spouse providing a safe and comfortable home, the best education and a strong moral fortitude.  A hero to us for being a tireless volunteer to MVLL whether as a coach or equipment manager and for providing a great example of courage in the face of adversity.

Arrangements will be forthcoming.
I would "hope" that we all say one prayer tonight for John.  May he rest in peace.  As John always said to me ." Remember Tom, We do it for the kids!"
Yes John  we do it for the kids!!!  Amen!

The following is the text of Fred's message to the Board Members.  Every word is heartfelt.

John was an incredible man who gave countless hours to our baseball league.
I'm sure Tom will have his own words to say on behalf of John, but I know a man like John cannot be replaced.
John leaves a lovely wife and three wonderful children behind, Tara, Kevin and Sean.  All three kids played in our program and John was always proud of that.
I cannot begin to say enough kind words about John.  Despite his battle with Cancer, he always smiled and NEVER EVER complained.  His positive attitude was incredible and I personally will truly miss him.
John was a first class man who raised a first class family.
He will be greatly missed.

I will take care of sending flowers to the family from the League.

John's home address:
Boothwyn PA 19061

Sunday, June 14
MVLL Dedicates Plaque in Mickey Vernon's Memory Opening Day 2009
plaque dedication
Tom Woods, Fred Hembree dedicating plaque on Opening Day with Gay Vernon
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mv retired number sign
Mickey Vernon Retired Number Sign
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Unlike other organizations we want your child to play baseball or softball.  Our goal is to instill the qualities of good sportsmanship and citizenship through the game of baseball or softball according to the motto of Little League Baseball.   We know these are difficult times.  That is why we are offering the lowest registration prices for a youth league in the area.  Any hardship cases are dealt with privately and in a discreet manner.  No one outside the President and the Registrar know anyone's registration status.  Call or email Tom with any questions or concerns.  We will work something out that is beneficial to all. Come, Join Mickey Vernon Little League.

Mickey mgr
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Sunday, September 28
James B. "MIckey" Vernon Dies at Age 90
Mickey Vernon , two time American League batting champion, a four decade Major Leaguer, and the man whom our League is named after passed away at the age of 90 at Riddle Memorial Hospital after suffering a stroke over last weekend.  Mickey upon his retirement from MLB graced us with his presence at every MVLL opening Day.  His warm friendly manner was enjoyed by many generations of Little Leaguers and their families.  Never refusing an autograph or listening to someone tell him a story about watching him play or about some childhood acquaintance, Mickey gave his individual attention to all who asked of it from him.    Even when Mickey was not feeling well he made it a point to come rain or shine to MVLL's  Opening Day.  His advice to each player was the same every year,"Keep your eye on the ball!".  Although it may seem like a very simple instruction it was much more than that.  It was a lesson for all those future Major Leaguers that no matter what you do in life it takes focus and discipline to do what is necessary to acheive your goals.   Coming from the sandlots of Marcus Hook and Linwood Mickey understood that hard work and love for what you are doing will go a long way in this life.  His humor and easy going way will be sorely missed here at MVLL.  Opening Day will never be the same.  We hope that soon Mickey will be recognized by Baseball's Hall of Fame as one of the greatest human beings ever to grace a baseball diamond not only as a player, coach, or manager but as that "gentleman first baseman"  that everyone here at MVLL loved.  We cherish the memories that Mickey left us and will continue to proudly wear his name across our chests and on our hats. 

Sunday, September 28
"Keep Your Eye On The Ball!"
Mickey Vernon Last OD
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Saturday, January 17
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Monday, June 7
Tee Ball night at Mickey Vernon Park

Monday, June 10
MInor League Tournament

Monday, June 10
Major League