AAU Michigan Lady Hurrikanes: Tournaments

Lady Kanes Tournament Information
2011 Kanes Wind Wind Classic Tournament

2011 Kanes Classic Registration Information

2011 Kanes Classic Information2011 Kanes Classic Information

Kanes Tournament Roster

Download Roster, Complete, and Email to "Michigankanes@aol.com"

Kanes Tournament RosterKanes Tournament Roster

Kanes Tournament Rules

Kanes Tournament RulesKanes Tournament Rules

2010 Kanes Wild Wind Classic Tournament

Tournament Registration Information

2010 Kanes Classic Information2010 Kanes Classic Information

Kanes Classic Donation 2008

McClaren Thank You 2008

McClaren Thank You 2008McClaren Thank You 2008

2009 Kanes Wild Wind Classic Tournament

Registration Information

2009 Kanes Classic Information2009 Kanes Classic Information

2008 Kanes Wild Wind Classic Tournament

Kanes Tournament Registration Informaton

2008 Kanes Classic Information2008 Kanes Classic Information

2007 Kanes Classic Tournament Court Schedule

2007 Kanes Classic COURT Schedule2007 Kanes Classic COURT Schedule

2007 Kanes Classic Tournament Team Schedules

2007 Kanes Classic TEAM Schedule2007 Kanes Classic TEAM Schedule

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