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5. - Posted March 11, 2007 4:27PM

Hi Everyone,
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Play Ball!

4. - Posted April 3, 2005 10:07PM
Huntsville Sharks 10u

R. Hastings....Thanks so much for the support you have given to our 10u team. We will checking back to your website to see your success also. Good Luck in 2005

Coach Jeff

3. - Posted October 20, 2004 5:42PM
Heck ya ladiez!!! Congrats on our first tourny win as a team....at our first tourny!! Haha great job all weekend everybody it was a real team effort to get to that 1st place but we defintely did it. we really battled out of some tough spots. our determination to win and our team work and support for our team is really showing through already. way to battle thru the cold and i guess it just goes to prove - ITS NOT HOW U START ITS HOW U FINISH!! gotta love determination!!! cya soon n again - wonderful job-

Bato 55

2. - Posted October 17, 2004 11:21PM
Great job to all the girls,coaches and parents in a championship finish in your first tournament for the 2005 season. The girls played hard and battled back in some miserable weather to win the gold!! Great start to what should be a great season.

1. - Posted April 3, 2004 2:19PM

Hey evryone!!! Well now that we are settled in i just wanted to say that i can not wait untill our first games together as a team!!!!!!!!! I miss allll of you!!! We have to keep in touch over the next few months! Start signin the guestbook frequently--i refuse to be the only one on here! Give me a call anytime i kno u area ll busy and so am i but we all gotta keep eachother filled in on evrything. Congratulations to evryone on there high school ball--its quite an accomplishment and for the younger players, keep practicing and workin hard k? Good luck and i look forward to hearin from all of you and even more to seeing you all soon!!!! LUALS!!!!!xoxo