Michigan Metro Girls Hockey High School Hockey League: News from 2006

Saturday, March 11
Congratulations to Grosse Pointe South... the 2005-2006 State Champs!!!
South beat Plymouth Canton salem in the State Championship game! Congratulation to all the players!


Tuesday, March 21
2006 All State Players Honored, Miss Hockey Selected
First Team All State:

Goalie: Clarice Grantham - Ann Arbor
Defense: Kellie Bargowski - PCS, Andrea Soloko - Northville
Forwards: Ali Morawski, G.P.South, Laura Szwed - Ladywood, Emily Nelson - G.P. North

Second Team All State:

Goalie: Kristie Kowalski - PCS
Defense: Brittney Holtz - Ladywood, Liz Rabidoux - G.P. North
Forwards: Camilla Barkovic - Regina, Stephanie Murray - PCS, Amanda Marsh - GP South

Tim VanEckoute from Grosse Pointe North was honored as Coach of the Year.

Miss Hockey was disclosed at the annual hockey All-State Awards luncheon which will take place on Sunday March 19th.
***Congratulations to Ali Morawski***

Sunday, March 12
2006 All League Players
The 2005 - 2006 Season All League Players below are congradulated for outstanding contribution to their teams.

Goalie - Angela Lee - GP North

Katie Dosch - GP South, Katie Gerow - GP South, Jacq Roberg - Mercy, Neiko Crown - Regina

Annelise Heeringa - Ann Arbor, Ariel Magidson - Cranbrook, Hillary Inger - GP South, Bridget Hughes - Northville, Elizabeth Palmer - ULS, Lindsey Szutka - Walled Lake

All League Honorable Mention:

Catherine LaGrasso - Cranbrook, Jackie Zarb - GP North

Angie Chronis - Ann Arbor, Danielle Foley - Ladywood, Angie Iafano - Ladywood, Laura Zima - Northville, Maggie Gossman - Port Huron, Danielle May - Porth Huron, Carly Mocny - Regina, Erika Schilkey - Regina, Monique Squiers - ULS, Erin Kashawlic - Blooomfield

Alexis Bourne - Ann Arbor, JJ Chronis - Ann Arbor, Katherine Park - Cranbrook, Caroline Gard - Cranbrook, Audrey Stapleton - Cranbrook, Ariel Magidson - Cranbrook, Katie Zemenick - GP North, Heather Sartorius - Ladywood, Audrey Martinuzzi - Mercy, Meredith Ponder - Northville, Anjoli Saran - Northville, Katie Zimmerman - PCS, Kristen Schwan - PCS, Meg Quinn - Porth Huron, Rachel Kare - Regina, Molly Baker - Walled Lake