MiamisburgSoccer: About MSA


The Miamisburg Soccer Association is a non-profit volunteer run organization. For over 30 years, every fall we incorporate the help of dozens of parents, former players, and volunteers to host a recreational soccer league for the youth of the Miamisburg area. 

We also support year-round select and adult soccer programs. 

MSA holds 10 board meetings a year that are open to the membership and public.  The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Carnegie Center in Miamisburg.

We are always open to suggestions and will try to answer any questions or concerns as quickly as possible.


Often we are asked about the finances of the organization....what we collect and how we spend it.  Our financial records are audited every two years and our taxes are prepared annually by a Miamisburg CPA.  We adhere to all the regulations to maintain a 501(c)3 non-profit status.

Below is a short synopsis of our finances:

MSA currently serves approximately 420 recreational and 170 select youth players this year.

MSA prides itself on providing the lowest possible registration fee.  Over the past five years, we have averaged a little under a 1.5% profit margin for the association while maintaining our low registration fee.    


From 2011-2015, we have annually averaged the following .......

    -  make a strong profit from our Cookie Dough Fundraiser + $ 7,800

    -  make a helpful profit from our Concession Stand + $ 2,200

    -  spend money on the upkeep of our Complex and Fields - $ 8,500

    -  lose money on our soccer program as expenses are more than the fee collected - $    500

  In the last 10 years, we have sold Cookie Dough as a Fundraiser.  Rather than having the kids sell cookie dough, this year we will be having 50/50 Raffle(s).  This allow us to supliment the funding of the program without the burden of the kids selling a product.

Here is how MSA spends the fees collected over the Regular Season - TOTAL EXPENSES - $77/per player:

Uniform $ 21   (Jersey, Shorts & Socks) On-Line Registration $  8   (Including background check for our coaches)

Equipment $ 12   (Goals, Nets, Flags, Balls) Trophy $  5

Referees $  9       Marketing/Misc. $  4                        

Field Prep $  9       First Aid/Supplies $  2

Insurance  $  6       After Game Drink $