Missionary Hockey League: Welcome

Small MHL Puck 2


Division A Championship Best of 5 

Hope Lightning defeats First Baptist Oilers 6pts. to 2pts.

Division A Best of 3 Consolation

  Benton Baptist Bombers defeats Creekside Flames 4pts. to 2pts.

 Division B Championship Best of 5

Wallenstein Storm defeats Drayton Sabres 6pts. to 5pts.

Division B Best of 3 Consolation

Grandview Glacier defeats Heritage Huskies 4pts. to 2pts.

Division C Championship Best of 5

Heidelberg Avalanche defeats Trinity Maple Leafs 6pts. to 4pts.

Division C Best of 3 Consolation

Koinonia Kings defeats Una Cougars 4pts. to 0pts.

Division D Championship Best of 5

NC Thunder defeats Elmira Flyers 7pts. to 3pts.