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Parking at Eringate, Dobkin and Crookes:

The parking lot adjacent to Eringate 1 is the property of the church. We have an agreement with the church which allows us to use the parking lot when the church has no activity requiring parking. If there are pylons cordoning off sections of the lot or if somebody is directing cars away from the lot, please be respectful of their ownership of the parking lot. Street parking is available on Wellesworth Drive, south of Eringate Drive and on Eringate Drive, east of Wellesworth Drive. Additional parking is available in the high school parking lot around the corner if it is not being used. See map attached for more information.

At Martin Dobkin, many of you park in the school lot next door. When school is out in the summer, the custodial staff leave the lot locked up. Parking enforcement has been vigilant in ticketing those parked in the fire routes. Please park on Fairview Road when there is no parking in the school lot or the park lot.

On a similar note, please respect the residents who live adjacent to Crookes Park.  Although parking is legal on Goodwin Rd and Beach St, please leave this limited parking for residents and their visitors.  Parking is available in the lot off Lakefront Promenade.


Handout: Eringate Parking Map

Monday, September 18
50-50 Winner

Green ticket 0944692 is the winner from the 50/50 draw held on Sunday, Sept 18. 

If you have the matching ticket, please email a picture to mgsa@live.ca

Larry Glen
Larry Glen - 2017 Playoffs
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Larry Glen.Larry was a long time coach with Eringate Softball, executive member of Eringate and it's sucessor, Etobicoke Girls Softball, and a convenor with MGSA.MGSA shares it's condolences with the Glen family and friends..