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Latest News:
2016 Crosstown Classic - May 21, 2016 (Rain Date, May 22)
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MGBSA will also participate in the Sizzle into Summer event through the Park District.
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 2016 Program Quick-Summary

Division Age Grade Program # Cost Season Dates (Approx)
Sluggers TBall 3-6 Pre K - K 12651 $65 May 7 - Jun 25
Giants TBall 5-7 K - 1st 12653 $65 May 7 - Jun 25
Pigtails Softball 6-8 1st-2nd 12479 $95 Apr 4 - Jun 24
Jr. Ponytails Softball 9-10 3rd-4th 12480 $110 Apr 4 - Jun 24
Ponytails Softball 11-12 5th-6th 12481 $115 Apr 4 - Jun 24
Sr. Ponytails Softball 13-14 7th-9th 12483 $115 Apr 4 - Jun 24
Rookies Baseball 6-8 1st-2nd 12478 $95 Apr 4 - Jun 24
Minors Baseball 9-10 3rd-4th 12477 $110 Apr 4 - Jun 24
Majors Baseball 11-12 5th-6th 12475 $115 Apr 4 - Jun 24
Ponys Baseball 13-14 7th-9th 12476 $115 Apr 4 - Jun 24


Our Mission – The objective of the MGBSA is to provide supervised recreation designed to help children

  • Grow in competence and confidence
  • Develop good exercise habits
  • Learn good sportsmanship and respect for authority
  • Have fun 

Spring Season – MGBSA offers a full slate of games during the spring. All of our divisions are open to first year players as well as returning players. First year players are encouraged to participate in the Friday Night Frenzy open houses and Winter Workouts so they understand how much we like to play as well as receive some fundamental training before joining their team. The Spring season runs from April 1st to June 30th and teams play a 12 game schedule focused on player development.  

Fall Ball – MGBSA also forms teams in a Fall Ball league. We try to play 10 games in September and October.   If you are interested, please sign up to receive information as it becomes available.

Friday Night Frenzy Series – When the weather forces us inside, we still want to play, so we sneak into gyms around town for a couple of Friday Nights during the winter and play dodge ball, guts, between the cones, running bases, and host a pop-up challenge. This series is an open house to the community and MGBSA invites all players who think they might consider being interested in playing organized baseball or softball.

Winter Workouts – For pitchers and hitters who would like to keep their form over the winter, we will offer a number of sessions in the battings cages at Niles West and Niles North. For beginning pitchers, we will offer lessons either in the gym at Prairie View or at the high schools. If you’re interested in being contacted about Winter Workouts, please sign up to receive email notifications.

All-Stars – For players interested, MGBSA offers an All-Star season. Players who make these teams travel throughout the North Shore and play in more challenging, competitive games. MGBSA forms these teams in May from the top players in its program and these games will continue on through the month of July.


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