TB Single A A's: Welcome

Welcome to the 2012 Season of Menomonee Falls Little League! It's going to be an exciting and fun year watching our kids playing America's pasttime. It should be a fun year in the inagural season of the T-ball Single A division. Visit this site often for updates not just on the team, but also on the league. As I get information from the coaches and team parent, I will make sure to include it here. Let's have a great summer cheering our kids on and having fun!


Monday, June 25
Concessions Help needed!!!!

The MFLL needs volunteers to help run concessions all week.  Help is mainly needed at the lowers. Please contact Heather Fieldhack if you can help out any night this week, the 25th - 28th & Sat, 30th.



Wednesday, June 20
Saturday June 23rd!!

MFLL Families

Saturday, June 23rd is a big day for MFLL.  We celebrate Grandparents and our Community. The league will collect items for the Menomonee Falls Food Pantry, have a "Shred Truck" Fundraiser, and top it off with the annual Coaches Dunk Tank. All proceeds from the Dunk Tank will go the the Food Pantry.  Details on all of this are available on the website. www.fallslittleleague.org

  • Wednesday, June 20th - Two people needed at the lower concessions from 5:30 - close.
  • Friday, June 21st - One person to work lower concessions from 5:30pm to close.
  • Saturday, June 23rd - Volunteer opportunities extend from 8:00am - 5:30pm (2-3 hour shifts), and your kids can help too. 

Help is needed to collect food for the Menomonee Falls Food Pantry and help run the Dunk Tank.  This does count toward Concessions hours.  The league encourages kids to help out! 

Please email MFLLVolunteer@fallslittleleague.org if you are interested. 

Tuesday, June 5
Volunteer Info and Opportunities

For those working concessions, the League wants to remind you that anyone working concessions must wear a hat. If you forget to bring one of your own, there are hats available for your use; the hats are $2.00/each.



Lower Concessions - Tuesday, June 5th, 5:30 - 8:00

Park Clean-Up - Tuesday, June 5th & Thursday, June 7th.

If you are able to help out, please email: MFLLVolunteer@fallslittleleague.org

Tuesday, May 29
Volunteer Hours Available

Concessions Help Needed:

  • Friday: Uppers - 5:00 - 8:00
  • Sunday - Lowers - 11:30 - 5:30
  • Sunday - Uppers - 11:30 - 4:30

Please email Heather at MFLLVolunteer@fallslittleleague.org if you want to help during any of these times.

Thursday, May 17
This Weekend Volunteer Hours Available

Volunteer Opportunities:

Friday the 18th - 1 person at the uppers and 1 person at the lowers

Saturday the 19th -   LOWERS: 8:30-11:30, 1 person. 10-11:30, 1 person. UPPERS 10-11:30, 1 person

Sunday the 20th - LOWERS: 11:30-3:30, 3 people. 11:30-1:30, 1 person. 3:30-Close, 4 people. (Close will most likely be around 7:00) UPPERS: 11:30-3:30, 1 person. 3:30-Close, 3 people.


Thursday, May 17
Games This Weekend

The A's all played great last night, we had some tough luck in one inning and lost a game we should have won but the kids all had a great time and enjoyed winning the base race!

One thing I ask is to please work with your child on recognizing the fielding positions. I'm going to try and focus on this, as the sooner we get the kids out there the more innings we can play. I'm going to ask the bench parent to try and work with the kids while our team is batting telling them where their position is when we go in the field. A few of them could remember, right? :)

For Saturday's game so far only Aiden is out and Sunday we have Tyler, Colin, DJ and possibly Aiden missing the game. Again please let me know now if you will miss as it's a lot easier setting the fielding positions. Missing a game without notice causes the coaches to scramble to adjust 3 sets of paperwork needed for the game.

Saturday's parent crew:
Bench/Snack- Verhaalen
Umpire/Field Maint.- Peschel (post game)

Sunday's parent crew:
Bench/Snack- Synor
Umpire/Field Maint- Mulheam (pregame)

If anything has changed that's fine just make sure you have your replacement. Thanks and see most of you this weekend!

Coach Mike

Tuesday, May 15
Volunteer Opportunities (May 15th)

Lots going on this week. Because of the rain-outs from Opening Day, and then again tonight, there are a lot of games being rescheduled, which means there is a need for extra concession coverage.

Please remember, everyone working in the concession stand will need to wear a hat. If you forget your hat, there are hats available for sale in the concession stands.

Volunteer Opportunities:


Wednesday the 16th - 1 person at the lowers, 1 person at the uppers.

Friday the 18th - 1 person at the uppers

Saturday the 19th - 2 people at the lowers from 8-11:30, 1 person from 10:00-11:30.

Saturday - Park Clean-up needs to be done in the early evening, around 5:00. Email me for details on this.

Sunday - Coverage is needed in both the Uppers and Lowers from 11:30 - game end. This is about 7:00 at the lowers, closer to 7:30-8:00 at the Uppers. We usually split the shifts in half - 11:30 - 3:30 and 3;30 - Close. It would be great if you can work a partial shift, if not an entire shift. The teams that had concessions on Opening Day will get first opportunity for the hours, but I need to know by Thursday, 5:00, then will open it up to anyone. Individuals are welcome to email me directly. Just let me know what team you are on. (BB or SB, Division, Team name)

Tonight's rain-outs will likely be rescheduled for Friday June 1st and Sunday, June 3rd. I will need concessions coverage on these dates. I will send out specific times as we get closer to those dates.


Wednesday, May 2
Lineup Philosophy

With our season starting this Saturday at 11:15am now is a good time for me to discuss my lineup philosophy. It's very simple. Everyone will get an equal chance to play every position. If your child misses a game I will not go back and have them play the positions they miss UNLESS it is PITCHER. The kids love to pitch, if your child misses a game when it's their turn to play pitcher I will insert them in the lineup at pitcher the next game they are back. As for the batting order it will cycle through so every one has a chance to lead off. We simply bat the kids in numerical order according to their jersey number and if you lead off game 1 you bat last game 2 and so forth. Much like pitching if your child misses the game when it was their turn to lead off, I will go back and insert them at lead off when they get back. The child who leads off leads us in the base race after the game.

Please encourage your child to support all of their teammates, this is something we discuss in our pre and post practice huddles. We cheer for everyone and if we see a teammate in need we try to help. The kids seem to get along really well and this shouldn't be a problem. The coaches will do our best to set every child up to succeed and celebrate successes.

If you have any concerns please contact me.


Monday, April 30
Volunteer Hours Available

If you need volunteer hours the following are available:

  • Opening Day help is needed in the parking lot parking cars from 7:30- 9 A.M.
  • From 7:45 - 8:30 handing out books to coaches on opening day
  • Upper concession stands on opening day from 11:30-3 P.M.
  • Lower concession stands on opening day from 2:30- 4:30 P.M.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact Heather at mflvolunteer@fallslittleleague.org.

Friday, April 20
Picture and Field Maintenance Day

PICTURE DAY – Saturday, April 21st

Please remember Picture Day/Silent Auction/Tri-Star Baseball Contest is scheduled for tomorrow at Ben Franklin. Picture Day runs from 8:00am ~ 2:00pm. YOUR actual photo time varies from team to team. Please check your player packets or check with your coaches/team parents for your specific time.

Besides the Silent Auction Fundraiser (lots of great items to bid on) and the Tri-Star Baseball Contest (great fun), we will be offering concessions, MFLL merchandise, in addition to Jason being available for bat checks. If you have not received a 2012 sticker for your baseball bat (Baseball divisions AA~Big League only; T-Ball & Softball divisions are exempt), please see Jason as soon as possible to have your bat checked/certified for play.

FIELD MAINTENANCE DAY – Sunday, April 22nd

The MFLL Information Hotline (414) 299-9000 has been updated daily this week with reminders for our annual Spring Field Maintenance Day in honor of Earth Day. We could some hardworking volunteers to assist in grooming the fields and prepping the Complex/Holy Cross (West Field) for Opening Day, May 5th. This time counts towards your required volunteer hours. We are meeting at 12:00p on Sunday at the bleachers at LL4. From there, we will discuss the day’s agenda & break off into groups. It should be a great day! Please check our website for more information. If you are able to come, please e-mail Heather Fieldhack @ mfllvolunteer@fallslittleleague.org.