SB Seniors Mets: Welcome

It's great to have all of the players on the team.  Remember to tell Coach Joel when you aren't able to make a practice or a game.  

Don't forget, we have a weeknight game on 6/5 and two games this weekend.

Good Luck Ladies!

Snack Schedule
5/5-make up TBD
Megan B
5/12 Megan B
5/19 Alexi
6/2 Hannah
6/3 Madelyn
6/5 Megan P
6/9 Alexi
6/10 Bailey
 6/13 Kayla
 6/16 Cassie
6/17 Amanda
6/19 Rachel
6/23 Cassie
6/26 Laraine
6/30 Megan P










June 23rd
1. Megan P
2. Megan P
3. Flynn