BB AA Giants: Welcome

Welcome BB AA Giants

 Playoff Game #1 6/29 vs Diamondbacks (LL2 @6:00pm and we are the home team)
Bench Parent - Owen's family
Field Maintenance - Alex R.'s family

Playoff Schedule 

Hello Families –

Thank you to all who participated in our Grandparents Day, Food Drive, Paper Shredding, and/or Dunk Tank this past weekend. The gorgeous day was only eclipsed by the generosity of each of you that donated to the Food Pantry; either through food items or monetary donation. It was a huge success for a great cause. Thank you!

As we move forward this week, we will be experiencing slightly warmer temperatures than we’ve already acclimated to. Please see below regarding information on the heat advisory.

Starting today extending through the remainder of the week, we are under a heat advisory. Temperatures will however around the low to mid 90’s with the heat index around triple digits. Heat stroke & heat exhaustion are very serious but can be avoided with the proper precautions. Most importantly; STAY HYDRATED. Yourself & your players should be drinking plenty of water throughout the day; not just during game play. The rule of thumb is once a player feels tired or dehydrated, it is typically too late (get them in the shade and cool them off); continually drink plenty of cool water before & during the game to avoid this. Please also have your players or fellow coaches bring a bucket of ice water with towels to keep handy for players. Do not use the ice packs unless absolutely necessary. They are meant for injuries and typically stay cold for roughly 20m on average. A cooler of ice water and towels will stay cold throughout the game. Please refer to the follow articles to help you identify the symptoms & treatments for both Heat Stroke & Heat Exhaustion ( Again – these are both very serious conditions but are easily avoidable in our players who have slowly been acclimating themselves during this past month of increasing temperatures. For parents & fans who have not been regularly engaging in strenuous activity recently should also take caution by also staying hydrated while outdoors and bring an umbrella for shade during games.


In these last few and now upcoming weeks, we have been (and will be) frequently short for volunteers in our concession stands. As you all know, each family is required to fulfill a set amount of volunteer hours each season dependent on the number of children playing in our league; with a set amount required for concessions. Each team is assigned a specific day to work concessions. As we move forward into warmer weather, it is very important our stands stay open for food, beverages & supplies. If a stand has to close because no one showed, your team will be ineligible to participate in our In House tournament. This came very close to happening for two teams already this month. Please don’t let this happen. If you are in need of volunteer hours, please sign up right away. If you have fulfilled your hours and are able, please work with each other internally to ensure the stands stay open. Please work with your Team Parent to ensure all shifts are covered. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you all and please continue to enjoy the remainder of your season!