BB AA A's: Welcome


My name is Teresa Ligman (Johnathan's mom).  I am your website admin for the A's 2012 season.  I will try to put as much info and pictures up to share as I am able.  I will have a form to pass tomorrow to get permission to put up pictures.  I will only list first names.

                                  I am very excited for opening day tomorrow. 

                                             GO A's

Friday, July 6

Looks like we will see you all tomorrow at 8:30 as previously planned.

I didn't see a change in the schedule.

I switched with Conner's parents and will be bringing the snack.

Liam's parents will be bench parent for tomorrow.

Looking forward to another good game.

Friday, June 22

Saturday is Grandparent's day and the food pantry fund raiser at the complex.  There also will be the dunk tank.  I would like to announce that I plan on going to the tank and will be available for the kids to take their "best shot" at coach Steve.  I should be there before our game-  around 3:00.  Hope to see you there!


Friday, June 22

Hi A's Families,

The tournament schedule is posted on the MFLL website!  Our first game will be on Friday, June 29 at 6pm on field 4 against the Phillies.  Win or lose, we will also be playing on Saturday, June 30.  I wanted to get you the tournament snack and bench parent assignments so you can be prepared.  I just continued alphabetically from the regular season schedule.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  Thank you!



Tournament Game 1

Snack-Dylan D

Bench Parent-Dylan D


Tournament Game 2

Snack-Colin G

Bench Parent-Johnathon L


Tournament Game 3 (if needed)

Snack-Conner K

Bench Parent-Liam C


Tournament Game 4 (if needed)

Snack-Johnathan L

Bench Parent-Adam B


Tournament Game 5 (if needed)

Snack-Jack M

Bench Parent-Jacob U



Friday, June 22

1st Tournament Game

Friday 6/29

6:00 P.M.


A's vs Phillies