TB 4/5 Rockies: Welcome

Welcome to the Rockies Team Page!!

We are looking forward to a very exciting season.  Please add this website to your favorites and check back often for up-to-date information!

 We have an amazing group of kids, parents, and coaches this year!  It should prove to be a very exciting and fun summer!!


Monday, June 4
Bench/Snack Parent Reminder

Just a friendly reminder for our bench/snack parents for this week:

Wednesday, June 27th:  Asher H. Family

Satruday, June 30th:  Noah B. Family

Monday, June 18
End of Season Party - Thursday, July 12th

Hi Everyone:
Thank you for the great suggestions for our end of the season get together.  After talking it over with the coaches, we have decided to hold a get together on Thursday, July 12th 
at 6pm at Oakwood Park in Menomonee Falls.  We will have an ice cream 'social' and enjoy ice cream sundaes.  We will use this time to also turn in uniforms and give the kids a chance to run away, burn off the sugar they intake and play. 
NOTE: Please make sure the uniform is clean and we only need to have the shirts and pants returned.  Socks and hats are yours to keep.
Listed below are the items we will need for the ice cream social.  If everyone could please sign-up by putting your child's name next to one item, that would be much appreciated.  Feel free to add an item I may have missed.
Please reply to all when responding so everyone can see what everyone has signed-up for thus far.  Also, please let us know if we need to be aware of any food allergies, so we can be mindful of this.
Vanilla Ice Cream (1 gallon) - Noah B.
Chocolate Ice Cream (1 gallon) - Jon 
Sprinkles/Jimmies - Nathan
Chocolate Syrup - Edison
Whip Cream
Caramel Topping - Harrison
Hot Fudge Topping
A Candy Topping
A Candy Topping
A Candy Topping
Chopped Nuts
Bowls, Spoons, Napkins, Cones - Carson
Bottled Water and Cherries - Noah K.
I will compile a list of responses and send out a final listing to remind everyone as it gets closer. 
I will also create a little flyer to hand out at Thursday's night game for those families who do not use email.
Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.
Angie & the Coaches