BB Big League Mets: Welcome

Thursday, July 12
Welcome BB Big League Mets

Hello Mets Families,

Well the playoffs have arrived.  Lets Go Mets !!! 

Lets Go Mets !!!  

Tournament Game #3

Thursday, July 12th  5:30 pm LL5  VS Twins

Pflughoeft Snack Family

Lets Go Mets !!!

Remember - All families need 6 hours volunteer time for 1 player, 8 hrs for 2 players and 10 hours for 3+ players (except coaches.)  Four of those hours need to come from concessions or field maintenance.  If you don't meet your volunteer obligations you will be charged $100. 

Score Book & Pitch Count - Coach Scott has also requested that parents fill this need.  It is difficult for the coaches to do and coach our boys at the same time.  There are no volunteer hours for this, it is just a job that needs to be filled for our team.  Thanks in advance!


I sent an email with an attached Team Roster & Game/Snack Schedule.  I have scheduled based on your responses.  If you find you can't do your assigned date, please switch with another family.  As of now, I know of no food allergies on the team.

There are great "unique" snacks such as hot dogs (kept warm in a crock pot), donuts for those early morning games, ice cream for those hot days, as well as traditional snacks.  It is fine to use the concession stand to plug in your crock or keep ice cream frozen.  Drinks should also be provided


Field Maintenance - Jeff Collins has volunteered to do our field maintenance.  In case Jeff isn't able to make it, we will need the following:

        Home Games:  Rake before the game, chalk the lines

        Visitor Games:  Rake after the game.

From the MFLL Volunteer Coordinator:

We are also looking for Concession Stand Supervisors to help throughout the season.  Full training will be provided.

Please email the if you can help.

I'm looking forward to a fun season.  Go Mets!

Michelle Pogorzelski

Team Parent