SB AAA Orioles: Welcome

Tuesday, April 24
Welcome SB AAA Orioles



For the field maintenance, the HOME team rakes and lines the field prior to the game.  The VISITOR rakes the field after the game.   

If your daughter will be missing any games, please be sure to let the coaches know and also, please copy Annie Flynne on that email.   

Debbie Sieberlich will be sending out a note soon regarding our concession times for those that need to fill some volunteer hours and she will also be collecting the ticket orders for the Brewers game.  Please give those order forms to her when you see her.  Debbie will also pick up team photos and distribute them to families.  Thank you, Debbie!

When volunteering for a job, please remember to bring your volunteer sheet with you to be signed.  There will be no sign-in sheets to keep track of who worked what shift.


Orioles Softball Schedule

Date/Time                 Field                Visitor            Home             Snack/Bench Parent            Raking/Lining/Score

5/5/12   12:15PM       SB7              Brewers          Orioles                   Sieberlich                    Blowers

5/7/12    5:30PM         SB8             Mariners         Orioles                    Baumann                    Timm

5/12/12    1:30PM       SB8             Dodgers          Orioles                     Lex                            Johnson

5/15/12     5:30PM       SB7            Orioles            Phillies                     Timm                        Blodorn

5/19/12     8:30AM       SB7              A’s                   Orioles                    Blowers                   O’Dell

6/1/12      6:00PM        SB7             Orioles              Brewers                Blodorn                     Lex

6/2/12       10:45AM      SB7           Orioles               Mariners            Johnson                      Baumann

6/5/12     6:00PM          SB7            Dodgers             Orioles                 O’Dell                        Sieberlich

6/9/12     8:30AM         SB7             Phillies                Orioles                   Lex                          Flynn

6/11/12   6:00PM         SB8             Orioles                  A’s                   Baumann                    Blowers

6/19/12   6:00PM          SB7            Orioles                 Twins               Johnson                      Timm

6/23/12    1:30PM         SB8             Orioles                Brewers            Flynn                            Johnson

6/25/12     6:00PM         SB7            Orioles                Mariners            Blowers                      Blodorn

7/2/12      6:00PM         SB8              Twins                    Orioles                Flynn                          O’Dell

Sunday, June 24
Game/Tournament Update

Great effort from all of the girls yesterday.  Coach Kurt and I have really noticed a lot of improvement in each player!

As I mentioned yesterday, we have two more regular season games scheduled and the tournament bracket is now available (  Here is what I know about who is out for the upcoming games:

Monday, June 25th (SB#7 vs. Mariners @ 6:00 pm) - Megan out

Monday, July 2nd (SB#8 vs. Twins @ 6:00 pm) - Sara, Grace and Kennedy out


Saturday, July 7th (SB#7 vs Brewers @10:45) - Maggie and Sydney out

If we win on 7/7 - we play Monday, July 9th (SB#8 @ 6:00 pm)

If we lose on 7/7 - we play Tuesday, July 10th(SB#8 @ 6:00 pm)

Under various scenarios we could also play on 7/13, 7/14, 7/17 and 7/20.

Please let me know if your girl won't be able to make any of the games.  Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night.

Go Orioles!

Monday, June 4
General Reminders

A couple of reminders:
Garbage pick-up -- don't forget the t-ball field and the trashcans by the hand-washing stations. On Saturdays, it looks like games are ending around 6:00. Please do the last clean-up before that time, otherwise the Complex is locked. Also, with Sunday games, the Tuesday trash pick-up is very important!
REMINDER: Anyone working concessions must wear a hat.  If you forget to bring one of your own, there are hats available for your use; the hats are $2.00/each.
Lower Concessions - Tuesday, June 5th, 5:30 - 8:00
Park Clean-Up -  Tuesday, June 5th & Thursday, June 7th.
If  you are able to help out, please email me:
From Jill Blawat and Kary Neman:
Team Parents-
This is a reminder that Brewer Ticket orders need to be picked up Saturday June 9th between 10-12 near the lower concession stand. If you did not turn in orders for tickets, check with your team to see if anyone ordered tickets separately as you will still need to pick them up.
There are still plenty of tickets available so if anyone is still interested please have them contact

Wednesday, May 30
Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some volunteer opportunities.  Also, our team is still looking for 2 volunteers on Sat. June 16th and one from 2-3 that same day.
Contact Debbie Seirberlich if you can help on the 16th.

Concessions Help Needed:
Friday:  Uppers - 5:00 - 8:00
Sunday - Lowers - 11:30 - 5:30
               Uppers - 11:30 - 4:30
Please email me at if  you can help during any of these times.
thanks so much,
MFLL Volunteer Coordinator

Monday, May 28
May 30th - Extra Practice

Optional Practice to Get Ready for Next Weekend's Games!

Coach Kurt and I are putting together an optional practice on Wednesday (5/30) at 5:30.  Because there are no fields open at the complex that night, we are going to have the practice at Oakwood Park.  Not sure if we will be able to get on one of the ballfields there; but if not, the soccer field are usually open.  Please look for us and we'll find a space that works. Just a one-hour practice to get the rust off and do a bit of batting practice.  Please email me and let me know if your daughter will be able to attend or not. Sorry for the short notice.

Coach John

Tuesday, May 22
Coach Update

Orioles Families:

We've had an exciting first 4 games.  Coach Kurt and I are proud of the girls and how they worked as a team to hit our goals in the early part of the season.  Now we have almost 2 weeks off before our next game and 4 games in 5 days (starting June 1). We are trying to arrange an optional practice sometime before then.  In the meantime, please play catch with your girl or even try a little batting practice, it's a lot of fun and will help keep the rust off.  Also, there is another pitching clinic sponsored by the LL on Sunday morning from 9-10 a.m. at SB7.  Sara and I attended last week and learned some valuable drills and skills.

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend,


Monday, May 21
Facility Rules Reminder

Hello Families –

Minus a few rainouts, based on a lot of comments received, we seem to be off to a good start this season.  Players, coaches, and fans all seem to be having a great time playing some of the best baseball I’ve seen in years; in all divisions.  That is a testament not only to the hard work of the players, but to that of the coaches & families as well.

As we get settled into our season, I’d like to remind everyone of our facilities' rules (The Complex, Holy Cross, Killer Hill diamonds):

No tobacco products of any kind (this includes not smoking inside your vehicles – absolutely not allowed; please wait until you’ve completely exited the facility).
No alcoholic beverages of any kind.
No profanity or abusive language.
No pets of any kind (in or out of cars; please leave all pets at home).
No stone throwing.
No fence climbing.
No playing around or between vending machines (very dangerous).
No bike riding, skateboarding, rollerblading, or scootering on walkways throughout The Complex while games are being played.  (children & adults)
No parking or driving on grass areas (please drive through all lots before attempting to park on the grass; there are usually spots open & will save our grass!).
No parking or dropping players off on the Complex roadway or on Mill Rd. (not only dangerous, but you will be ticketed).
No climbing or sitting on equipment boxes.
Play catch on grass areas only (not in parking lots or walkways).

Thank you for following these rules.  They are very basic and designed to ensure everyone’s safety.

Please continue to enjoy your season!

Good luck to all,


Mark McLean


Thursday, May 17
Today's Update

Hello everyone.  I know I said I'd pick up the order forms from each of you on Tuesday night...Mother Nature changed those plans.  I will be collecting these at our game on Saturday morning.  I do need these on Saturday morning, I have to hand them in immediately following our game.

Also, I will be picking up pictures on Saturday and will be handing them out next week (hopefully on Sunday to most of you).  Have a great rest of the week and I'll see you Saturday morning.

PS...Anyone available to work next Wednesday night for the first hour  (5-6) in the concession stand?  I will fill in for the rest of the time, but can't get there  until 6:00.  Also...we still need 3 volunteers for Saturday, June 16th from 11:30 - 3 and one from 2-3.


Debbie Seiberlich

Sunday, May 20
Tuesday 15th Make up Game

Hello everyone.  Our make-up game from last Tuesday is scheduled for Sunday, June 3rd at 12:00.  Hopefully everyone can make it to the game.  If not, please let the coaches know so they can plan accordingly.


Debbie Seiberlich