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Metro Invitational Tournament Classic

Opening Statement

YOU will be part of the largest basketball tournament in all the land!

The Metro Invitational Tournament Classic (MIT) is the proving-ground for all Metro Teams. The best teams in the Metro-Pittsburgh area play here! And, only the best of the best will survive. Keeping the tournament competitive, for all teams, is our greatest challenge. To achieve this goal, we've created two divisional tournaments...Division I and Division II.
As coaches and parents, your involvement, support, and participation is appreciated. Our communities will thrive and benefit from your positive actions. Here, at Metro USA Sports, we thank all who have served their communities, and who have exemplified an outstanding competitive spirit. To all that enter the MIT's....Good Luck!

MIT Proceeds

ALL proceeds, from the MIT's, will benefit the non-profit tournament hosts.  ALL tournament team entrance fees are paid by Metro USA Sports.


Important MIT Dates & Seeding Policy for the 2017-2018 Season

All teams must have reported at least 80% of game scores to qualify. 

Format:  Single Elimination 

February 5th, 10 AM:  Score-Report deadline...NO EXCEPTIONS. All scores MUST be submitted electronically to .  Phone calls will not be accepted. Forfeits will not be accepted on this date.

February 6th, 10 AM: Pairings sent to Directors.

February 7th:  TD's begin contacting each coach of their 1st game only. Brackets are published to the website.

February 9th:  Tournament begins.  All teams must be "game-ready".

February 28th: Tournament ends (pending weather & MIT make-up games)


Seeding Policy

 1) Total point value as shown in the "standings column". If a game is not played, there will be no points awarded.  All scores must be reported to gain a point value.

2) 2-way tie is broken with heah-to-head or "coin toss" if 2-way is split during season.

3) Lotto for 3 or more team tie as 2nd & final tie-break. Hed-to-head will not be used.

NOTE: "Points for and Against" are not considered in standings calculations.

All teams that have submitted approved registration forms, approved rosters, and registration fees are entered automatically. Your tournament fees will be paid by Metro USA Sports.

MIT Spectator Costs

The entrance fees for MIT's are used by host districts to fund expenses, such as referees, school permit fees, etc.

Adults:  $4 / person

Students: $1 / person

If your team is scheduled to play, the following wil be admitted at no charge:

Two (2) Coaches per team

Rostered and uniformed players.  You must present your completed roster & coach names at the gate for verification and entry into the official scorebook. Please arrive 15 minutes before game time.


Special MIT Rules

MIT rules will be the same as the regular season except for the following:


3 full time-outs per game for all priliminary rounds and quarter-finals.  Semi-finals and championship game shall have 3 full and 2 thirty-second time-outs. 

2018 MIT Host Districts


G4:   Keystome Oaks

G5:   Thomas Jefferson

G6:   Thomas Jefferson

G7:   Thomas Jefferson

G8:   Thomas Jefferson


G5:   South Park

G6:   Keystone Oaks

G7:   Keystone Oaks

G8:   Keystone Oaks


B3:   South Park

B4:   South Park

B5:   Thomas Jefferson

B6:   Thomas Jefferson

B7:   Thomas Jefferson

B8:   Thomas Jefferson


B5:   Keystone Oaks

B6:   Keystone Oaks

B7:   South Park

B8:   South Park  

Tournament Directors will be listed by February 5th. 

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