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..Winter 2014 Basketball Registration Packets were Emailed September 1st.......

  Is your email address current?  If you did not receive a registration package for winter 2014-15 basketball, email the .


Part 1 Registration Due

Winter Basketball 2014-15....CLICK here for Additional Information


Metro USA Sports is the regional leader in Elite Sports...Training & Competition since 1996.  We provide competition excellence at all levels.  Now in our 19th season, we are bigger and better than ever.  We're ready for you!

New districts and teams should contact us, by email , as early as possible to insure a smooth transition to Metro USA Sports.  We will mail the preliminary documentation that should be reviewed for district and team qualification.

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A New Generation at Metro USA Sports


We are approaching the 2nd generation of athletes at Metro USA Sports. 

  1. As a parent, did you play basketball at Metro USA Sports in the 1990's?
  2. Does your daughter or son now play basketball at Metro USA Sports?
  3. If you played Metro basketball, do you now coach a Metro basketball team within one of our districts?

If so, we want to hear from you!  Please email us at with details.