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Tuesday, December 4
Know The Rules Before You Play!

The following rules are specific to grades 3 through 8 for the 2018-19 season. Each grade may be different. Failure to comply will result in a game forfeit. The rules were adopted and approved by the 9 district governing board of Metro USA Sports. Please make sure that your home officials are aware of these policies. Rules are available online under the "Handout" tab.


Rules & definitions shall be in accordance with current National Federation and as adopted by PIAA/WPIAL rules & definitions.

Exceptions, qualifications, and points of clarifications as follows:

Ball Size: (NEW) BOYS Grades 3rd, 4th and 5th: 28-1/2” circumference. BOYS Grades 6th, 7th and 8th: 29-1/2” circumference. GIRLS all Grades: 28-1/2” for all grades.

3-Point Field Goal: A 3-point field goal is NOT permitted for 4th grade & under for boys and girls. If the shot is taken & made, it shall be scored as 2 points. The rule was created to teach & encourage proper shooting technique.

Pressure Defenses (NEW): 3rd Grade (NEW): Man-to-man ½ court defense entire game. Man-to-man pressure full court defense last two minutes of 2nd half only and the last minute of each overtime. Trapping is not permitted. Team may not press if up by 10 or more points. 4th Grade (NEW): Man-to-man ½ court defense entire game. Man-to-man full court pressure defense last two minutes of each half and the last minute of each overtime. Trapping is not permitted. Team may not press if up by 10 or more points.

Foul Shots 4th & Under Only: The foul shot must begin at the line. If, after the shot, the player lands over the line, there will be NO violation.

Team Bench: The team bench shall be limited to rostered & uniformed players and no more than three (3) coaches. Coaches shall be limited to two (2) during MIT’s.

Confirming Your Scheduled Games!

For coaches that have not received the "Coach Contact List", please email us with grade, gender, coach name, email address and phone number.




The costs associated with hosting basketball games are high.  The cost of security, by host districts, can be quite expensive. A secure playing environment is a must. Therefore, there will be a zero tolerance policy when executing the code of conduct rule. Metro USA Sports is the most competitive league of its kind. Winning is important. Good sportsmanship must be exemplified. This means controlling all game situations. Not allowing a player or fan to get out of control. Or, more importantly, not allow a score to get out of control. We want this league to be a positive experience for our young athletes. Therefore, Metro USA Sports will insist that all participating athletes shall be treated with respect and courtesy. And, that all participants shall abide by school rules while playing a Metro USA Sports scheduled game.


Scores must be reported to within 24 hours.



Since points will never matter as a tie-breaker, please control your games by not running up the score on an opposing team.  There are many things you should do to keep control of a game.  A few are listed below.

1) Play the bottom half of your bench

2) No 3 point field goals

3) No pressure defense

Thank you from Metro USA Sports.