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..MIT's Begin February 11th...All teams must be "Game-Ready"...

Scores & rescheduled games have been updated as of 7-Feb, 12:40 PM. Coaches are responsible for checking their scores for accuracy.

MIT seeding criteria:  1) Total Standings Points (PTS column) as shown on the website standings page.  2) 2-way points tie is broken with Head-to-head or "coin toss" if 2-way is split during season.  3)  3 or more teams points tie, a lottery will be used...not head-to-head.

NOTEPoints are awarded for "WINS" only. If games are not played there will be no points awarded. Games must be played to earn points.  Points "for and against" are not considered in standings calculations.

SPECIAL "TIME-OUT" RULES FOR MIT'S: 3 full for all preliminary rounds through quarter-finals.  3 full and two 30 second for Semi-Finals and Championship games. 

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