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the Metro Invitational Classic since 1996

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February 1st, 10:00 PM is the official end of regular seasonGAMES MUST BE COMPLETED AND SCORES REPORTED (via email) BY THIS DATE & TIME.  It is the responsibility of the head coach to check their record and scores and report any inaccuracies to by the deadline. Forfeits will not be accepted on this date because a reason and verification cannot be made in time.


Metro standings and MIT seeding explanation:

There are 7 columns in the standings section for each bracket. GP=Games Played, W=Wins, L=Losses, T=Ties, PTS=Points, PF=Points For, and PA=Points Against.

The most important column is PTS.  The team with the most points is seeded 1st.  Tie-breakers are by coin toss or lottery to determine each seed.



The costs associated with hosting basketball games are high.  The cost of security, by host districts, can be quite expensive. A secure playing environment is a must. Therefore, there will be a zero tolerance policy when executing the code of conduct rule. Metro USA Sports is the most competitive league of its kind. Winning is important. Good sportsmanship must be exemplified. This means controlling all game situations. Not allowing a player or fan to get out of control. Or, more importantly, not allow a score to get out of control. We want this league to be a positive experience for our young athletes. Therefore, Metro USA Sports will insist that all participating athletes shall be treated with respect and courtesy. And, that all participants shall abide by school rules while playing a Metro USA Sports scheduled game.

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