Metro Atlanta Volleyball Club: Seven Pillars

Friday, September 3
The Seven Pillars

“The Seven Pillars” Metro Atlanta Volleyball

How we do life in the Metro Atlanta Volleyball family

Each player, parent and coach is encouraged to develop these qualities. They are how we “do life” together in the MetroATL Volleyball family. Living this way will help us “Connect” and have the kind of “Character” we are trying to develop (See our Core Values for a reference to “connect” and “character”). We want to “stand out” for the right reasons!

1-Humility: Know who you are and that you are a part of a team. You are not the team. Everyone will not get equal playing time but everyone is of equal value to the team. You have importance outside of volleyball. Don't wrap your whole life around what volleyball gives you. Be teachable/coachable. Honor your Creator, your family and your team!

2-Passion/Enthusiasm: Don't be lukewarm about the game or about life. Go about your practice effort with everything you have. It is the only way for us to improve and the only way for you to improve. Cheer for and encourage your teammates! Have fun, work hard and live so that at the end you can look back and have no regrets!

3-Servanthood: Do all that you do so that you can make your teammates better. Even if you are not in the game you still make a huge difference in making us better in practice and in matches. Do the little things that bring people together.

4-Unity: Do not divide our house. WE are a team. Never take team business outside of the team. If you have a problem with a teammate or coach keep it "in house" and go to the person with whom you have a problem. If you need a coach to mediate we are available.

5-Discipline: How great can YOU be? Only time and effort will tell. It takes discipline on and off of the court for you to truly fulfill your potential. Dishonoring the team, coaching staff or program is not allowed. You are a MetroATL Volleyball player/parent and everyone will know it. What they think of you is what they will think of all of us. Academic, attitude, and behavioral issues will be dealt with by the coaching staff and can be grounds for suspension or dismissal from the team.

6-Thankfulness: Playing volleyball is a privilege. We need to learn from every circumstance....even the “hard to take” ones. Good sportsmanship is an expectation. Your facial expressions and your actions scream even when you never make an audible sound. Be thankful for the lessons you will learn and be grateful for every opportunity you are given.

7-Relationships: "Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future." Hang out with people that are going to help you be successful and are going where you know you need to go. Relationships are precious. Teammates can be like an extended family. Sisters sometimes have trouble getting along but we are a family that mends its fences, forgives and works things out together. It takes time, acceptance, and patience but it’s worth it.

Ben Thacker, Metro Atlanta Volleyball