Metro Atlanta Volleyball Club: Core Values

Saturday, August 28
Core values

The Metro Atlanta Volleyball Club difference!

Connecting, Character, Coaching, Competing

Our objectives are in personal and athletic development. The four key words above are our core values: Connecting, Character, Coaching, and Competing. Our objectives are simple but not easy. We design our practices to be a positive environment that will stimulate personal and physical growth in our student-athletes. Volleyball is simply a vehicle we use to help encourage this growth.


We will connect with players, coaches and families through open and honest communication seeking the best for every player. We will connect with area high school coaches to encourage the development of volleyball in the metro Atlanta area. We will connect with our coaches through honest group feedback and accountability.


We will focus on developing character in our players as they grow. Characteristics like humility, strong work ethic, playing with passion/enthusiasm, servanthood, unity, leadership, thankfulness, handling relationships, overcoming adversity, problem solving, and sportsmanship are central to developing great people not just developing great players.


We will offer consistent coaching throughout a player’s experience. The same skills and keywords will be used throughout the club. Coaches will have mandatory coaching clinics that will continue their development and growth so we can offer the most up-to-date techniques to help your player reach their potential.


We will have players from all over the Atlanta area to develop the best teams possible in each age group. We will run an organized club from tryouts through the last event of the season. Players and the families will be encouraged to give their all for the success of the team. Team selection and playing time will be done within a competitive environment. Although results are important, success for each player and team will be defined by the degree to which they reach their full potential.