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National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) 2002-2014 (18+) 

Top-tier Cincinnati team with College-level experienced players:  NKU, XavierMiami University, UC-Clermont, Wooster, ConcordKent State Kentucky State

Meridians team colors are royal blue and white.

(meridian = the highest point or stage of development; peak, a zenith) 

Formed in 2002, the Meridians have a 171-96-3 overall record in their 13 seasons in the Cincinnati Recreation Commission (CRC) league and NKABL:  2014 CRC Sunday Champions (10-0), 2013 NKABL Champions, 2011/12 NKABL Tourney Runner-up, 2009 Regular Season Champions (18-1) and #1 seed in the 2009 NKABL Tournament - #2 / 2011-2, #3 / 2010 NKABL Tourney, 2008 and 2006 CRC City Tournament.

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Thursday, February 26
Twenty Fifteen


* Lakota East will be the Meridians home field for Wednesdays through the 2015 Cincinnati Adult Baseball League season as we move full-time to the 25+ CABL.*

First game already scheduled!  April 12th scrimmage vs. Yankees at Sycamore

Regular Season: Sundays from April 12th - May 10th, Wednesdays & Sundays then into September excluding holiday weekends - We also have two confirmed 18+ dates with the Chiefs at Lakota West on Thursdays, June 11th and July 16th and we are planning on the Labor Day Tourney (25+) in Indianapolis again this year (1st weekend in September). 

Still recruiting college-experienced Pitchers (age 27+), but I'm partial to guys that want/can play all over the diamond.   Sell yourself and/or refer to me at

Sunday, August 31
IBL Labor Day Tourney

The Meridians field a ensemble team in Indy for the holiday weekend, but have to scramble a bit with some late player cancellations.   Fun times still had despite not advancing past Sunday and a local combined team with a true, tournament-style 9-inning match.

Strong start for the Meridians cooperative on Saturday with a 6-2 win over another local composite squad, Indy ABC's, thanks mostly to a last-minute recruit: Nate Kroell, who tosses a Complete Game gem (7 K's) and goes 3-3, R.   He is joined on the offensive by his bandmate, Nick Tilley (1-1, 2 BB's, R, SB), Uncle Bobby Herbert (2-3, RBI, R), Nephew Derek Reese (1-3, RBI, SB) and Duncan (2-3).

Kraus, still loose from his lone inning all summer on June 15th, steps up for Game 2 after leaving in time from Cinci to get to Middletown... for Game 1.   We find the farthest traveling team, the Des Moines Bruins, but we fail to find much offense until scratching across our lone run in the 7th with walks and an error.   Bobby stays hot with another knock & a BB and Tilley with an almost identical line as Game 1: 1-1, 2 BB's.   Kraus waits until the 6th to notch his lone K, but picks-off another.  We try to play some other games by invoking Dodge Ball rules & hitting runners with baseballs and whatever sport involves bouncing pop-ups out of our gloves.

We get back to better baseball Sunday as we schedule Jeff Sanders (8 K's) after his commitment up north to keep him on our home league timetable.   Indy Cardinals bring a good arm along who also goes the distance and we only touch him up for 2 in the 7th thanks to Reese (2-4, R), Tilley (2-4, 2B, RBI, R) and Duncan (2B, RBI).   They scratch across 4 over 3 separate innings to advance and we get the rest of the weekend off.

Thanks to the members of the Indy Irish, Cincinnati Chiefs, Cincinnati Sting and Dayton Braves.

Sunday, August 10
NABF Regional Tournament Round 2

Meridians Summer finale was a long 7 innings and we fall easily after a big 3rd inning for Yorkville who had hot bats all afternoon.   Scarce hits from Kraus, Averwater, Reardon and Brady Reese with our lone Run from Couture's RBI HBP.

Thanks to the largest roster the Meridians have ever carried, for the patience of those that didn't always start and the contributions of all when called upon.   

Best of luck to our college contingent of Robert Humpert wherever he takes his talents, Nick Woltermann who's transferring to EKU, Brady Reese coming back home to UC and Tim Easterling jumping up to Wright State.

Congratulations to our 2014 Silver Sluggers who were also our only summer long-ballers:

   Nick Woltermann and Justin Kraus!!

Silver Sluggers

Rack would swing at this pitch!

2014:  Nick Woltermann & Justin Kraus

2013:  Nick Woltermann

2012:  Derek Reese & Jeff Mears

2011:  Derek Reese    

2010:  Mike Soto

2009: Chuck Moore

2008: Kevin McClung

2007: Jack Parkhurst

2006: Jim Rack (Summer) and Mike Soto (Fall) 

2005: Scott Bush & Jared Cutter (Summer) and K.C. Fread (Fall)

2004: Blain Williams (Summer) and Scott Bush (Fall)

2003: Kevin McClung

2002: Jim Rack

Sunday, August 10
2014 Season Stats

Jeff Mears:  8-2   Derek Reese:  3-2   Nick Woltermann:  Save


2014 Meridians HRs

Nick Woltermann, Justin Kraus (GS)

Saturday, August 9
NABF Regional Tournament Round 1

We hit the field a little late and a little slim, but find a good mix to get things started.   We plate 3 in the 4th to answer the Chiefs' 4 across the first three frames, but their bats come alive for a huge 6th inning.   Our offense sneaks across another one in the 9th with Reardon's 2nd knock, RBI from Brady Reese and Woltermann (on-base 3-5, R, SB) as well with Averwater on-base 2-4, Kraus o-b 2-3 and Parkhurst 1-2, BB, R.

Derek Reese battles into the 6th, Imperiale picks him up and then tosses a scoreless 7th with Dolan notching a scoreless 8th.   Final: 4-12   Cobalts only get 6 men to the 1st round and still can't field a team after we wrap up so we advance to Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, August 2
CRC City Tournament

We get to some meaningful baseball on a Saturday afternoon and answer the Bombers 1st run with one of our own, but they answer that again.   They follow that themselves though and dig us into a deep hole.  We score 2 in the 6th and 4 in the 7th for mini-comeback, but fall 7-10 to the other boys in blue.

The Cobalts come over to find that we have finished scoring for the day despite loading the bases in the 1st and they walk us off with a long 6th inning.   We go down in order in 3 of the last 5 frames with only a handful of walks and a lone hit for the duration.

Mears and Reese take their first lumps of the summer, Dolan with a 1-2-3 inning in Game 1 and Wolt is last to man the hill for the day.   Imperiale with a cameo, but we don't get to the 7th in Game 2 for him to toss so he has to settle for an inning in LF.   Meanwhile, we are left with one lone strong arm to man SS and concede to Mears' constant requests.   He gets a Roselawn concrete-infield bounce on his one chance.

Offense led by Woltermann (2H, 2B, 2R, 2 SB) and Mears (2-4, 3BBs, R, SB).   Multi-hit days for Kraus and Koppelman (2-2, BB in Game 1) as well; RBI from Aultman, Kraus, Parkhurst, Biscotti and Koppelman - D. Reese with 3 BBs, R.   Averwater makes his return to give us an arm behind the dish and throws out two; Mears with another pick-off.

Outfield in Game 1 assumes that Wolt will get everything, infield and dugout assume the same in Game 2.

The men enjoy Gatorades of Meridians blue in between contests and Dogs of Red afterwards as thanks for an undefeated regular season (11-0).

Thursday, July 31

Tournament tune-up for both the Meridians and Chiefs see all pitchers on both sides toe the rubber.   Mears cruises through 3, Reese grabs 2 innings with Kopp & Wolt closing it out.   Meridians hitters patient in the 1st to plate 5 runs, which proves to be the difference - Final: 7-4

Visiting scorebook in random dry-erase format so not a whole lot of details, but lasers off the bat of Koppelman (2B), Aultman (RBI) and D. Reese.   

In the tradition of planking.. and Tebow-ing, Woltermann invents the next new phenomena - Trashing!

(he threw his wallet away along with post-game Chipotle crumbs.. he dug around in there for 10 good minutes...)

Photo courtesy of Luke Dolan Digital Designs. 

Sunday, July 20
Early Sunday sweep to stay stainless


We start with 8 men at high Noon, but end it with 13 and 2 more Wins.   Scrambling to cover the late arrivals, we have 11 on the roster to start Game 1.  2 late call-offs and a no-show leave us starting the opener with Couture in Left Center and Dolan... pretty much just in Right Field.   The melee does bring about Woltermann's 2014 debut on the mound after he closed out the season for us last year with his one lone inning.   This time he starts it off a little errant, but with maybe the maximum number of pitches required to do so - strikes out the side (3 IP).

Ryan Williams makes a cameo start back at shortstop and didn't seem to miss a beat despite the few years off with good at-bats and a bunt hit.   Reardon mans the dish for all 14 innings.

Woltermann (3-5) and Reardon (2-3) with RBI doubles and Reese goes 2-3, RBI on the day while both he (4 IP to wrap up Game 1) and Mears (7 IP) collect their Sunday Wins.   Web gem from Koppelman with a sliding pick-up in the hole at 3rd and throw to 1st.   Kraus breaks the sound barrier (the Mercedes is a lease...) in time to hit in the 9th spot in Game 1 to prevent an automatic out and plays 'rosham-knuckleball' with Doc during Game 2.

Finals: 3-1 x2 over both Springdale Cleaners and Chill 

Sunday, July 6

11 of 12 Meridians score (12th man forced at home) in this very quick matinee.   Final: 14-0 vs. the Reds in a quick, 3-inning meeting.  They try three arms to no avail and call it a day after the 3rd.   Soto (2-2), Couture and Koppelman with 2 Runs each while Mears helps himself going 3-3, 2 RBI, SB.   6 K's in his 3 innings, but costs himself the short no-hitter by forgetting his PFPs and covering 1st after Duncan snares a sure hit in the hole.  RBI from Biscotti, Parkhurst, Duncan, Soto, Koppelman and Kraus.   Doc breaks up the double play on Parkhurst's clean line drive to right.  (Standard 9-6 fielder's choice.)

The origin story behind the Little Bites Muffins sequel told eloquently by the Lopez-Reese liege... 

In short, Brownie Bites.

Sunday, June 29
Meridians Sweep Sunday night


The not-so-elder statesmen convene Sunday afternoon after a Meridians-Yankees and Meridians-Bulls CABL match-up for a strategy session BBQ at the house of Couture.   No felines were actually harmed despite the macaroni salad insurgence and only one beer found the ground.  Nice hands, Lopez!   Bailey steals the show though, as she does everywhere she crawls.   Yeah-yeah-yeah!

Despite the total tallies at the end of the night, the pitching tells the tale for the two contests.   Reese starts it off, setting down the side in order the first 2 innings - striking out the side in the 3rd while mixing in an intentional HBP.   8 K's total in 6 innings - the last of which the biggest, with no outs and the bases loaded.   Reardon follows that up with the web gem of the summer, sprawling to the backstop to snare a pop-up.  Those key outs along with a quick 3rd one caps the night for Reese, allowing just another HBP (always on purpose) to score.

With the game still in reach, the Meridians then open things up right away in the bottom of the 6th plating 5.  After back-to-back HBPs for Couture and Duncan to load the bases - Kraus clears the table with one fell swoop, a no-doubter to the top of the hill in right of Roselawn #2.   2 Runs each from Reese and Duncan.  

Final: 10-1 over StarTunes

Springdale Cleaners comes over for Game 2 after giving us our best contest so far the weekend prior.   This Sunday night tells a much different story as we wrap it up in 5 innings with a dominating performance by Mears, striking out 12 of 16 batters (the side in order in the 2nd, 4th and 5th) with one lone hit.

Mears helps himself with 3 Runs and 2 SB - B. Reese (2 2Bs on the day), Woltermann (2-4, 2 BBs, SB total) and Humpert each with 2 Runs in Game 2.   D. Reese (2-3, 3 BBs overall) clears the bases in the 1st with his 2B, Parkhurst (who later oversells an inside pitch, but does not hold his ground) plates the 4th and we never look back as we wrap it up with just 4 innings of offense.  Final: 12-1

Sunday, June 22

A quick one with some drama at the end for our closest match-up so far this summer.   Our only knocks from Brady Reese (R), Mears (3B, RBI, R) and Woltermann (2B, SB, R) with our only other RBI from Derek Reese (Sac Fly, SB).

9 K's in Mears' Complete Game as he only allows 4 hits himself, working out of a hairy 7th stranding the tying runs on base.  Final: 4-2 vs. Springdale Cleaners

U-S-A!  U-S-A!  U-S-A! 

Biscotti gets a slew of pitches from the Meridians infield, but handles each slider and cutter thrown his way at 1st.   Web gem up the middle with a sliding pick by Clim and a beebee to 1st from behind the 2nd base bag.

Herby and Aultman lead-off Game 2 (Reds) with BBs and each score (B-Reese walks as well), but the lightning ends the night shortly thereafter. 

Sunday, June 15

Mears tosses a gem, 11 K's through 6 innings, invoking Father's Day privileges to lead-off and get an inning at 3rd base while Kraus tosses a scoreless 7th.   We finally get the scoring started in the 3rd with back-to-back hits from Bach (2R) & Herby (2R - SB), back-to-back walks from Mears & Hump (2 BBs) and a big 2 RBI knock from Woltermann (2-3, 2 SB).

Meridians then bust it open in the 5th with the first 4 hitters scoring, highlighted by Mears rifling a stand-up 3B to the fence clearing the bases (3 RBI - 2R).   Reese then caps off the inning with another loud 3B to the wall, but then, No... "BOOM!" - thrown out at 3rd.

Kraus hits the ball hard all day (3-3) with his 3rd one off one of Parkhurst's fleet feet.

Happy Dad's Day to Mears and Bach!

Final: 9-2 vs. StarTunes

Sunday, June 8
Meridians Sweep Sunday


Pitching tells the tale as we flip the starters and hope to actually get both games in this time.   D. Reese takes a no-no into the 6th in Game 1 with all the support he would need before he even steps to the plate as the clean-up man in the 1st.   B. Reese (HBP, on-base all 3 times) and Mears (2-3) reach right away before Woltermann belts a high fastball well past the left-centerfield fence (2-3).

Woltermann's hustle 2B may have been a better highlight than his 3-run HR as he vertically breakdances into a 2-hop Jumpstyle dive into 2nd.   We plate 4 more in the 5th with a lead-off 2B from Couture and RBI hits from Humpert, Reardon, B. Reese and Mears.  Koppelman tosses the 7th.   Final: 7-1 over Reds 

                                                           "You Can Go Faster!"

We start Game 2 trading runs with each squad scoring 2 in the 1st and 1 in the 2nd.   We then pull away for good pushing across the first 5 hitters in the 3rd with RBI knocks by Woltermann, D. Reese (2B), Kraus (2-2, 3 RBI) and Duncan (2 RBI).   Dolan booms a double for 2 RBI - Mears, Wolt, Couture, Kraus each with 2 Runs scored.

Eric Thomas' Meridians debut: 2-3, RBI.   Hump on base 4 times.   Mears goes 5 for the Win letting Dolan and Duncan wrap it up.  Final: 11-4 vs. Chill

Sunday, June 1
Meridians Season Opener

Meridians eventually cruise in season opener with a football roster in tow.   Multiple lightning strikes (and eventual rain) cut short Game 2.

Mears works through a long 1st and a loud 2nd, but does *BAM proud with a Complete Game Win, 8 K's and 2 pick-offs.  *BAM = Bailey Ann Mears

Doc steals the day going 2-2 with a Sac Fly and 2 RBI while Mears chips in a 2B and 2 RBI to the cause.   But the debut of Brady Reese, coming off another great college season, smacks the ball around all day going 3-4 with 2 Runs and a SB with the Brescia University incumbent Woltermann adding a 2B (2-4), 2R and SB as well.

Derek Reese: 2B, SB - Humpert: 3B - Easterling: 3 SB - Kraus: 2B, 2 RBI - Clim: 2B, 2R - Couture: 2B

9 different Meridians score while the defense has an interesting afternoon including Hump once he gets some 3B time in Game 2, "I was just excited to get the ball!".  Final:  12-4 vs. Chill

The Meridians hit 150 wins!

A weekend sweep with 2 wins in 2 states - an easy one in NKy (6/8) and a come-from-behind, 7th inning rally (6/9) puts us at 150 wins early in 2013.   Returning to the CRC while maintaining a schedule in the NKABL as well, we hit 125 wins in the home stretch of the 2011 season (7/31).

100 wins: A great maiden voyage in the NKABL sees us at 13-1 after our first August game (8/2) of the summer.   After a rain-shortened 2007 season (6 games played), the Meridians get back to it in 2008 and then dominate most of 2009 in the new league.

With a shutout and enforcing the 10-run rule in the same game, the Meridians reach 75 wins in the final game (10/15) of the 2006 season.   We play in only 1 tournament and average less than 20 league games per year so a good feat in 5 short seasons.

With a 2-1 victory over the Hilltoppers on our Opening Day (5/22) and sweeping the Outlaws the next weekend (5/29), the Meridians hit 50 wins early in the 2005 season.

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Sunday, August 10
Meridians Manager records (18+)

Mike Soto:  166-89-2 (2002-2006, 2008-2014~)

Jack Parkhurst & Derek Reese:  0-0-1 (2013) 

Justin Kraus:  1-3 (2010 & 2012)

Jason Ehrhardt:  1-0 (2011)

K.C. Fread:  2-4 (2007)

Jared Cutter & Scott Bush:  1-0 (2005)