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Cincinnati Adult Baseball League (CABL) 2015~ (25+)

2017 CABL Mega Bowl Fun Dip Champions (24-13) 

National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) 2002-2014 (18+) 

Meridians team colors are royal blue and white.

(meridian = the highest point or stage of development; peak, a zenith)

Formed in 2002, the Meridians have a 171-96-3 overall record in their 13 seasons in the Cincinnati Recreation Commission (CRC) league and NKABL:  2014 CRC Sunday Champions (10-0), 2013 NKABL Champions, 2011/12 NKABL Tourney Runner-up, 2009 Regular Season Champions (18-1) and #1 seed in the 2009 NKABL Tournament - #2 / 2011-2, #3 / 2010 NKABL Tourney, 2008 and 2006 CRC City Tournament.

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Silver Sluggers

Woltertrashing - Photo courtesy of Luke Dolan Digital Designs.

2017:  Saul Meza 

2016:  David Etscheid

2015:  Derek Reese & Trey Aultman

2014:  Nick Woltermann & Justin Kraus

2013:  Nick Woltermann

2012:  Derek Reese & Jeff Mears

2011:  Derek Reese    

2010:  Mike Soto

2009: Chuck Moore

2008: Kevin McClung

2007: Jack Parkhurst

2006: Jim Rack (Summer) and Mike Soto (Fall) 

2005: Scott Bush & Jared Cutter (Summer) and K.C. Fread (Fall)

2004: Blain Williams (Summer) and Scott Bush (Fall)

2003: Kevin McClung

2002: Jim Rack

2017 Regular Season Stats - Meridians

We get Saul Meza back all season and he proves his worth and then some when healthy leading the Meridians to a team record 24 Wins!   We have four guys taking the plunge: Couture's nuptials were during the season (violation of Meridians statutes) with Gater, Jaspers and Knoebel slated in '18.

Team Co-MVPs go to our starting staff of Bret Miller and Nate Kroell

Silver Slugger: Saul Meza - .311 with Team lead in Stolen Bases (16), OB% (.512), Runs (tied, 21 in 23 games), Walks (tied, 15), HBP (tied, 12), 2nd in RBI (14) from the Lead-off spot! and 2nd in Hits (19) and Slugging % (.407).

All three above as well as Tanner Lahmers were selected as CABL interleague All Stars for the Meridians on Team Soto.

Meridians HRs: Derek Reese (2 including the walk-off, line-drive, extra inning shot on 6/14) and CJ Manuel

Our unofficial Rookie of the Year award obviously goes to Bret Miller who's reputation preceded him and he then impressed Jack & I in 2016 holding the CABL All Stars down representing his Dayton team/league at the time.   Mr. Miller went on to log 111 innings (509 batters faced!) for the Meridians in '17 including iron man duty in back-to-back starts 4 times! including in the Finals.   10-5 with a 3.22 ERA and 90K with Wins over the Hustle, Colt 45's and Roosters (all 20-win teams).

Sunday, August 28
2016 Regular Season Stats - Meridians

Meridians take a hit offensively losing Rob Shaw to Austria for the summer and Saul Meza for most of the season due to knee surgery in March as well as two of their leading hitters in 2015 becoming first-time Dads!  We also welcome in our newly-eligible crop of arms as Kroell, Reese and Fugate take the bulk of the innings.

Nate Kroell: Team MVP as our horse on the mound with a 1.93 ERA & 85 strikeouts in 84 innings with 8 Complete Games on the bump and an even .400 average, 17 runs and 12 RBI at the plate.

Silver Slugger (and Rookie of the Year): David Etscheid - .475 while also leading the team in H, R, SB, OB% and Slugging!   6 multi-hit games including 2, 3-hit games and 2, 4-hit games wrapping up #8 on the CABL Hitting Leaders board.

Both Kroell and Etscheid are CABL All Stars for the Meridians!

Meridians HRs: Nate Kroell, David Etscheid (inside-the-park & a traditional one in Indy Labor Day Tourney)

Honorable mention in Rookie of the Year candidacy is Alex Miosi who earned his time wrapping up at .396 with 13 Runs (tied for 3rd on the team with Aultman), our one walk-off Win in '16 and 2 spot starts on the bump.

Monday, September 5
IBL Labor Day Tourney, 2016

Meridians back at it in Indy with both some regularity in play as the entire tournament is set at the new turf fields of Grand Park in Westfield, IN (north of Indianapolis), but a lot of late recruiting.   Pitching personnel was in short supply as both the CABL and Dayton Roy Hobbs leagues started their tournaments early.  This cost us our own teams' arms as well as an ironic match-up in Dayton costing us both our potential Sunday semi-final starter, Sanders, and one of our Monday pill flingers.

In an immediate twist - we see our 2015 semi-final foes, the Ft. Wayne Jackers, right away in pool play Saturday morning.   We pick up a former Butler University arm to start the match-up and begin the scoring right away with Duncan knocking Etscheid in, but that's all we do until the 7th with back-to-back hits from Kroell (2-3, 2B) and Hitt, knocked in by Tilley and Duncan again.  Final: 3-7

Next up is a Lexington squad and a tight contest.   Kraus doubles home Reese in the 2nd and that's all we muster in Game 2 Saturday.   Etscheid 2-4, SB and Reese 3-3, R.   Final: 1-2

Now the fun starts though as we're paired with the defending champs out of Chicago for Sunday.   Meridians go on the offensive immediately plating our first 3 hitters.   Etscheid doubles on the first pitch he sees and is immediately knocked in by Kroell.   He & Reese are then pushed across by Hitt & Gater.

Lahmers gets to jog home in the 2nd after Etscheid blasts one out to left.   The boys then take a break for awhile to rest up for the 9th when they finally follow up the Grays' 5-run 6th with a 6-run final frame!   Hitt & Gater come home on Couture's knock, Couture barely scores from 1st on Parkhurst's 2B and took a power nap on the soft turf at home plate.   Kroell, Reese and Duncan push across 3 more for a Final of 12-9.

Kroell closes this one out on the mound and has the game-winning RBI!   Etscheid: 2-4, 2B, HR, 2R, BB - Reese: 3-4, 2B, 2R, SB and Lahmers: 3-3, 2R, BB, SB.

The Jackers rematch gets ugly in the end, but we do some damage as well getting into double-digits against them as well for the 2nd year in a row in the semis (10-18).   Etscheid: 4-5, 2B, R, BB - Tilley: 3-4, 3B, R, BB.

"Extraordinary" Matt Hitt keeps the dugout lively all weekend and was just fun to watch including pulling the 1st baseman off the bag and throwing out the runner anyway Sunday and a sliding grab in CF of the semi-final.  

Word came through that the Columbus Pirates won the tourney that afternoon then.

Meridians Tournament MVP: David Etscheid who thrives in the lead-off spot going 9-16 with a HR-3B-2B, but only 4R and 2 RBI as Coach is proved correct that his talents are wasted all the way at the top of the lineup.   Etscheid also makes his Meridians pitching debut in the 25+ tourney tossing well in both games of the Saturday DH to kick off the marathon stretch for the guys playing both in Indy and back home in Cincinnati through Wednesday.

Meridians field teams for 6 games in 5 days including vs. both the #1 seed & defending Indy tourney champion, Chicago Grays, on day 3 and the #1 seed & defending CABL regular season & tourney champion, Cincinnati Hooks, on the 5th day.

Thanks to the members of the Indy Irish (Herbert), Indy Giants (Hitt, Johnson), Cincinnati Sting (Tilley, Chapman) and former Meridian, Duncan, for joining us in Indianapolis.

Wednesday, September 9
2015 Season Stats - CABL Meridians

CABL Regular Season

Meridians #3 in League with a team .355 batting average 

Brian Moore:  Team MVP (and Rookie of the Year) with .403 average, team-leading 5 doubles and tied for team lead in RBI (14).   3.70 ERA in team-high 10 starts and had 4 Complete Games.

Silver Sluggers:  Derek Reese & Trey Aultman

CABL All Star Reese - .444 with 8 multi-hit games and tied with Moore with 14 RBI, team-high 16 Walks

Aultman - .439 with 7 multi-hit games including 3, 3-hit games and a 4-hit game

Rob Shaw:  League-leading .533 with .622 Slugging % to lead Meridians

Luke Dolan: .476 also makes the CABL Hitting Leaders board

Saul Meza: Team Gold Glove and team-leading 15 Runs & 12 Stolen Bases (.365)

Meridians HRs:  Alex Koppelman, Rob Shaw (another in Indy Labor Day Tourney)

After pulling out to a quick lead - getting plunked 5 times in first 7 games, Soto is passed up by Kraus with 8 HBP.   On the mound, Kraus also paced the team with 5 Complete Games and 4 pick-offs. 


Full-time in the 25+ Cincinnati Adult Baseball League starting in 2015:

Regular Season: Wednesdays & Sundays from April into September excluding holiday weekends 

Monday, September 7
IBL Labor Day Tourney, 2015

Meridians return to Indy, learning their lessons from the year prior and over-recruited coming in - and particularly on the offensive side of the ball.   The usual, expected cancellations come in and we still find a very robust squad ready to go Saturday morning.  

We come out guns a-blazin' with Gater on the bullpen turf mound that was pulled out onto the field at Bishop Chatard.   We start our scoring in the 2nd with Parkhurst's runner coming across, but then see the Indy Disciples touch the plate 5 times in the 4th.   We answer right away in the bottom with 4 of our own to knot it up.   Not indicated in our book, but I'm guessing Duncan had the RBI in the 2nd and at least one in the 4th with Kroell and Tilley the other likely culprits.

Shaw (3-4, 2B as well) screams one out past the tall, left field fence to lead off the 5th and then they tie it back up in the 6th.   They push two more across in the 7th and we answer with 1 in the bottom, but the rally stops there and we drop our opener, 7-8.

Parkhurst: 2-2, 2R, BB and Duncan: 2-3, 2? RBI with Tilley continuing his similar stat line from '14 that earned him the lead-off spot this year: 1-1, 2 BB's

The nightcap finally allows Reese back on the bump after we miss getting him up there for the tourney in '14.   In the meantime, we loan out out Herby and Doc Biscotti to the Disciples for their Game 2 where they help wear down our next opponent.  After that barnburner though, Reese shuts down the Ft. Wayne Harley/Brandt offense with a 7-inning gem allowing just one run to scratch across in the final frame.   He notches 4, 1-2-3 innings including the first 3 innings!   

We score right away and keep it consistent, pushing men across in 5 separate innings.   Tilley: 2-3, 2R, BB - Uncle Bobby Herbert: 2-4, 2B, R - Matt Hitt: 2-3, R - Gater:  1-1, 2R, 2BB - Kroell: 2-3, RBI, R and Duncan: 2-3, R for a 9-1 final score.

Sunday brings just one game as we claim the #4 seed and a 10am start at Badger Fields.  We're pleased to find a real mound this time, but with the early start and travel - we get Hitt up to cover the top of the 1st on the hill while we get Sanders warmed up.   Ben Magsig, Shaw and Hitt get us 2 Runs right away and Sandman promptly retires their side in order.  We stay pretty quiet in the 2nd, but explode for 9 runs in the 3rd highlighted by a bases-clearing knock by Parkhurst and 2 RBI from Shaw.   Sandy does most of the rest of the work as we avenge our 2014 loss to the Des Moines Bruins with a 10-run rule in the 7th this go-around (12-2 final).

Magsig: 3-4, 2B, 3 RBI, 2R - Shaw: 3-3, 2B, 3 RBI, 2R, BB - Hitt: 3-4, R, RBI - Parkhurst: 2-4, 3 RBI

On to the Semi-finals and the multiple-time defending champs, the Ft. Wayne Jackers.   We saved Kroell for a reason and this was most assuredly it as he guts through 10+ innings in this slugfest against the #1 seed.   We keep the offensive party going as Magsig and Shaw each score in the top of the 1st on Hitt's 3-run HR to left.   They jump right back with 1 in the bottom half and 4 in the 2nd while we wait until the 5th to score again.

Lahmers makes his tourney debut knowing that he was "on call" and is the first of 5 to score in the 5th followed by Tilley, Shaw (RBI), Hitt and Reese who chases 2 home while Gater walks home a run and Soto gets an HBP by the Jackers ace on his first pitch in relief for another RBI.   8-6 advantage for us then until the 8th when they plate 4, but our big 3 answer the call yet again as Hitt misses another 3-run shot by a few feet in center to score Mags and Shaw in the top of the 9th.   Their lead-off guy gets his 4th hit of the day in the 10th though and all havoc breaks loose when he's on board.  A routine ball in between the outfielders with him in motion and we're walked off, 10-11.

Word came through that the Chicago Grays then doubled-up the Jackers in the championship, 20-9.

Meridians Tournament Co-MVPs:  

Rob Shaw who went 10-15 with 3 2Bs, HR, 6R and 7 RBI & Matt Hitt with a 7-13, HR, 5R and 5 RBI performance. 

Thanks to the members of the Indy Irish (Herbert), Indy Giants (Hitt), some league in Lansing that I couldn't find (Mags), Cincinnati Sting (Tilley, Sanders, Chapman) and former Meridians, Biscotti & Duncan, for joining us this weekend.

The Meridians hit 150 wins!

A weekend sweep with 2 wins in 2 states - an easy one in NKy (6/8) and a come-from-behind, 7th inning rally (6/9) puts us at 150 wins early in 2013.   Returning to the CRC while maintaining a schedule in the NKABL as well, we hit 125 wins in the home stretch of the 2011 season (7/31).

100 wins: A great maiden voyage in the NKABL sees us at 13-1 after our first August game (8/2) of the summer.   After a rain-shortened 2007 season (6 games played), the Meridians get back to it in 2008 and then dominate most of 2009 in the new league.

With a shutout and enforcing the 10-run rule in the same game, the Meridians reach 75 wins in the final game (10/15) of the 2006 season.   We play in only 1 tournament and average less than 20 league games per year so a good feat in 5 short seasons.

With a 2-1 victory over the Hilltoppers on our Opening Day (5/22) and sweeping the Outlaws the next weekend (5/29), the Meridians hit 50 wins early in the 2005 season.

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Sunday, August 10
Meridians Manager records (18+)

Mike Soto:  166-89-2 (2002-2006, 2008-2014)

Jack Parkhurst & Derek Reese:  0-0-1 (2013) 

Justin Kraus:  1-3 (2010 & 2012)

Jason Ehrhardt:  1-0 (2011)

K.C. Fread:  2-4 (2007)

Jared Cutter & Scott Bush:  1-0 (2005)