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Cincinnati Adult Baseball League (CABL) 2015~ (25+)

National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) 2002-2014 (18+) 


Meridians team colors are royal blue and white.

(meridian = the highest point or stage of development; peak, a zenith)

Formed in 2002, the Meridians have a 171-96-3 overall record in their 13 seasons in the Cincinnati Recreation Commission (CRC) league and NKABL:  2014 CRC Sunday Champions (10-0), 2013 NKABL Champions, 2011/12 NKABL Tourney Runner-up, 2009 Regular Season Champions (18-1) and #1 seed in the 2009 NKABL Tournament - #2 / 2011-2, #3 / 2010 NKABL Tourney, 2008 and 2006 CRC City Tournament.


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Thursday, August 27
Twenty Fifteen - CABL

Regular Season: Wednesdays & Sundays into September excluding holiday weekends

Full-time in the 25+ Cincinnati Adult Baseball League in 2015:

IBL Labor Day Tourney (25+) in Indianapolis again this year (1st weekend in September, 5th-7th)

Thursday, June 11
18+ play

After only an inning each in an April scrimmage, we finally get Reese and Gater some mound work.   Both have flashes of brilliance despite the layoff as Reese takes the first 4 innings with 2K (3H, 2BB), a relay assist to stop further damage in the 2nd and 1-2-3, 3rd thanks to a hop & a dive (cup touched the ground first) from Tanner behind the dish on a short pop-up.

Fugate takes over in the 5th - retiring the side in order with the help of our other web gem, a diving snare of a line drive in front of Meza in CF.   The Chiefs do most of their damage in the 6th then (2H, 3BB), but Gater regains his mechanics and strikes out the last two (3K total).

Depending on scoring, we may have had a 1- to 3-hit night as Kraus has a solid, eyes-closed 2B off of 25+ Meridian Kroell with Couture beating out a ball up the middle and even Tanner with a high ball over the CF's head that isn't quite corralled.   Meridians super-sub Ehrhardt taunts the karma of the Gods by swiping two bags off of Meridians tourney temp Tilley only to then log the commonplace "2U" and "9-3" put-outs in his last two ABs.   Luke may have been born Where The Streets Have No Name because he scored it a "U2".

Stolen bases from Meza, Reese and Williams as well.   The main highlight for the Chiefs may have been Tilley's beard and his little squirrel buddy, Paco, who lives deep within the thicket in there.   Final: 0-5

Silver Sluggers

Rack would swing at this pitch!

2014:  Nick Woltermann & Justin Kraus

2013:  Nick Woltermann

2012:  Derek Reese & Jeff Mears

2011:  Derek Reese    

2010:  Mike Soto

2009: Chuck Moore

2008: Kevin McClung

2007: Jack Parkhurst

2006: Jim Rack (Summer) and Mike Soto (Fall) 

2005: Scott Bush & Jared Cutter (Summer) and K.C. Fread (Fall)

2004: Blain Williams (Summer) and Scott Bush (Fall)

2003: Kevin McClung

2002: Jim Rack

The Meridians hit 150 wins!

A weekend sweep with 2 wins in 2 states - an easy one in NKy (6/8) and a come-from-behind, 7th inning rally (6/9) puts us at 150 wins early in 2013.   Returning to the CRC while maintaining a schedule in the NKABL as well, we hit 125 wins in the home stretch of the 2011 season (7/31).

100 wins: A great maiden voyage in the NKABL sees us at 13-1 after our first August game (8/2) of the summer.   After a rain-shortened 2007 season (6 games played), the Meridians get back to it in 2008 and then dominate most of 2009 in the new league.

With a shutout and enforcing the 10-run rule in the same game, the Meridians reach 75 wins in the final game (10/15) of the 2006 season.   We play in only 1 tournament and average less than 20 league games per year so a good feat in 5 short seasons.

With a 2-1 victory over the Hilltoppers on our Opening Day (5/22) and sweeping the Outlaws the next weekend (5/29), the Meridians hit 50 wins early in the 2005 season.

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Sunday, August 10
Meridians Manager records (18+)

Mike Soto:  166-89-2 (2002-2006, 2008-2014)

Jack Parkhurst & Derek Reese:  0-0-1 (2013) 

Justin Kraus:  1-3 (2010 & 2012)

Jason Ehrhardt:  1-0 (2011)

K.C. Fread:  2-4 (2007)

Jared Cutter & Scott Bush:  1-0 (2005)