Mercer Island Little League: Score Reporting

Wednesday, August 1
Team Administrators
Head Coaches need to designate a Team Administrator to update scores and pitch counts. This process will greatly reduce the amount of administrative time spent by the MIBGC and MILL leaders...and will result in a quicker turnaround for posting scores/pitch counts.

The steps are outllined below:

1) Click Here to request an ETeamz account or email me @ Please include the following: Name/Email/Division/Team in your request.

For example, Joe Smith / / Majors / Phillies.

2) You will receive an email with your username / password.

3) From the main MILL home page, click the ‘Admin’ button in the upper right, and enter your username / password. The first time you login you will update your account information. Note: All information on the page is required.

4) After a successful login - you’ll see your team - click 'Admin'.

5) Once logged into the web admin, click 'Calendar' then 'Scores'

6) Choose the game you want to update by clicking the Pencil on the right.

7) Update the score, whether the game counts in the standings and click 'Update Game'. NOTE: Games before spring break do not count in the standings.

8) Click ‘Add a Game Summary’ then enter the player/pitch count and click 'Update Game Summary'.

For assistance, please contact Webmaster-Glenn Dierkes.

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