Mercer Island Little League: Bellevue/MI City Tournament

The Bellevue and Mercer Island City tournaments will start after Memorial Day.  The exact days and times are unknown until a few days before.  Game days will vary though.  The tournament's length will depend on the format of the tournament and each teams success.  Teams may play until June 15th.



2015 Bellevue/Mercer Island City Tournaments

Congrats to each of the winners in the 2015 Bellevue/Mercer Island City Tournaments!

Majors - Congrats to the Mercer Island Mariners!

Coast - Congrats to the Bellevue West Pirates!

AAA -Congrats to the Bellevue Thunderbird Braves!

2014 Tournament Results

Majors Baseball - Congratulations to the Bellevue West Pirates!

Coast Baseball - Congratulations to the Mercer Island Cubs!

AAA Baseball - Congratulations to the Bellevue Thunderbird White Sox!

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