Mercer Island Little League: 2017 Season Divisions

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Juniors Baseball 13-14 Yrs. Old
The 13-14U league will be determined as we get closer to the start of the season. Players will play on 80 foot base paths with 54 foot pitching distance and regular baseball rules apply.

Games will be held at Island Crest Park on weeknights and Saturdays and practices will be held up to twice a week at Island Crest Park as well. Practice day and time will be determined by the coach who will be in contact with players on his or her team as soon as rosters are released. Games begin in March.

Majors Baseball 10-12 Yrs. Old
This is the most advanced and competitive division of Little League, which will include all 12 year olds, strong 11 year-olds and outstanding 10 year olds. Majors focuses on advanced skill development and preparation for all-stars and higher level play beyond age 12. Players will be drafted onto Majors teams based on ability.

Coast Baseball 9-11 Yrs. Old
Coast is intermediate player pitch baseball, primarily for 10 and 11 year old players, as well as some highly skilled 9 year olds. Coast teams will practice once per week, and play one weeknight game and one Saturday game.

Coast Softball 10-11 Yrs. Old
This is designed for 5th grade level Fastpitch, 10 year olds and 11 year olds. Teams will practice one night a week and play two games a week. An 11” softball will be used.

'AAA' Baseball 8-10 Yrs. Old
'AAA' Baseball is entry-level player pitch baseball, for 9 and 10 year old players, as well as some highly skilled 8 year olds. In the first part of the season, there will be no stealing allowed and coaches will assist with pitching as needed (i.e. finish pitching to a batter after ball 4) in order to keep the games moving by reducing walks. AAA teams will practice once per week, and play one weeknight game and one Saturday game.

'AAA' Softball 8-10 Yrs. Old
AAA Softball is for girls 8 and 9 years old, 4th grade level. This division is designed to teach players the fundamentals of softball while developing self-esteem, team camaraderie and softball skills, including pitching. This is entry-level Fastpitch. This is a player pitch league with coach assist early on. AAA softball will practice once a week and have one or two games a week. It uses an 11’’ soft-sided softball.

'AA' Baseball 8-9 Yrs. Old
“AA” Baseball is advanced machine-pitch baseball intended for most 8 year olds, some highly skilled 7 year olds and some 9 year olds who need a little more development before moving on to Player Pitch. Limited pitching by players will be introduced in the second half of the season. AA teams will have one weeknight practice per week, one Monday game, one Saturday game, and an end-of-season League Tournament. Teams may also have some team batting cage time during the season.

'A' Baseball 7-8 Yrs. Old
“A” Baseball is intermediate machine-pitch baseball intended for higher skilled 7 year olds who have already played a year of Sluggers, and some 8 year olds. “A” teams will have one weeknight practice per week, and one Monday game and one Saturday game.

T-ball (co-ed) 4-6 Yrs. Old
This is for 5 year old players, first year 6 year old players , 2nd year 6 year old players still needing skill development before heading up to "Sluggers.” Four year olds are eligible, but need to be ready for the competition and structure of T-ball. Please no three year olds. Players hit a ball from a Tee. All players bat and play in the field each inning (3 innings per game). One weeknight practice (Wednesday or Thursday) in a "micro clinic" format and one Saturday game per week.

Sluggers Baseball 6-7 Yrs. Old
Sluggers Division is an entry-level machine pitch division for 6 year olds who have completed one year of T-ball and 7 year olds who need more development or seek a lower level of commitment before advancing to the 'A' Division. Sluggers will have one weeknight practice each week in a "micro clinic" format and one Saturday game.

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