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For descriptions of each level look at the Descriptions page.  You can also find descriptions and FAQ's on the Baseball News page, the Softball News page and the T-Ball & Sluggers page.

Saturday, February 28
  Diamondbacks     Nationals  
  Manager: Brandon Nett     Manager: Scott Bartle  
  Brian Bilanski Jr.     Eric Anderson  
  Jack Buchan     Micah Bartle  
  William Crain     Ryan Boyle  
  Geoffrey Goffman     Cade Daggett  
  Max Murphy     Samuel Dilworth  
  Braeden Nett     Luke Gollin  
  Anthony O'Donnell     Devon Ringer  
  Bo Oyoung     Baird Sirianni  
  Yosef Rudnick     Mason Ward  
  Charles Seneker     Nathan Wen  
  Diego Silva     Tyler Williamson  
  Christopher Taylor        
  Pirates     Rangers  
  Manager: Spike McBride     Manager: Kevin Chou  
  Colin Harlan     Nicholas Chou  
  Samuel Hill     Wooje Chung  
  Kristoffer Holtan     Grayson Conder  
  E. (Coy) Hounsell     Sebastian Foss  
  Logan Jewett     Ryan Jacobson  
  Luke McBride     Justin Lee  
  Gabe McGuire     Ansel Leveque  
  Matthew Pangallo     Baker Riffle  
  Nathan Pellerin     Moshe Rudnick  
  Jayden Wang     Dylan Shobe  
  Charles Werdel     Gareth Tatum  
        Marek Wilenski  
  Red Sox     Rockies  
  Manager: Eric Wilfrid     Manager: Brad Newcomer  
  Kellen Eskridge     Samuel Cadicamo  
  Graham Givan     Zachary Geisner  
  John Hense     Tyler Jones  
  Benjamin Katz     Syver Lanctot  
  Owen Kennedy     Sam Leahy  
  Matthew Lee     Zachary Nakano  
  William McDonald     Henry Newcomer  
  Russell Nguyen     Gavin Shea  
  Cole Rowe     Benjamin Viafore  
  Jasper Wilfrid     Julian Vining  
  Brandon Wolfe     Jiahao Yang  
  Manager: Drew Christofferson      
  Aaron Behar        
  Ryder Davis        
  Alvaro De Lucas        
  Shane Deguchi        
  Carter Gribble        
  Mara Hennessy        
  Devon Hubbell        
  Brandon Patacsil        
  Lee Rousso        
  Quinn Shavey        
  David Zachariah        

Friday, February 27


  Orioles     Reds  
  Manager: Aaron Kornblum     Manager: Rick Marcou  
  Neal Baron     Jack Beebe  
  Claude Cobbs     Austin Cupic  
  Brandon Fukano     Jack Durner  
  Drice Hellal     Alex Espinoza  
  Tye Iverson     Lucas Fujii  
  Logan Jerome     Avi Kessler  
  Nathan Johnston     Evan Lamin  
  Spencer Kornblum     Sam LeClercq  
  Wyatt Newman     Hayden Leddy  
  James Peterson     Damon Marcou  
  Luke Reid     William Thomas  
  Jeffrey Stedman     Matthew Williamson  
  Phillies     Padres  
  Manager: Steve Doucette     Manager: Glenn Dierkes  
  Praket Akshantala     Hannah Dickinson  
  Christopher Clark     Stephen Dierkes  
  Maxwell Clark     Harry Gollin  
  Parker Doucette     Nolan Knievel  
  Lucas Galvin     Connor Lamb  
  Gunnar Gudmundsson     Erik Larson  
  Max Hoeke     Benjamin Moughon  
  Ashwin Honnawarkar     William Pellerin  
  McLean Hopkins     Niklaus Runge  
  Edgar Nakamura     Mason Szylko  
  Evan Otte     Will Watson  
  Dane Steiner     Max Youssefnia  
  Tigers     White Sox  
  Manager: Dan Nordale     Manager: Craig Rowland  
  Jackson Barker     Brandon Abulhosn  
  Chaz Brotherton     Dylan Chester  
  Thien Anh Bull     T. Ulysses Foss  
  Oliver Loeser     Tyler Gilroy  
  Ajay Manhas     Taiko Ibuki  
  Caley Newcomer     Cohen Kolbe  
  Derek Nordale     Aaron Levin  
  Noah Perlman     Julian Peters  
  Chase Shavey     Camden Rowland  
  Colin Shea     Fenway Rowland  
  Conor Shewey     Jarrett Sato  
  Zhuohao (Steven) Xing     Cole Thomas  

Tuesday, February 10
2015 Majors Baseball Teams

  A's     Cardinals  
  Manager: Rob Arron     Manager: Rich Buchan  
  Alex Arron     Will Atkinson  
  Ben Davis     Nathan Buchan  
  Evan Dickstein     Alexander Castleman  
  Ethan Fallis     Nathan Fukuda  
  Jacob Grosof     Jenson Hart  
  Kevin Hirschowitz     Alex Henderson  
  Liam Kelly     Will MacCormack  
  Luke Shavey     Elias Malakoff  
  Spencer Smith     Max Malakoff  
  Jack Varney     Jack Shoop  
  Henry Watson     Nick Weiss  
  Ethan Yang     David Wolf  
  Giants     Mariners  
  Manager: Jackie Brown     Manager: Steve Mattox  
  Mitch Ashberg     Mason Bull  
  Governor Aufranc     Tyler Butson  
  Jack Dilworth     Camdon Gierke  
  Luke Doucette     Christopher Givan  
  Caiden Fukano     Michael Lee  
  Patrick Gosenberg     Jett Mai  
  Calvin Little     Kenny Mark  
  Ben Molina     Jack Mattox  
  Nate Munroe     Joshua Miner  
  Jon Pinney Brown     Ethan Preston  
  Jakob Schulz     William Spencer  
  Tripp White III     Andrew Sugamele  
  Marlins     Yankees  
  Manager: Andy Shanks     Manager: Peter Noone  
  Marques Abulhosn     Nate Cadicamo  
  Connor Blumenthal     Luca Debray  
  Nick Chatalas     Ethan Evans  
  Marco Faine     Matthew Hankins  
  Matthew Feldman     Wesley Ho  
  Nick Fuchs     Ryan McCrary  
  Brady Gilroy     Christopher Mock  
  Will Norden     Paul Noone  
  Connor Pettigrew     John Wyatt Novak  
  Rory Shanks     Halen Otte  
  Alex Weiss     Ethan Park  
  Hunter Yetman     Kevin Wang  

Little League Leauge Age Change

Little Leagues Families,

In November Little League National changed the League Age (LA) determination date for baseball.  Historically Little League League Age for baseball, sluggers and T-Ball was determined by the child’s age as of April 30th of the given season.  The new League Age determinate date is December 31st.  Here is the summary of the changes…

  1. If your child was born before January 1st, 2006 your child will continue to use Little League’s old LA determination date until they age out of Little League.  If your child was born after January 1st, 2006 they will use the new LA determination date until they age out of Little League.

  2. The change does not affect the 2015 LA of any player born before May 1, 2006.

  3. If your child was born between May 1st and December 31st (of 2006 and any year since then) your child “skipped” a League Age year.  Example:  If you were born in June of 2007, last season you were League Age 6 and this year you are League age 8.  The player did not have a League Age 7 year.

  4. If your child was born between January 1st and April 30th (of 2006 and any year since then) they progressed from the 2014 season to the 2015 season “normally.”  Example:  If you were born in March of 2007, last season your child was League Age 7.  This season your child is League Age 8.

The effect on Little League is somewhat yet to be seen.  The MIBGC and MILL board have discussed the change, but will be adapting as the season progresses.  In any event, please consult Little League’s League Age chart.  Click here to view it.

The change should not change the registration process that much.  You are encouraged to register your child for the next level in their progression (listed below).  Of course if your child skipped a year due to the change, your decision is a little more complicated.  You will have to decide which league is the most appropriate decision for your child.  There are division descriptions on the baseball page of the MILL website.  The MIBCG will also help you any way it can.  Please don’t hesitate to email or call.  Thank you.

Athletic Director Matt Williams: 206.436.1950 or

Athletic Director Becky Shaddle: 206.436.1943 or

Athletic Coordinator Alec Hinn: 206.436.1939 or

League Age

Age Appropriate Level





















AAA or Coast




















Field Closures?

(206) 436 - 1951,   @MIBGCAthletics or @MILittleLeague

  Updated as early as possible every day during the season.

Typically by 3pm on weekdays and 8:30am on weekends.



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