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Little League registration is open Monday, November 16th!

League descriptions and FAQs are located on the Baseball, Softball and T-Ball & Sluggers pages. 

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2016 League Age JEPG

For the second season in a row Little League Incorporated changed the League Age (LA) determination date for baseball.  Historically Little League League Age for baseball, sluggers and T-Ball was determined by the child’s age as of April 30th of the given season.  Last year, it was December 31st.  The new League Age determination date is August 31st.  Relative to last year’s League Age change, here is the summary of the changes…

  1. If your child was born before September 1st, 2005 your child will continue to use Little League’s old LA determination date until they age out of Little League.  If your child was born after September 1st, 2005 they will use the new LA determination date until they age out of Little League.
  2. If your child was born between September 1st and December 31st (of 2006 and any year since then) your child “repeats” a League Age year.  Example:  If your child was born in October of 2007, last season your child was League Age 8 and this year they are League age 8 again.
  3. If your child was born between May 1st and August 31st (of 2006 and any year since then) they progressed from the 2014 season to the 2015 season “normally.”  Example:  If your child was born in July of 2007, last season they were League Age 8.  This season your child is League Age 9.

As mentioned earlier, this is the second year in a row that Little League has changed the age determination date.  As with last year, we are unsure what the effect on MILL will be.  The MIBGC and MILL board have discussed the change, but will be adapting as the season progresses.  In any event, to confirm your child’s baseball league age, consult Little League’s League Age chart at the top of this note.

The change should not change the registration process that much.  You are encouraged to register your child for the next level in their progression (listed below).  Of course if your child is repeating a year due to the change, your decision is a little more complicated.  You will have to decide which league is the most appropriate decision for your child.  There are division descriptions on the baseball page of the MILL website.  The MIBCG will also help you any way it can.  Please don’t hesitate to email or call.  Thank you.

Athletic Director Matt Williams: 206.436.1950 or

Athletic Director Becky Shaddle: 206.436.1943 or


Field Closures?

(206) 436 - 1951,   @MIBGCAthletics or @MILittleLeague

  Updated as early as possible every day during the season.

Typically by 3pm on weekdays and 8:30am on weekends.



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