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Silly Kids - The Playground is for ADULTS!

Welcome to Menace 2 Sobriety Adult Co-Ed Recreational Teamz! If you see Mr. Hankey on the kickball field or a chaps-sporting cowboy on the softball diamond, chances are Menace is not far behind. In short, we hit, kick, bowl, race, spike and just about any other sporting activity you can think of. But anyone can do this stuff sober and costume-free - we enjoy a challenge. And apparently 2nd Place.

We have the best members and fans in the league so feel free to come on out and participate in either! We ask only that you share in our themes, embrace the rediculous, and have a blast!

Check out our team schedules and latest social events and join in the Menace!

Tuesday, January 7
SURPRISE! You've Been Flocked!! Now What?

Congratulations! Someone very dear to you has generously donated to our fundraiser and suggested lucky you as our next surprise flocking victim! If you are able to contribute to our 2014 Softball World Series Fundraising Campaign, please follow the simple steps below, or call the number on your ransom note. As part of this campaign and an effort to encourage our youths to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle, Menace is donating a portion of all of our proceeds to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Thank you for generosity and good spirits!

1. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE PINK FLAMINGOS! We have highly skilled technicians who are trained to do so within 24 hours.

2. Go to the CONTACT US link to the left of this page. Fill out your name and contact information and leave Removal Instructions in the COMMENTS field. Removal Instructions include the Name, address and phone number of the person's home our flamingos will next roost.

3. Go to and SEND MONEY (removal fee) to and click the bullet to SEND MONEY TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY (after all, that's what we are...)

4. You will wake up to your beautiful, flamingo-free yard!

If you do not wish to pay through PayPal or prefer a personal exchange, please contact the technician on your Ransom Note or email Team Menace at

Thanks once again for your support!

Team Menace

Handout: Flamingo Flocking