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Memphis Royals
Memphis Royals:History  
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5669 San Mateo Cove
Memphis, Tennessee

1980 9-13-0
1981 14-12-0
1982 15- 6-2
1983 15-14-0
1984 16-12-0
1985 23-11-0 B-League City Champions
1986 10-19-1
1987 23-19-1 3rd in AABC Stan Musial state tournament
1988 20-19-0 AABC Stan Musial state tournament participant
1989 11-21-1
1990 12-22-0
1991 29-13-1
1992 38-16-0 AABC Stan Musial state runnerup
1993 57-17-1 AABC Stan Musial state champions, AABC region runnerup
1994 51- 7-0 AABC Stan Musial state tournament participant
1995 50- 9-0 USBC region runnerup, AABC Stan Musial state champions
1996 48- 8-0 AABC Stan Musial region runnerup
1997 41-10-1 AABC Stan Musial state champions
1998 52- 9-0 USBC region runnerup, AABC Stan Musial state runnerup
1999 67- 1-0 USBC world series champions, USBC region champions, Universal Baseball global champions
2000 54-14-0 3rd in USBC world series, 4th in NABF Regional
2001 51-10 AABC Stan Musial State Champions, NABF Regional Runnerup
2002 34-14 AABC Stan Musial State Runnerup, NABF Regional Runnerup
2003 41-13 NABF Regional Champions, NABF World Series participant
2004 19-10 AABC Stan Musial State co-Champions
2005 36-12 Stan Musial City Tournament champions, Germantown League regular season champions
2006 54-9 NSPBA world series runnerup, AABC Stan Musial State champions, Germantown League champions
2007 36-18 AABC Stan Musial State champions, Germantown League regular season champions

JAY AKIN, pitcher, 1993-97
STEVE BERCIER, outfield, 1991-99
DAVID BROWN, pitcher, 1991-99
TOMMY BURROUGH, infield, 1994-99
VICTOR COLE, pitcher, 1995-96,
RICK COLLIER, outfield, 1995-99
DOUG DARNALL, utility, 1990-99
BOBBY DAVIS, first base, 1980-91
KEVIN DONOVAN, pitcher, 1996-99
JEFF DUNCAN, infield, 1994-99
MICHAEL FERGUSON, infield/outfield, 1987-97
TONY FILI, utility, 1987-92
MARK FOWLER, first base, 1993-98
MICHAEL FRANCIS, pitcher, 1992-99
JON HARDEN, pitcher, 1993-99
CARY HILES, outfield, 1996-99
JEFF INCE, infield, 1992-96
STEVE JONES, pitcher, 1995-97
MIKE JORDAN, utility, 1988-97
LEE KUSHNER, infield, 1993-95
KEITH LEWIS, infield, 1993-95
CHRIS PUGH, catcher, 1993-94
JOHNNY RAY, pitcher, 1987-99
TROY RODGERS, outfield, 1983-99
JAMES RUSTENHAVEN, infield, 1987-97

Memphis Royals
Memphis Royals
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