Memorial Little League: Welcome

Welcome to the 2014 Little League Baseball Season!


A chilly wet spring!

Well - after three weeks of having about half of our games rained out or frozen out, it looks like we are finally starting to warm up. It always seems that the first month of the season - from April 12 until about May 15 - is a crazy mix of rain and chaos. As we move into May, though, school functions start to lighten up, and the league settles down into a rhythm - so we can finally start to enjoy some sunshine . . .

Take advantage of it - baseball and softball can be really soothing and peaceful if you let yourself relax a little. I know of one mom who likes to sit out beyond center field, where there is nothing but the quiet and the occasional sound of the ball in a glove . . .

We can do with a little peace in our lives.



Please follow our Twitter feed! You can go to and look for @MemorialLLOmaha. You can look there for updates throughout the season. We are hoping to make this feed work as an efficient way of distributing weather information, so help us figure out how to be successful with that.

Also - our season would not be possible without our sponsors. Please visit our sponsor page to see more - we urge you to thank them by giving them your support all year round.