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Member-Support Tips

  • Is your browser outdated?
    Many of the problems associated in viewing web pages can be the fault of an out-of date web browser. Whether it be JavaScripts, music, or just general page display, the web is a quickly evolving place. Regardless of the type of browser that you use, try to keep it current. If possible, you should pass this information on to your viewers so that you can minimize their complaints of your site not loading properly.

  • Submit your site to major search engines lets you submit your site to the top 20 most popular search engines for free!
    You will need to be patient as it usually takes several weeks before any site is indexed by major search engines. Check these Search Engine Submission Tips.

    The Open Directory Project is run by a staff of volunteer editors who choose to evaluate and classify web sites in one or more categories. The editor exercises the option of choosing to add a site, moving sites between categories, and creating new sites.

    To submit your site Click Here and follow the instuctions.
  • HTML & Style Tricks Snippets

    To open a link within a new window, place TARGET="_blank" within your link code.
    <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></a>

    Protect your website displayed email address from spam robots. Instead of displaying the usual, use the following code within your HTML:
    <A HREF="">Contact Us</A>

    Highlight important text on your page or words you want to stand out, easily: highlighted text
    <span style="background-color:yellow">highlighted text</span>

    Remove the underline from individual links by coding them like this: <a href="" style="text-decoration: none"></a>

    How do I get my links to light up when moused over? (see any link on this page)
    <style><!--a:hover{color:FF0033; }--></style>

    How so I get those cool scroll bar colors like a PLUS site? (see right scroll bar)
    <body style="scrollbar-track-color: red; scrollbar-face-color: black;">

    How do I make my background image fixed? Add this code on your page:
  • Organize your eteamz graphics, sounds, and files on your PC.
    Have you ever clicked the "browse" button to upload something from your PC to your eteamz site only to forget where it was? Or did you forget the file name?
    What can you do to avoid this trouble? One solution is to create an eteamz folder on your PC’s hard drive and then store all of your related files for your website within this folder.

    If you are using Windows: Right Click Start --> Click "Expore" -->

    Click on your hard drive (typically C:)-->

    Now from the tool bar select: File --> New --> Add folder -->

    Now name your folder "eteamz" then exit (X).

    You just created a easy to find "eteamz" folder on your hard drive

    Test it now. See if you can locate your new folder (look in: "C: ")

    Remember to save all your eteamz website related files in this folder. If you wish, you can even create separate sub-folders within your main eteamz folder by using the same above process. You could make one for photos, images, files, music, etc. Being organized will save you time.

    Here is another tip. When storing your eteamz files, rename them so you know exactly what they are. For example, if you have ever saved a "flamingtext" banner, the file name was probably something odd like "15323495.gif". To rename the file, simply "right click" the file, select "Rename" from the menu, then rename it to something like "ourbanner.gif" before uploading it to your site.

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