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What is JavaScript and DHTML?

Without getting technical, JavaScript and Dynamic HTML (DHTML) can be thought of as an extension to HTML that can also be used in a number of ways to spice up your page.

There are many sources for JavaScript & DHTML so we will not list all of the codes here. Below however, are links with the codes popular to eteamz webmasters.

  • The JavaScript Source - Hundreds of unique cut-and-paste scripts.

  • A1 JavaScripts - Hundreds of cut-and-paste scripts in many useful categories.

  • Dynamic Drive - The #1 DHTML "cut & paste" destination online .

  • Website Abstraction - Free JavaScripts & DHTML.

    Popular scripts used by eteamz webmasters are mouse trials, picture slide shows, and status bars scrolls. On the bottom of this page we have included the source and tips for these scripts. Usually the cut & paste scripts will come with easy to follow instructions. Sometimes however, setting up and running the scripts is not so easy. We will attempt to address those FAQ’s and problems on this page.

    How do I copy the script -- Simply highlight the code and then select "Copy" or "Cut" from your edit menu (PC -right click with mouse & select). Doing that will copy the highlighted script to your PC’s clipboard; it will stay there until you are ready to paste it. Please resist pasting the script into a HTML editor or word processor. Doing so may corrupt the script's code. If you do need to paste it somewhere for editing we recommend using a text editor like Windows "Notepad".      

    Where do I paste the script? -- Basically anywhere you can add text content to your site you can also add [paste] the script, but stick to adding the script into the larger text uploading boxes. Two places where these scripts can be entered are the welcome page uploading box and the "article" uploading area of a news story. Never paste your code into the one-line "headline" or "title" boxes as this could, at least temporarily, ruin your page display and even effect your Admin area. The online script should not take up any space except for what is displayed. Most of the script is simply hidden code instruction for your browser. Note that many of these cut & paste scripts will instruct you to paste it between the [body] tags. This works well because all the editable text areas on the eteamz site are between these tags.

    What if part of the script needs to be between the [head] tags? -- This might be a problem because eteamz webmaster do not have access to edit between the head tags. You can always experiment by trying to paste this portion also within your page. Sometimes the script will work anyway; if it doesn’t work try finding a similar script that doesn’t require head tag insertion.

    I tried to add two scripts on one page but now I get an error and/or one them won’t work! -- This is a common problem. Most of the time this caused by a conflict between the scripts. Ninety-five percent of the time it’s caused by a duplication of the "ONLOAD" event handler. Check it out! (Click Here!) for the fix!

    Some popular scripts used by eteamz webmasters:

    The Script Link
    Get Help
  • Elastic Mouse Trails
  • Get Script Help [Help]
  • Text Mouse Trail
  • Get Script Help [Help]
  • Conveyor Belt slideshow
  • Get Script Help [Help]
  • Blending Image Slideshow
  • Get Script Help [Help]
  • CometZone cursors
  • Get Script Help [Help]
  • Splash Welcome effect!
  • Get Script Help [Help]
  • News / Sports Ticker
  • Get Script Help [Help]
  • Fading Text scroller
  • Get Script Help [Help]
  • Classic Status Bar Scroll
  • Get Script Help [Help]
  • Simple Status Bar Scroller
  • Get Script Help [N/A]
  • Marquee Tips & Tricks
  • Get Script Help [N/A]

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