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  HTML Links  

Using HTML to create links
on your web pages.
HTML Links

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Preface:  It may be helpful to review HTML Basics before moving on to this page. All of the links here will be applied with an opening tag < > and a closing tag </a>. When you first enter your Admin section, scroll down to "Web Tools" on the right and click on Add a Web Link and Add an email Link. These are valuable programs that will automatically create links. The following info describes how to do the same thing manually, and after a bit of practice, you may even find that you can do it faster yourself.

On this page we will create sample links to the main eteamz site ( ) and to other areas of our member-support site ( ).
You can create links to other pages within the same site and to specific spots on those pages. You may link to other eteamz pages or to anywhere on the web. Even previously uploaded files and graphics may be displayed via a link from your site.
1)  <a href="">   ~   beginning tag - stands for Anchor Hypertext Reference
2)  The page URL   ~   where the link will take your viewer
3)  The online text   ~   words chosen by you that will be seen online   
4)  </a>   ~   ending tag - always used

Links to
a page
To use the elements above, we first need to know two things. Where do we want to send the viewer and what do we want our online text to say? The answer for us here is that we want to send the viewer to the eteamz home page and we want our online text to say Visit First, begin the link by typing:
<a href="">

Copy/paste the eteamz site URL into the beginning tag, between the quotation marks:
<a href="">

Add the ending tag after the beginning tag, to get:
<a href=""></a>

Finally, insert the online text in between the completed beginning tag and the ending tag. This is what will be uploaded:

<a href="">Visit</a>       Visit

Here is a link used within the text of a sentence, uploaded as:

To enjoy music on your site, <a href="">please review our music page</a>.

To enjoy music on your site, please review our music page.

The words in blue appear online, and are chosen by you.

Links to
a specific
spot on
a page
First, please click here. To target an exact spot on a page, you must apply an "anchor" to the spot where you want to go, and reference that anchor with your link. On our home page, right before the chat info, we entered our anchor as <a name="chat"></a> The link to that specific spot was entered and uploaded as:

First <a href="">please click here</a>.

The words in blue can be anything as long as the link and the anchor match.

Links to
files or
Linking to an uploaded file is also easy. In this example, we are linking to a file called ElasticTrailScript.htm, and it is done as:

<a href="">Elastic Trail Script</a>   Elastic Trail Script

Linking to a graphic named handshake_world.jpg ~ Uploaded as:

<a href="">Welcome</a>   Welcome

Note:  To link to files and graphics uploaded to your own site, the words in blue must exactly match your site name and file or graphic name.

To create a link to e-mail Larry and Dean at this site, add mailto: and the email address. It would be uploaded as

<a href="">Email us</a>    Email us

Again, the email address ( ) must be exact, while the words ( Email us ) may be anything.

Member-Support Tip
To see a few tips and suggestions on creating web links, please read this!

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