Medford Babe Ruth League: Spring Registration/ Eligibility

Spring Registration & Eligibility


SPRING REGISTRATION FEE:  $150 (check made payable to Medford Babe Ruth)   

LATE REGISTATION FEE:  $175 (after February 28th); Registering late does not guarantee a spot on a team


FYI: Registration checks may be deposited upon receipt but it is possible that your check may not be cashed until March 1st and that late registration checks may not be cashed until March 30th. A confirming email, which will include information about the tryout/evaluation, will be sent in the 1st week of March to all players registered by the  February 28th deadline.  Players who register late after the February 28th deadline also attend the tryout unless notified that your registration could not be accepted. Players may cancel their registration anytime before the team draft and receive a full refund.  No refunds can be issued to players who quit after the draft.  



For Paper form:  Click the Forms/Handouts link to the left to download the Registration form.  

2013 ELIGIBILITY: Any player born between May 1, 1997 and April 30, 2000 will be eligible for Babe Ruth 13 -15 year old League (Spring and Summer).  

Additional Eligibility Requirements:
If there 2 divisions then all incoming 13 year olds play their first year in the National League. After their first year they are eligible to tryout for the American League.  
All returning players and any new 14 & 15 year old Players may chose to play in the National League or try out for the American League.  All players (except those returning players who wish to remain in the National League) must attend the tryout/evaluation so that competitively matched teams can be selected in both leagues. 

If there are only enough players fewer than 10 teams then it is possible that there would be only 1 league and therefore all players will play in the same league.

Players that attend at least 50% of all regular season games are eligible for possible selection on a Babe Ruth All Star team.  Players that attend at least 50% of all regular season games and All-Star games if selected,  are eligible for possible selection on a Medford Babe Ruth summer Select Travel team competing in the Lou Tompkins All-Star Baseball League.

NOTE: Even if you are playing for your High School Freshmen team or in another league you should also register for Medford Babe Ruth so you can participate in the post season and summer baseball opportunities.  High School players can easily get in their 50% as most American League games are played on Saturday afternoon and Sunday and the Babe Ruth season continues after the High School season ends.  Also,  games are not scheduled at the same time as any Medford High School games.  Players should check with their High School coaches about any possible pitching restrictions.