Medford Babe Ruth League: Summer League

Monday, June 27
Click here for the Summer League web page and schedule.

For those players who want to continue enjoying the game during the summer but want their weekends free then the Medford Babe Ruth Summer League is for them.   2 games per week will be played on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights - no Friday or weekend games. There are no tryouts, all players age 12, 13, 14 or 15 on April 30 are eligible.  The cost is $75 for players registered for the spring season and $100 for new players.

Games are local with teams from Medford, Arlington, Winchester and Somerville.  Each team will play 2 - 3 games per week, for a total of about 12 - 15 games.   There is also a 1 game elimination playoff series.   The 1st game is planned for the last Monday in June.  The season (including playoffs) will end by the 2nd Thursday in August. 

For 2012 the summer league season kicked off with a free 4 day clinic conducted by David Valdez of the Valdez Academy at Barry Park from 12 - 2pm starting on Monday, June 25th. 

Note: See the "Select/Travel Teams" section of this website if you are interested in trying out for one of the highly competitive select travel teams that Medford Babe Ruth enters into the summer Tompkins All-Star Baseball League.