Medford Babe Ruth League: Code of Conduct

Friday, May 11
Sportsmanship Code of Babe Ruth


This year is dedicated to fair play, developing skills, teaching respect and love for the game of baseball, and always having a positive attitude.

Here are some simple rules to help make this year a success!

Players must be in full uniform for the game.   This includes hat, shirt pants, and socks.  Shirt are to be neatly tucked in always and hat are not to be worn askew.

No Jewlery – necklaces must be hidden by the uniform or removed. Earrings must be removed.  Stud earrings may be covered by a band-aid.

Any player, coach, parent or spectator that contributes negatively toward the Baseball program will be suspended.  This includes any negative verbal or non-verbal action against anyone in the Bade Ruth Program.

Swearing constitutes automatic suspension.

Depending on the severity of the offense, a hearing may result in a termination from the league.

Babe Ruth Baseball and coaches will not be responsible for players left at fields before or after games and scheduled practices or for transportation of players.   It is the parent's/guardian’s responsibility to provide timely transportation for the player.

Let's all work hard this year to insure that this season is nothing but a fun     experience for all our players and coaches.

Be a good sport !

Please sign below indicating that you will abide by this code of conduct, all rules of Babe Ruth and the local league and that you will uphold the Babe Ruth Sportmanship Code and the Babe Ruth Mission statement on the reverse and published on the Medford Babe Ruth website (

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Player                                                  Parent/guardian