Medford Babe Ruth League: Practice Schedule

Friday, May 18
Practice Schedule

Practice Field/time Reservation Schedule  (this is for coaches use - players should confirm practices with their coach)

All National League teams should schedule at least 2 afternoon or weeknight practices during April as well as on any weekend days without games April.  American League teams should schedule at least 1 practice each week in April. 

To schedule a practice time call Scott Dall @ 617-799-8329 or email him at .  These are filled on a first come / first serve basis starting on Friday's at 10 am for the following week through weekend. Most National League practices will be first booked at Barry Park.  Please keep your initial requests to 2 practices.  This ensures everyone gets a chance to book a field.  If by mid week there are still slot available, then you can book more than your initial two practices.



Day Date Time Playstead Hickey Morrison Barry Trum
Monday 5/21 5:30 JV Mets Cubs Astros @ Nationals  
Tuesday 5/22 5:30 Freshman     Braves @ Mets Cubs @ Nationals 6:30
Wednesday 5/23 5:30   Red Sox Cubs @ Astros  Nationals @ Mets  
Thursday 5/24 5:30   White Sox Astros Cubs  
Friday 5/25 5:30 Whitesox @ Angels Royals @ Rangers Royals @ Rangers Red Sox @ Orioles