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We are the Mean Machine - a competitive U8 girls soccer team currently playing league games with the North Mecklenburg Soccer Club in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area, just north of Charlotte. We also play some at Strikers Soccer Center in Huntersville and we are always looking for a good tournament to play in, especially if it's near the beach or the mountains!  We play Fall and Spring seasons each year, and usually play summer and winter soccer too.  We love playing soccer, having fun and winning games! We invite you to come check us out.



Before the Mean Machine started their first Academy season this Spring, the coaches, players and parents got together and recognized the team with some nice "bling" for the tremendous successes they worked hard to achieve over the last year. 

Playing an age group up in the Spring 2011 and then at their age in the Fall 2011 for their last recreational season, the Mean Machine won all of their games quite decisively - undefeated for all of 2011!  Between the Spring and Fall seasons, the Mean Machine won their second consecutive Gold Medal in the 2011 North Carolina State Games going undefeated against club teams including CASL, Twin Citys and other top club teams from across the state.  Following their 2011 Fall season, the ladies decided to play TWO AGE GROUPS UP in the Winter League U10 division at Strikers Soccer Center where they also went undefeated in league play and the playoffs to claim the U10 Strikers Winter League Championship as a U8 team!

The coaches are obviously quite proud of all that the team was able to accomplish in the way of results, but beyond that each girl's individual skillset also increased dramatically.  This was the most gratifying thing for the coaches and parents to witness and should have the girls well prepared to enter their first Academy season this Spring.  

Congratulations to all the Mean Machine ladies!  

New Team Endorser - The Most Interesting Man In The World!



The Mean Machine closed out a perfect Fall season with continued strong play, just as they exhibited in the Spring.  The girls' confidence on the ball and continued improvement in team play were quite remarkable to watch as the season progressed.  Most impressive, outside of the girls' individual skills, was the rapid growth the team experienced in the areas of spacing, passing and team play.  These traits are very hard to grasp and execute on the field at such a young age, but the Mean Machine played at a level years above their age group in this regard.

Many thanks to all of the players for their hard work as well as to their parents for near 100% attendance at all practices and games!  Congratulations to all on a job well done!  Most of the girls are playing winter soccer as well as random tournaments and camps before their Spring season officially begins in late January, which will surely again be fun to watch...


Mean Machine Working With Parisi Speed Training

In an effort to enhance the Mean Machine's performance on the soccer field, the team worked out recently with some highly trained instructors at Champions Sports Performance who teach the Parisi Speed and Agility Training System.  The system is designed to increase coordination, running technique, strength, first step quickness and flexibility while also helping prevent injury and gain self confidence. 

The team really enjoyed their first session with Coach Mary Kate who played college soccer at Holy Cross where she was a four year starter and team captain. She also has a Masters in Exercise Science.  Following the Fall season, the Mean Machine will look into the possibility of team training with Mary Kate.  All of the players and coaches greatly appreciate the opportunity to train using the Parisi system at Champions Sports Performance.    




The Mean Machine Board of Directors have unanimously approved a new bylaw which punishes negligent player parents in the area of improper hair restraint.  Failure to help your poor children manage their hair on the field will result in negligent parents being responsible for post game/tournament "refreshments" for all other parents.  Please help us keep an eye out for any offenders.  Another bylaw which may be administered in the near future with cold weather approaching is the allowing of your children to wear unzipped or improper coats (big down ski jackets) while they try to play soccer.  Any Mean Machine player spotted with improper hair restraint AND a big unzipped jacket simultaneously on the field will find their parents responsible for all costs associated with a big Mean Machine party at the end of the year!  

North Carolina State Games U7 Girls Champions!


On June 18 and 19 the Mean Machine competed in the North Carolina State Games at beautiful BB&T Soccer Park in Winston-Salem and came away with an undefeated 4-0 record and a gold medal finish.  It was the team’s second Gold Medal finish at the State Games in as many years! 

The State Games of North Carolina are North Carolina's largest Olympic-style amateur sports festival.  The Games are North Carolina's largest multi-sport festival and one of the largest State Games programs in the United States.  More than 13,000 athletes and 600+ teams competed in the 20+ sports of the XXV Powerade State Games of North Carolina. Patterned after the Olympic Games, State Games recognizes winners with gold, silver and bronze medals.  State Games is a member of the National Congress of State Games, an organization committed to the development of amateur sports and a member of the United States Olympic Committee.  The soccer portion of the State Games drew teams from the top clubs throughout the state ranging from 5 years old to an over 50 group. 

Style of play in the Mean Machine's U8 division was 4v4 with no goalies on fairly large fields, which enabled the girls to showcase their individual ability as well as team play.  In three games of pool play, the Mean Machine scored an incredible 19 goals, allowing only one, going undefeated against tournament teams from powerhouse clubs such as CASL in Raleigh, Twin City Youth Soccer Association in Winston Salem and PGSA in the Greenville area.  In the Gold Medal Game on Sunday, the Mean Machine ladies faced the very talented Winston-Salem Lady Twins, but dominated play and came away with a 6-1 win to claim their NC State Games gold medals!

All of the coaches are very proud not only for the girls' result, but even more so for how hard they played and how they came together as a team with much improved field spacing and passing as the tournament progressed.  The team recieved many compliments from both opposing coaches as well as State Games staff and referees, and they also displayed great sportsmanship over the course of a very fun weekend.  It was their first weekend "hotel" tournament and it proved to be a real blast for all of the players as well as their families.  There are lots of great shots in the "2011 NC State Games" album in the "Cool Mean Machine Photos" link to the upper left of this site.  Great job Mean Machine!


Proud To Be Awesome
Proud To Be Awesome!

Always On The Attack

Mean Machine Enjoys Fantastic Spring Season!   

The Mean Machine entered the Spring 2011 season knowing they would face some challenges against some very good competition.  Already a small group for their age, the U7 Mean Machine girls were playing up one year against U8 players who would certainly be bigger, faster and stronger across the board.  The U8 girls competition also had the advantage of playing a full prior season of 6v6 soccer with a goalie in the Fall that the Mean Machine ladies had yet to experience.  There were also no longer rules keeping the ball in play, so throw-ins, corner kicks and goal kicks would also be new to the team.  Despite all these challenges, the coaching staff felt like the girls' skillset was ready to handle the tougher competition and the girls were also ready to start learning more of the basic rules of play to expand their knowledge of the game.

The Mean Machine ladies are to be commended for not only stepping up to the task of tougher competition, but also for the immense amount of growth experienced over a few short months.  Initial practices and games were spent familiarizing the team with a new 2-1-2 formation and learning proper spacing on the field, which is no easy task at this young age.  Early games saw lots of positional instruction by the coaches, but by the season's end most of the players had a much better understanding of where to be on the field and, just as important, where not to be.  There was also a tremendous amount of growth in the very basic, but very important, areas of throw-ins, corner kicks and goal kicks.  Again, by season's end the team actually converted several corner kicks into beautiful one touch goals and on numerous occasions used effective and quickly executed throw ins to gain possession advantage and lead directly to goals and shots on goal.  The coaches could not be happier for how well the girls responded to such a demanding transition and for the intensity and aggressive attacking style the team continued to demonstrate against the older competition.  While results are not as important at this age, for the girls to finish the season with no losses and no ties is a tremendous accomplishment.  A larger accomplishment, however, is all of the team and individual growth that was experienced in what was not a tremendous amount of time.

Moving forward, the Mean Machine will try to stay active in many small sided tournaments over the summer.  For the Fall season, the team will go to two practices per week (second practice will be optional) with special emphasis on individual foot skills in one practice and more team oriented drills in the the other.  The experience gained this Spring will serve as a great building block fo the Fall.  Go Mean Machine!    


Mean Machine Past Tournaments and Team News

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Want to know more about the Mean Machine?  Just click on the "Mean Machine Past News" link on the upper left side of the home page and you will find news, pictures and stories on lots of the Mean Machine's past accomplishments.  You can also find lots of pictures of the team over the last several years in the "Cool Mean Machine Photos" section of the site.  That link is also on the upper left section of the home page. 

Meet Your Mean Machine Coaches and Players!


Want to know more about the Mean Machine?  There is lots of captivating information about both coaches and players in the "Meet Your Mean Machine" section of this website.  Just click the link on the upper left of this home page and discover fantastic tidbits of knowledge, many posted for the first time ever!

Which coach is originally from Uruguay?  Which coach was the placekicker for East Carolina in college as well as a 4A Soccer Player of the Year in high school?  What did Coach Jim put on top of his high school?

Which players are nicknamed Biscuit or Booger Butt?  Which player wants to be an ice cream person, a famous person or a doctor so they can take care of their mom and dad when they get old?  Which player DOES NOT want to be an archeologist who digs up nasty bones?  Which player also is a cheerleader?  Which player's mom likes to drink beer?

The answers to these questions, and many more, are just a click away in the "Meet Your Mean Machine" link on the upper left of this home page! 

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Mean Machine Soccer - Is There Anything More Fun?


....The kids on your team are 'feisty', while the kids on the opposing team are 'dirty'.

...You are happy to spend $100+ on soccer cleats, but are appalled when the materials for your child's science fair project costs over $20.

...Your kid takes a bloody wallop on the nose, and your first thought is that she needs to quit crying or be subbed because we're running out of time in the game.

...You drive home from the game complaining bitterly about the condition of the field and its adverse effect on your kid's game only to pull into your driveway and have your spouse point out the 14 inch high grass has not been mowed in 2 weeks

...When someone asks you how old your child is, you respond, "She's U7"

...On the rare weekend when your child does not have a game you look for something soccer related to do like going to the games of your friend's children.

...You have not celebrated your anniversary for 3 years because it always falls on a practice or game day.

...The mats on your car's rear floor are never free of dried grass and black turf pebbles.

...Your child's "good shoes" are her newest soccer cleats.

...You own a 2-year-old SUV with 182,000 original miles.