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Wednesday, July 9

The final State tournament was decided tonight.

Waldorf eliminated West Salisbury for the

Maryland State Junior League title.  



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Sunday, July 20
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Wednesday, March 26
Grafton Little League Honors One of Their Own

With a new Spring season getting underway soon, we are attempting to raise $50,000 for the Martin Richard Foundation. I’m rallying support from other Little League’s across Maryland. Would you please consider sending this email to other communities in District 6?


Martin Richard was the 8 year old boy from Dorchester, MA killed last year in the Boston Marathon bombings. Martin played for Savin Hill Little League and he loved baseball. His sister Jane lost a leg in the bombings, his mom Denise suffered severe hearing and sight loss and Martin’s dad suffered injuries to his legs and hearing loss. In January, 2014, the Richard family launched ‘The Martin Richard Foundation’ to honor Martin’s memory and to support athletic, educational and community endeavors. Personally, I am running the marathon this year to honor Martin and his family. My youngest son was the same age as Martin and we had 40 boys playing in GLL last year the same age as Martin. The tragedy struck a nerve with me and many others involved in Little League Baseball. You see, Grafton is only 45 miles away from Dorchester. The Boston Marathon is a big deal for the locals. We all have either run the marathon, know someone who ran it or have cheered on runners as innocent spectators. The Richard’s family were innocent spectators before their lives changed forever. It is why I’m doing what I can to help the family. I’m hoping your Little League’s in Maryland will get involved to help as well.


Grafton Little League is asking other Little League’s to help in 3 ways.


1.            Hold a moment of silence for Martin Richard at your Opening Day Parade. Then pass the hat at the parade asking parents and supporters to support the Martin Richard Foundation. Contact Bill Keeler, Grafton Little League President at 508 414-7755 with questions.

2.            Post a message on your league website pointing parents and supporters of your Little League to contribute a donation to the ‘YouGiving’ website that Grafton Little League has set up. We’re on our way with more than $14,500 already raised.

3.            Send an email to your league database asking parents to support your league’s effort to help raise monies for The Martin Richard Foundation. Use the link above in your communications. For those parents not wanting to make an online donation, checks can be written to: The Martin W Richard Foundation. Mail them to: c/o Grafton Little League, PO Box 471, North Grafton, MA 01536.


Little League International is supporting this fundraising effort and they wrote an article on the endeavor.


Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions and I hope your league will stand with Grafton Little League in raising monies in memory of Martin Richard.


Kind regards,



Bill Keeler


Grafton Little League

Grafton, Mass.

508 414-7755


Next Meeting of MD District 6 Leagues

The next meeting for the Board of Directors of MD District 6 will be:  

June 10, 2014

Please be in attendance VERY important meeting, All Star Tournamnet Bracket selection

 Questions or concerns should be addressed to Frankie Bennett, District Administrator.

Meeting will be at Easton Fire Dept. on Aurora Park Drive, Easton.

In the Bingo Room

At 6:00 PM


Saturday, January 14
Throat Guards are REQUIRED

Throat guards are Required for all Little League catchers during warm ups and play. It does not matter if the catchers mask is a conventional mask or a hockey style mask.

This is not an "All Star Rule" This is a COMPLETE SEASON LITTLE LEAGUE RULE.

No questions asked. see Little League rule 1.17, page 56

Handout: Catchers

Wednesday, October 30
Composit Bat Information

Little League is making frequent rule changes about composite bats and which ones are acceptable and which ones are not.

For the most current information list about bats please go to the link for Little League.


Before buying a bat for the 201314  season visit the Little League Official website