Maryland District 6: Welcome

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Wednesday, July 29

Thank you all that assisted with This season's District and State All Star Tournaments.

A new season starts today. Start to plan for the 2016 Little League season. 



2015 District 6  All Star Champions

Easton 9-10 Girls are 2015 Champions

Home Run Baker 11-12 Girls are 2015 Champions 

Dorchester Junior League Girls are 2015 Champions 

South Caroline 9-10 Boys are 2015 Champions 

Home Run Baker 10-11 Boys are 2015 Champions 

South Caroline 11-12 Boys are 2015 Champions

Kent Co. Intermediate Boys are 2015 Champions 

Talbot Junior League Boys are 2015 Champions 

Talbot Senior League Boys are the 2015 Champions


Sportsmanship starts at home.  

preview Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Maryland District 6 Leagues
Cambridge Little League     Caroline North Little League    
Denton Little League     Easton Little League    
Home Run Baker Little League     South Caroline Little League    
TriCity Little League    

Sunday, June 7
District 6 Tournament Brackets

District Tournament brackets are published on the District 6 All Star tab.

Sunday, July 20
Little League Regional Tournaments and Beyond


Follow teams from State Tournaments to Regional Tournaments and beyond on the

Little League World Series site.

Wednesday, June 3
2015 All Star Tournaments

Handout: 2015 All Stars at a Glance

Next Meeting of MD District 6 Leagues

The next meeting for the Board of Directors of MD District 6 will be:  

Sunday May 17 at Easton Firehouse 

Aurora Park Drive Station 


Saturday, January 14
Throat Guards are REQUIRED

Throat guards are Required for all Little League catchers during warm ups and play. It does not matter if the catchers mask is a conventional mask or a hockey style mask.

This is not an "All Star Rule" This is a COMPLETE SEASON LITTLE LEAGUE RULE.

No questions asked. see Little League rule 1.17, page 56

Handout: Catchers

Wednesday, October 30
Composit Bat Information

Little League is making frequent rule changes about composite bats and which ones are acceptable and which ones are not.

For the most current information list about bats please go to the link for Little League.


Before buying a bat for the 201314  season visit the Little League Official website