Maryland District 7: GIRLS SOFTBALL

Saturday, December 18
District 7 Little League Softballl

From the developmental Ponytail programs for girls 6 - 8, to the top level 14-18 year old Big League Softball program, Maryland District 7 is second to none the quality of our programs.


District 7 Little League Girls Softball has something to offer for all girls, regardless of skill level or experience.

 Our programs focus on the player and our goal is quality instruction in a kid friendly atmosphere.   

Ø  Tournament events throughout the season ranging from “Just 4 Fun” to highly competitive.

 Ø  All the benefits of Little League International and their partners-the largest youth sports organization in the world.

Ø  Affordable - Most leagues offer annual fees that are under $90 per participant. Multiple player discounts are also available to families.

Ø  Participation in Little League’s International Tournament- the largest youth softball elimination tournament in the world.

Ø  A winning tradition- Maryland District 7 is a 5 time Big League Softball World Champion





 Ponytail Softball- A Program For Beginners

    Ponytail Philosophy The specific purpose of the game of Ponytail Softball is to give girls, ages 6 – 8, a low-intensity introductory alternative to competitive fast-pitch. Emphasis is on building self-confidence, good sportsmanship, and providing instructional development of softball fundamentals: Throwing and Catching Fielding Batting Base Running & Sliding Base Coaching The Pitcher and Catcher’s Roles The goal is to maximize opportunity for personal experience and learning through instruction. While instilling a will to win is a necessary element of the game, it should NOT override the instructional element of the game. The dropout rate in youth sports is about six times higher for girls than for boys, the Women's Sports Foundation reports. According to the Youth Sports Institute at Michigan State University, the top reasons for dropping out of a sport include "no longer fun," "the coach played favorites," and "too much pressure." The number one reason girls participate in sports is "to have fun." Other reasons include "to do something I'm good at," "to stay in shape" and "to improve my skills." Ponytail softball’s overriding philosophy is to make the experience a positive one and to keep the game fun while teaching girls the fundamentals of the sport. The goal is to provide an experience that is both instructional and family-friendly recreation at the same time. This approach, combined with “everybody plays rules,” allows children to shine as individuals. Participants gain the basic tools and self-confidence to excel on an individual level while also building a sense of teamwork, community and camaraderie that will stay with and strengthen them and American society throughout their lives. Success in ponytail softball is measured simply by whether, at the end of the season, a player enjoyed the experience such that she wants to continue playing softball—either recreationally in slow-pitch or at a higher competitive fast-pitch level.