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Thursday, April 16
Thanks for Using Our 2015 Site

 Again this year we are posting the District 8 Tournament Rules and Guidelines. Hopefully, they will give the fans more understanding as to why teams travel or not, and what we District Representitives expect to find when we show up at a tournament site. Our goal is always to send the best team to the next level, as safely as possible, within the Little League rules. Go to the handouts section to download the word document.

If you find any mistakes or have any questions a nice email would be appreciated.

Be advised that tournament schedules can change right up to the start of the tournament! Little League Inc. MANDATES that we accept changes up to the last minute. Do not blame the District staff if you get it wrong because you didn't keep checking!

Thursday, April 16

2015 Major Baseball Pool Play 

 Note: Ties in pool play are broken by first, head to head, and second by runs allowed per defensive inning.

After the sem-final round, the flip for host team will be called by the participant which has the lowest number of runs allowed per defensive inning.

Pool A

Team W L RA DI
Berlin   0  0  0  0
  0  0   0  0
 0  0   0  0
Willards                   0  0   0  0

Pool B

Team W L RA DI
Somerset  0  0  0
East Wicomico
 0  0
Pocomoke/SnowHill  0  0  0  0
West Salisbury  0  0  0  0






Thursday, April 16

2015 9-10 Baseball Pool Play 

Note: Ties in pool play are broken by first, head to head, and second by runs allowed per defensive inning.

After the sem-final round, the flip for host team will be called by the participant which has the lowest number of runs allowed per defensive inning.

Pool A

Team W L RA DI
West Salisbury
Snow Hill
East Wicomico

Pool B
Team W L RA DI

W = Games won

L = Games Lost

DI = Defensive Innings  1 to 4 = Finals flip order

RA = Runs Against



Tuesday, July 17
Check out this Site
This is a great site for Major League Tournament history as well as the present tournaments in progress.

Personal Note

As some of you know,  and many do not, my wife Patty, formally Assistant District Administrator for Little League Baseball  was inducted into the Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame in November of 2009.  To my knowledge she is the first purely Little League person to be so honored.  She was asked to provide a resume and I have posted it in the General handouts section. If you have a few minutes, take the time to read it. There was little news coverage, but we are all very proud of her.

Tuesday, July 13
What Little League should be about

Patty recieved the following email this morning and I reprint it here with the permission of the author. We should all be reminded about what is important.

Good Morning Patty: I just wanted to let everyone know at District 8 that when our team played in the Tournament of Champions against Delmar at the last game it was the most rewarding Little League Game that I think I have ever watched.  This spring I read a lot of negative comments about the teams and their coaches in the Salisbury area and basically how they like to “pick and choose” their players with the idea that winning at all costs is all that is important.   As you are aware, the Delmar team has a child that is mentally challenged.   My son was the one that was pitching to him when he got hit.   It was so rewarding to see that child get on base, do his cart wheel to second base and to see BOTH sides in the stands cheer for him when he came home.  It was overwhelming and I do not think that there was hardly a dry eye on either side.   That truly is what Little League is all about.   My husband has been a coach in Little League in Snow Hill for 12 years and to this day I have never seen him get obnoxious, overbearing or scream at another coach or umpire and to be honest he takes a lot of heat for it from some of the parents.   His Father was Athletic Director for Sports in Worcester County before he passed away 20 years ago and John always said that his Dad taught him above all SPORTSMANSHIP.    I wish that the entire District 8 teams and coaches could have been present at the Snow Hill/Delmar game to witness the true meaning of Sportsmanship.  It is a game that I will never forget. Faith Coleman – SafetySnow Hill Little League


Wednesday, July 17
Something Nice

The following email was recieved from the Delmar 9-10 Softball Manager.

From: "William \"BJ\" Hughes" To: "SHAWN JOHNSON" , "Jim Robinson (" Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 8:09:09 AM

Subject: Great Act of Kindness and Class!

Wanted to let you both know that the Sharpsburg Coaches (Jim Roupe, Buck Waters, Coach Griffith) displayed a great act of kindness and class after our game last night.

Jim Roupe approached me after the game to see if it would be alright for them to give our girls a District 1 Pin. I said sure. Buck Waters lined up the Sharpsburg girls on the 1st base side foul line and Delmar lined up on the 3rd base foul line.

Buck introduced his players one-by-one and they each gave a pin to our players and wished them good luck.

Although some of the Sharpsburg fans were rude and disrespectful to Angie throughout the game – I felt that it was necessary and appropriate to share what the coaches did after the game.

I met Buck and Jim last year when I travelled to Sharpsburg – they were classy then and classy last night – they are great guys!


Thursday, June 19
2014 Winners

Tournament of Champions  Princess Anne Deal Island Lions

9-10 Baseball   Berlin  Maryland State Champions 

9-10 Softball   Delmar

10-11 Baseball   West Salisbury

Major Baseball   West Salisbury Maryland State Champions 

Major Softball  Delmar    Maryland State Champions

Intermediate Baseball   Berlin    Maryland State Champions East Region Champions

Junior Baseball  West Salisbury

Junior Softball

Senior Baseball  West Salisbury  Maryland State Champions 

Big League Baseball  Maryland State Champions 

Monday, June 24
2013 Winners

Tournament of Champions - West Salisbury Pemberton Pharmacy

9-10 Baseball------------Delmar Maryland State Champions

9-10 Softball--------------Delmar

10-11 Baseball-----------West Salisbury Maryland State Champions

Major Baseball----------Berlin

Major Softball------------Delmar

Junior Baseball------------West Salisbury

Senior Baseball------------Pocomoke


Friday, July 27
2012 Winners
Tournament of Champions  Berlin
9-10--------------- West Salisbury
10-11 -------------  Berlin                 Won Maryland State Championship
11-12 Majors-------- West Salisbury      Won Maryland State Championship
Junior League-------- Berlin
Senior League--------  West Salisbury    
District 8 Big League                       Maryland State Champions
9-10--------------- Delmar
11-12 Majors-------- Delmar

2011 Winners
Tournament of Champions  West Salisbury
9-10---------------  Berlin   (Won Maryland State
10-11 -------------  West Salisbury
11-12 Majors--------  West Salisbury
Junior League--------  West Salisbury
Senior League--------  West Salisbury
9-10--------------- Delmar  (Default)
11-12 Majors-------- Delmar  

2010 Winners
Tournament of Champions  Delmar Stateline Plumbing
9-10--------------- West Salisbury
10-11 -------------  Delmar, Won Maryland State
11-12 Majors--------  Berlin
Junior League--------  West Salisbury
Senior League--------  Delmar

2009 Winners
Tournament of Champions  West Salisbury Queen City
9-10---------------  West Salisbury
10-11 -------------  West Salisbury 
11-12 Majors-------- West Salisbury 
Junior League-------- West Salisbury
Senior League-------- West Salisbury 

2008 Winners
9-10 Lower Shore (Crisfield-Princess Anne)
Major Delmar
9-10 West Salisbury
10-11 West Salisbury
Majors Fruitland
Juniors Delmar
Seniors West Salisbury
Tournament of Champions
West Salisbury Elks


2007 Winners

Tournament of Champions West Salisbury Elks
9-10's Berlin
11's West Salisbury
Majors West Salisbury, Won Maryland State, Won Mid-Atlantic      Juniors West Salisbury
Seniors Delmar