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Friday, July 14
Junior League Postponed

Junior Legue between Snow Hill Pocomoke and West Salisbury postponed until 7/15 with SH/P leading 3 to 0 in the 5th inning.

The game will be finished at 6:00 PM at Pocomoke  Saturday 7/15/17.

Friday, May 12
Thanks for Using Our 2017 Site

 Again this year we are posting the District 8 Tournament Rules and Guidelines. Hopefully, they will give the fans more understanding as to why teams travel or not, and what we District Representitives expect to find when we show up at a tournament site. Our goal is always to send the best team to the next level, as safely as possible, within the Little League rules. Go to the handouts section to download the word document.

If you find any mistakes or have any questions a nice email would be appreciated.

Be advised that tournament schedules can change right up to the start of the tournament!

Little League Inc. MANDATES that we accept changes up to the last minute.

Do not blame the District staff if you get it wrong because you didn't keep checking!

Thursday, June 11
A Piece of the Puzzle
Our two grandsons and granddaughter-in-law recently took on the challenge of coaching a t-ball team of 4-6 year olds in 
Delmar.  They had some frustrating times especially in getting other parents to fulfill the required concession stand duty, but they
 persevered and worked very hard to give their charges the best experience they could provide. This is what one of their parents 
wrote and it made them feel that their efforts were noticed and appreciated. This is what Little League is all about.
 "Thank you for your sweet dedication and love you give to our children. Loving ones, loud ones, quiet ones, hard headed ones
 and shy ones. You help form a puzzle piece for their future. You are to be commended. :" 
 Let's all resolve to be a positive puzzle piece in the lives of these kids.

Tuesday, July 17
Check out this Site
This is a great site for Major League Tournament history as well as the present tournaments in progress.

Wednesday, June 28
2017 Winners
9-10 Baseball - Fruitland     Maryland State Champions

10-11 Baseball -  Berlin    Maryland State Champions

Major Baseball - Berlin

Intermediate Baseball - Berlin

Junior Baseball - Delmar

Senior Baseball - Berlin    Maryland State Champions

 9-10 Softball -  Berlin

Major Softball  - Delmar   Maryland State Champions

Personal Note

As some of you know,  and many do not, my wife Patty, formally Assistant District Administrator for Little League Baseball  was inducted into the Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame in November of 2009.  To my knowledge she is the first purely Little League person to be so honored.  She was asked to provide a resume and I have posted it in the General handouts section. If you have a few minutes, take the time to read it. There was little news coverage, but we are all very proud of her.

Sunday, July 10
2016 Winners

Tournament of Champions - Berlin Tigers (AJ Future Financial Planners  Sponsor)

9-10 Baseball - Fruitland

10-11 Baseball - Berlin

Major Baseball - Delmar

Intermediate Baseball - Delmar - Maryland Champions 

Junior Baseball - West Salisbury - Maryland Champions    Eastern Region Champions 

Senior Baseball - Berlin - Maryland Champions


9-10 Softball - Delmar

Major Softball  - Delmar

Sunday, June 21
2015 Winners
Tournament of Champions  Delmar Lions Club

9-10 Baseball    Berlin

9-10 Softball  Delmar

10-11 Baseball  Delmar   Maryland State Champions

Major Baseball   Delmar   Maryland State Champions

Major Softball   Delmar

Intermediate  West Salisbury   Maryland State Champions

Junior Baseball  West Salisbury  Maryland State Champions 

Junior Softball  Delmar

Senior Baseball   Delmar

Thursday, June 19
2014 Winners

Tournament of Champions  Princess Anne Deal Island Lions

9-10 Baseball   Berlin  Maryland State Champions 

9-10 Softball   Delmar

10-11 Baseball   West Salisbury

Major Baseball   West Salisbury Maryland State Champions 

Major Softball  Delmar    Maryland State Champions

Intermediate Baseball   Berlin    Maryland State Champions East Region Champions

Junior Baseball  West Salisbury

Junior Softball

Senior Baseball  West Salisbury  Maryland State Champions 

Big League Baseball  Maryland State Champions 

Monday, June 24
2013 Winners
Tournament of Champions - West Salisbury Pemberton Pharmacy

9-10 Baseball------------Delmar Maryland State Champions

9-10 Softball--------------Delmar

10-11 Baseball-----------West Salisbury Maryland State Champions

Major Baseball-----------Berlin

Major Softball------------Delmar

Junior Baseball------------West Salisbury

Senior Baseball------------Pocomoke


Friday, July 27
2012 Winners
Tournament of Champions  Berlin
9-10--------------- West Salisbury
10-11 -------------  Berlin                    Won Maryland State Championship
11-12 Majors-------- West Salisbury      Won Maryland State Championship
Junior League-------- Berlin
Senior League--------  West Salisbury    
District 8 Big League                       Maryland State Champions
9-10--------------- Delmar
11-12 Majors-------- Delmar

2011 Winners
Tournament of Champions  West Salisbury
9-10---------------  Berlin   (Won Maryland State
10-11 -------------  West Salisbury
11-12 Majors--------  West Salisbury
Junior League--------  West Salisbury
Senior League--------  West Salisbury
9-10--------------- Delmar  (Default)
11-12 Majors-------- Delmar  

2010 Winners
Tournament of Champions  Delmar Stateline Plumbing
9-10--------------- West Salisbury
10-11 -------------  Delmar, Won Maryland State
11-12 Majors--------  Berlin
Junior League--------  West Salisbury
Senior League--------  Delmar

2007 Winners

Tournament of Champions West Salisbury Elks
9-10's Berlin
11's West Salisbury
Majors West Salisbury, Won Maryland State, Won Mid-Atlantic      Juniors West Salisbury
Seniors Delmar

2009 Winners
Tournament of Champions  West Salisbury Queen City
9-10---------------  West Salisbury
10-11 -------------  West Salisbury 
11-12 Majors-------- West Salisbury 
Junior League-------- West Salisbury
Senior League-------- West Salisbury 

2008 Winners
9-10 Lower Shore (Crisfield-Princess Anne)
Major Delmar
9-10 West Salisbury
10-11 West Salisbury
Majors Fruitland
Juniors Delmar
Seniors West Salisbury
Tournament of Champions
West Salisbury Elks