McHenry County Soccer Referee Association: Monthly Quizes

Saturday, June 30
Monthly Quizes from SoccerRefereeUSA.COM

Every month starting September,2012 there will be a quiz for all MCSRA members.  This quiz is in conjuction with the website SOCCERREFEREEUSA.COM.  MCSRA members will need to register with soccerrefereeusa in order to take these monthly quizzes.  You will also need a special MCSRA password in order to take the quizzes.  Your special MCSRA password will be in the assignment letter sent out before the fall season.  You can also email me at asking for the password and I will send it to you.

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Friday, March 5

Was this a goal? If not, what should the restart be?  Could there be more than one answer to the restart?  What other info is needed to determine restart?  Send your answers to:

preview wind scores goal

Wednesday, May 21

Please view the attached clip.  What would you have done?

EMAIL your answer to REF BOB

preview FOUL-FAIR

Thursday, April 6
What a GOAL (or was it?)
Please view the attached clip. What would you have done?

EMAIL your answer to Ref Bob

preview Goal?