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Tuesday, April 22
Severe Food Allergies

Please keep Food Allergies in mind when bringing snacks to games.  We currently have several players in our club that have a Severe Food Allergy to Peanuts/Tree Nuts.  Here are several links with information about food allergies and safe snack guides.

Please keep in mind that food eaten prior to or on the way to soccer can transfer allergens.  Food on hands, face or clothes is a potential for transfer.  Please wash hands and face with soap and water for prevention.  Please keep everyones safety in mind.

Friday, July 22
Goal Safety

Referee Assignors & All WVSA Clubs Please Take A Moment To Read And Always Follow these tips on Goal Safety.;photovideo

Friday, July 22
Lightning Safety Information!!!!
Please Review this Article from the NH UnionLeader.

Friday, July 22
Concussion Awareness Information for WVSA Clubs
Here is a link to a Concussion Awareness Program. Click
around on it, and you can download the program too.

Friday, January 11
What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent -- And What Makes A Great One
Click the link above for a great article.  Which one are you?

Saturday, July 18
Marshall County Soccer Club, Moundsville, WV

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