Martin County North Little League: Parents Info

MCNLL Code of Conduct

The goal of the Martin County North Little League is to make the game of baseball and softball fun for players of all ages. Therefore, it is imperative that players, coaches, parents, families, spectators, and umpires conduct themselves with the highest degree of sportsmanship.

To facilitate this objective, MCNLL has implemented a Code of Conduct for all groups. Specifically, everyone associated with our Little League program will be expected to promote a constructive and positive atmosphere both on and off the field. While is it understandable that competition can and will breed excitement and high emotion, the MCNLL board believes that spirited competition can be experienced without a “win at all cost” mentality.

Nevertheless, for those who cannot play, coach, or observe within the spirit of our rules, the following Code of Conduct will be enforced by the Board of Directors. The Code of Conduct below sets forth the minimum standards of discipline for the operation of the league. MCNLL retains the right, through its Board of Directors, to determine if additional penalties are warranted.

In addition, if a code violation occurs during a game played without game officials (i.e., umpires), MCNLL will conduct an investigation and determine the appropriate discipline.

For additional information, please visit the 2013 Policies & Procedures

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