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  • Volunteer photographs will be taken at the evaluations. 
  • All volunteers MUSTfill out a volunteer application which is available on the website; include your social security number on the application; and provide a copy of the drivers license. 


This information is required by Little League before a background check can be done. If these three things are not done, a background check will not be done therefore you cannot be on the field.

Individuals that indicated that they wish to volunteer during on line registration must forward the above information as well. It can be sent via email; mailed to the PO Box; or dropped off at evaluations.




Martin County North Little League PO Box 857 Palm City, FL 34991

Handout: Volunteer Application

Little League International located in Williamsport, PA requires all regular volunteer or volunteers with access to the players to complete the Little League Volunteer Application Form. Some level of background check will be conducted on all of these volunteers. These volunteers include league directors, managers, coaches, umpires, youth volunteers or anyone allowed in the dugout. This requirement does not apply to parents who are only serving their team responsibility in the concession stand.

Working Concession Stand
The Concession stands at the parks are an important source of revenue for MCNLL.   All parents are required to assist with running the concession stand.
Please find below important information regarding the concession stand.

1.      You will need to arrive at the concession stand at least 30 minutes before the game. During this time, please read the food preparation instructions posted on the wall. New items may be added throughout the season, so please familiarize yourself with them each time you have concession duty.

2.      The concession stand will be open for all games. Only umpires and district personnel eat and drink for free.

3.      The home teams playing will open the concession stand and provide 2 parents each to work the entire game. If the person who is to work the game after you has not arrived at the stand, please wait until they do arrive. Never leave the concession stand unattended!

4.      The concession stand will be unlocked by an MCN Board of Directors member.

5.      Only certified youth volunteers 13 and older are permitted in the concession stand, and ONLY  to do jobs such as restock coolers or wrap food.This means no other children are allowed in the concession stand. No youth volunteers under age 18 are allowed to work the grill, handle money, or  sell food at the window.

6.      Leave the concession stand neat and clean after every game. Stock all coolers at the end of the day (and as needed during games, always moving the cold drinks to the front and the warmer ones to the back). Make sure all appliances are unplugged.
  **Every effort has been made to ensure that you can watch your child play if you have concession duty. For example, if your team is playing on field 2 at Sailfish Park, your parents will man the grill. If you are on the tee ball field or field 4, your parents work the window.
   ** Justin Wilson Memorial Park field 3 is not visible from the concession stand. If your game is on field 3, your parents will assist with the opening and closing of the concession. They should report to the concession stand 30 minutes prior to their game time. They may leave when their child’s game starts, but they must remember to return after the game to help clean up.

ID Badges

Martin County North Little League will continue its ID Badge program.

All on field volunteers will be required to wear an ID Badge. This includes all managers, coaches, assistant coaches, volunteer umpires and team parents (who will be in the dugout).

The badge shows that you have a current background check on file.

Volunteer application submission and photo taking for ID badges will be available on all registration dates. ID badge distribution dates will be announced. (The first badge will be free, additional/ replacement badges will cost $5 per badge.)

Wearing an ID badge will be mandatory for anyone in direct contact with players on or off of the field.

There will be no excuses for forgotten badges.

Volunteers will now:

• Fill out a volunteer form, including a copy of driver’s license.

• Have a digital photo taken- to be used on ID badge.

• When background check comes back, ID badge will be issued.

• ID Badge must be clipped to outermost shirt (front or back) and must be visible at all times when in contact with players or on the field.


For questions or concerns, contact Kevin O’Sullivan at

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