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Sunday, March 16
Composite Bat Policy

District 33 Composite Bat Policy

As each of you are aware Little League Baseball in September and December of 2010 issued a moratorium on the use of composite bats in the Little League (Majors) Division and all other baseball divisions of Little League.  Complete information on this moratorium can be viewed at

More information can be found at 

In District 33, the safety of our players and all other participants is paramount.  With this said each the umpires must perform a complete inspection of equipment which could potentially be used during the course of the game.  This check should include all helmets and bats.  Catcher's equipment should also be inspected.  Below is the policy we have established for enforcement of the composite bat moratorium for all games played within District 33. 

"The policy for the composite bat moratorium for all games, practice, regular season and post season, played in District 33 will be to have the manager or player provide the umpire inspecting the equipment written verification from the Little League website (for any bat that appears to the umpire to be a composite bat) that the bat in question has received a waiver and been approved for use in a baseball division of Little League Baseball.  The inability of the manager or player to provide written verification of the waiver being granted, by Little League Baseball, for the bat in question will force its removal from the game." 

One note: The moratorium on composite bats only applies to composite-barreled bats. Bats that have only a metal/alloy in the barrel (and no other material, unless it is in the end cap of the bat) are not subject to the moratorium, regardless of the composition of the handle.

Of course, playing Rule 1.0 provides all of the details for approved length and diameter for each division of Little League Baseball for bats. Each umpire, manager and coach and Board Member should take time to review and understand all of the information contained on the Little League website pertaining to composite bats. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.