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Monday, November 12


Friday, September 7
San Diego Padres to Renovate Little Damato Field

San Diego Padres Make Renovations to Little Damato. Field Closed till mid-December.           
Date: September 10, 2012 - Mid-December

Location: Little Damato Field

Murphy Canyon Little League is excited as the San Diego Padres Community Relations Department, with assistance from Bank of America, begin renovating Little Damato Field.

Please check back often for some "before" and "after" shots...




Look at these rocks taken from Little Damato Field!!!

Major amounts of dirt being moved around... 



 After Shots...





The new and improved Little Damato!!!

Thursday, October 11
Check out some AWESOME new renovations around MCLL!

New Double Doors on Orleck Shed

New Double Doors on Orleck Shed

New Hand Dryers & Soap Dispensers At Santo Field

New Hand Dryers & Soap Dispensers At Santo Men's and Women's Bathrooms

New Light On Flag Pole At Big Damato

New Light On Flag Pole at Big Damato


 New Hand Dryers that work super well. Also new Soap Dispensers at Little Damato.


Sunday, September 2
Thank you USS Thatch CPO Selects for Painting Snack Bar at Santo Field

Wednesday, August 29
2012 August Freshly Painted Dugouts @ Big Damato - Thank You MCAS Miramar Marines!




Saturday, August 11
With the help of Lincoln Military Housing and our MCLL familes, we have been hard at work improving the fields for our MCLL players!

With Help from Lincoln Military Housing and many other Volunteers. We have been hard at work improving our Fields at MCLL.

 Thanks to COMLCSRON ONE CPO Selects for the Hard Work at our Field Aug 11-12.

CPO Selects

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