Murphy Canyon Little League: For Parents & Volunteers

Board of Directors Needed!


The Murphy Canyon Little League Board of Directors at Murphy Canyon Little League are looking for individuals interested in getting involved and volunteering for the 2014-2015 Season. 

If you would like to join the Murphy Canyon Little League Board of Directors please email today.  If you are looking at a way to get involved with a community organization or give back to the youth of the community this is a great chance to do just that. 

We would love to have you on our Board of Directors. 

 Come tell us what position you'd like to fill.   

Sponsorship Coordinator  /   Field Manager  /  Safety Officer

Player Agents / Head Scorekeeper / Equipment Manager

2014/2015 Board of Directors

President - Charles Lundin

Vice President of Operations - Morgan Tessman 

Vice President of Baseball - Bryan Crews  

Secretary - Michelle Hagge  

Treasurer - Kayla Dykes

Information Officer - Robin LaPeters  

Umpire in Chief - Shawn Hutchison

League Scheduler - Tim LaPeters

Volunteer Coordinator - Carrie Mullinax

Auxiliary Coordinator - Paige Paschall and Nakita Harrod

Head Concessionaire - Tracy Berkland

Player Agent - George Watson

6pm on October 8th @ Santo Clubhouse 

Wednesday, March 12

2014 Volunteer Tracking Summary 


To view your current summary of volunteer hours, which we accumulate from the pink binders, please copy and paste the below address into your web browswer.  We will do our best to keep this as up to date as possible.  Please keep a personal log of your hours also. 

Volunteer Tracker  

Instructions for Creating Your Personal Google Calendar

It has never been easier to keep track of all your important appointments and events. The Google Calendar can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. You can set it up to send notifications of appointments and events to your email and cell phone.  With just a few clicks, you can add events from other calendars to your personal calendar. Many schools and organizations are now listing their own Google Calendars on their websites. Calendars can be customized to fit your needs.  Some of the highlights are:

  • Calendar view (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Color code events from other calendars. If you have multiple calendars linking to yours, you can color code the events so you know which calendar they are originally from.
  • You can set up to have notifications of events sent to your email and cell phone.
  • You can subscribe to other (organizations, schools, and people) calendars and the information posted on that calendar automatically updates your calendar.
  • If you are on a website and they have a Google Calendar, you can click on an event that interests you and it will automatically give you the option to “Copy to my calendar”. Click on the link and it automatically posts to your calendar.
  • If you chose, your calendar can be shared with others or embedded on your personal website.

 Step by step instructions to register for your own calendar

1. From the calendar page of our website, click on the “Sign Up Today” link or the “Google Calendar” button located on the page.

2.  Click on the “Create an account” button.

3. Fill in all of the required information on the page. You are able to use your current email address for your account. You are not required to have a Gmail account. Click the “I accept create my account” button at the bottom of the page.

4. Check your email and click on the link to verify your account.

5. Click on the link for “Google Home

6. In the top right hand corner, click on the “My Account” link.

7.  Click on the link “Calendar” that is about half way down the page.

8. The next screen should show your new calendar.  

Set up your calendar 

In the top right hand corner, you can click on the “Settings” link to set up your preferences. There are multiple tabs available.    

In addition, on the right hand side, in the middle of the page, you will see a box that says “My Calendars” If you click on the arrow a drop down menu appears. The “Calendar Settings” link will allow you to customize the information available on your calendar.  You can also set up who you want to share the calendar with. As well as how you would like to be notified (email, text or computer pop-ups) of upcoming appointments and events.

Subscribe to MCLL calendar for events

On the left hand side under the “Other Calendars” tab, there is a box that says “Add a friend’s calendar”. Type in All scheduled events should appear on your calendar.

Add Only Specific Events

You have the option of only adding specific MCLL events to your calendar.  If you click on the event that interests you, a box will pop up. In the box there will be the option to “Add to my calendar”. Click on it and Google will automatically update your calendar.There are many more options to explore. Take some time and familiarize yourself with all that Google Calendar has to offer.

No Smoking

within 50 feet of the fields 

Please Smoke in the designated areas 


Leave Your Pets at Home!

There are NO PETS allowed at the fields!

Please do not bring your pets to the fields during practice, games and events. For the safety of our players, parents and volunteers, you will be asked to remove them from the premises.  

MCLL Volunteer Badges  

Are the volunteers working on the field with your children cleared through MCLL?

ALL MCLL Volunteers regardless of what position they hold, are required to have a VISIBLE badge (attached to clothing) while on the field, in the dugout, in the scorebooth or in the concession stand.

If you do not see a badge, you have the right to ask to see it.  (That includes board members, managers, coaches, etc.)

If they don't have one to show you, you have the right to ask them to leave the field or you may contact a board member immediately to report it.


With everyone's help, we can make MCLL a safe place to play!

 *Parents and Volunteers* 

Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

 We want you and/or your child to have the best experience possible with Murphy Canyon Little League.  Please let us know how we can make this happen or let us know who we can commend for a job well done.  We cannot promise that your recommendations can take effect this season but your suggestions may help next year.

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