Vanguard Justice Society

The Vanguard Justice Society is a non-profit organization based in Baltimore, Maryland representing the Baltimore Police Department's African American police officers. Founded in 1971,[1] the organization's goals include-

The promotion of Justice, Fairness and Effectiveness is Law Enforcement and the legality of action taken.
To establish and maintain positive relations between the police and the community.
To educate police officers so that we perform with professionalism, pride and sensitivity.
To aid in the enlistment of qualified African Americans into the Law Enforcement profession.[2]
The organization is currently ran by Lt. Colonel Rick Hite,[3] commander of the department's Youth Services Division.[4]

Young Leaders Corporate Productions

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Our vision is for CIMG to emerge as a leader in residential multi-family real estate development, with a focus on both new and rehabilitation projects. We will strive to be recognized as a firm that provides an unparalleled housing product.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a real estate development and management company that achieves a significant presence in the Mid-Atlantic region. In order to reach this goal, CIMG will work to anticipate future growth opportunities, respond quickly to changing markets, and employ a corporate standard commensurate with that of the most preeminent development companies.

The 7 Values of Successful Real Estate Development

• Integrity
• Work Ethic
• Attitude
• Relationships
• Communication
• Management
• Creativity

Our Focus Area

The Baltimore/Washington D.C. metro region is an area that has shown, and continues to show, tremendous growth potential. The market is bustling with young professionals, families, and elderly who seek contemporary housing in a culturally and historically rich environment. In the future, CIMG seeks to expand by developing and rehabilitating residential properties in other areas of the Mid-Atlantic region.
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