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McCurtain County Soccer Club: FAQ  

McCurtain County Soccer Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is registration?
A. As of 01/01/2013 Membership is $40.00.

Q. What is this money used for?
A. The players team uniform, insurance and Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA) dues, account for most of this fee. The remainder is filtered back into the club for field maintenance and equipment etc.

Q. Is this fee refundable if my child decides not to play after all?
A. Once uniforms are ordered, this fee is non-refundable.

Q. Does the MCSC have paid employees?
A. No. The MCSC is an all volunteer organization.

Q. Are the MCSC Game Offials paid?
A. No. The MCSC referees and assistant referees all donate their time to the club.

Q. Are the MCSC Referees qualified?
A. Yes. The MCSC uses either currently licensed Level 08 or Level 09 United States Soccer Federation referees.

Q. Can I review the current financial status of the MCSC?
A. Yes. MCSC financial disclosures are regularly updated and are available to either view or download in the "Files" section.

Q. What ages may register?
A. From 4yrs old up to 12yrs old. Registration open to all boys & girls who turned four years of age before July 1st the previous year, and were eleven years of age before July 1st the previous year.

Q. What ages will the other players be in my childs division?
A. U6 4,5yr olds.   U8 6,7yr olds.   U10 8,9yr olds.   U12 10,11yr olds.

Q. My child is big for his/her age, and an experienced player. Can I move him/her up a division?
A. If a parent asks for their child be moved up, the board shall consider this request and decide after reviewing all the facts.

Q. My child is small for his/her age, may I move him/her down a division?
A. Players may not be moved down.

Q. I would like to coach a team, but have no experience. Is this a problem?
A. All applications for team coach are carefully reviewed by the board, with the most appropriate eventually chosen. Experience is only one of many factors considered.

Q. Why must I fill out a Volunteer Disclosure Form before I can coach?
A. Not only coaches, but also assistant coaches, game officials, board officers and all other helpers must complete this form. Volunteer background checks ensure that the MCSC's young members are able to play soccer in the safest environment possible.

Q. My child loves to play soccer, but is not very accomplished. Does this mean he/she will stay on the bench most matches?
A. No. Unlike other local team sports, MCSC policy states that all members play at least 50% game time, regardless of their ability.

Q. How long is the season?
A. The season lasts six weeks each spring.

Q. What happens after I have registered my child?
A. After the teams have been drafted, you will be contacted by your team coach with more information, about two or three weeks before the season starts.

Q. When are the teams formed?
A. Teams are drafted the day after the close of registration.

Q. When does the team practice?
A. The team coach will inform all team players of practice times. It is usually either once or twice a week.

Q. Where does the team practice?
A. Practice locations are decided upon by the Head Coach. Teams will usually practice in the same cities & towns that they are formed from. (i.e. Valliant teams practice in Valliant etc.)

Q. May I choose which team my child plays on?
A. No. New players are placed on their team by random selection. Exceptions to this rule are considered in the case of siblings.

Q. May I chose my childs coach?
A. No. Team coaches have already been appointed once your child has been randomly selected. (See previous question.)

Q. What if my child misses or is unable to attend a practice? Will he/she still be allowed to play?
A. Yes. Unlike other local team sports, all registered members are eligible to play 50% game time, regardless of whether they attend practice or not. Obviously, it is in the players best interest to attend as many team practices as possible.

Q. When and where are the matches played?
A. All matches are currently held at the Idabel High School playing fields on Saturday mornings, starting at 9.00am.

Q. What equipment will I need to purchase ?
A. Members need to provide their own footwear (cleated soccer boots) shinguards and the appropriate size soccer ball. (U6 & U8 Size-3) (U10 & U12 Size-4)

Q. Can I sit with my childs team during games?
A. No. Parents and other spectators must gather on the opposite side of the field from the teams in all divisions.

Q. I would like my business to sponsor a team, how do I do this?
A. Read the "MCSC Sponsors" page, and then contact the webmaster.

Q. I would like to talk to someone locally about MCSC Soccer, who do I contact?
A. Either MCSC Secretary Brad Reesing at 580-286-3321 or Board Officer Chris Chance at 580-612-7976 can answer your questions.

McCurtain County Soccer Club
McCurtain County Soccer Club
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