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MCSC Referees

Any prospective game officials with either a current USSF Level 08 or 09 Grade, or a comprehensive knowledge of the FIFA Rules Of The Game and practical experience refereeing with an interest in becoming licensed should contact the webmaster or call Ian at 580-286-4247.
Please remember that all MCSC Referees are unpaid volunteers and receive no remuneration.
Only apply if you will be available from 9am - 3pm every Saturday between March thru May for the entire season.

Hey Ref! You *@#%!
The following is an article by Frank Gibbs taken from the January 2007 edition of Smoke Signals from the Oklahoma Soccer Association.

Are you the Loud Mouth in the stands that just has to let the Referee know about it each time you think he or she missed a call? Are you the Loud Mouth that yells about the Referee needing new glasses? Are you the Loud Mouth that thinks you know more than the Referee and has to let the Referee know that you know more than he or she does? Then this column is for you.
As a parent, it is frustrating when I see what I think is a foul committed against my kids, especially when I think the Referee should have called it, but didn’t. As the Head Coach of two teams, it is even more frustrating as a Coach when I see what I think is a foul committed against my players, particularly when I think the Referee should have called it, but didn’t.
However, as a Referee I know that not every foul is going to be called. Some calls will be missed due to having my view obstructed (there is no instant replay in youth soccer). Some calls will be missed because I am making sure there is nothing going on at other areas of the filed during play and miss a foul. I also know that some fouls will NOT be called on purpose. It’s called “Advantage”.
So what is Advantage? Advantage means the team against which an offense has been committed will benefit from such an advantage and penalizes the original offense if the anticipated advantage does not ensue at that time (lets them play if it helps, stops play if it doesn’t). Referees should allow teams to play the advantage. Playing the advantage is when the Referee chooses to ignore a foul if it will take away an advantage of the team against which the foul was committed (they kept the ball).For example, Johnny was dribbling toward the opponent’s goal when Stevie from the other team tripped him. As Johnny fell, his teammate Bobby got the ball, dribbled the rest of the way, and scored a goal. Bobby was allowed to play the advantage when Johnny was tripped, and as a result he scored a goal. If the Referee had blown the whistle when Johnny was tripped, it would have further penalized Johnny’s team because the Referee would have taken away the Advantage and Bobby may not have scored the goal.
The bad thing though, is that Loud Mouth on the sideline starts yelling at the Referee, calling him everything but his given name as soon as Johnny falls down. Loud Mouth doesn’t understand that Johnny’s teammate has the ball and may score. Loud Mouth only sees that the *@#% Referee missed a call and has to yell at the Referee loud enough that parents on the farthest field can hear it.
As a 41-year-old who has played and officiated soccer for 34 years, I can handle the curses and bad words that Loud Mouth yells at me. I know that Loud Mouth hasn’t taken the time to understand the game, and more importantly the Laws of soccer. I also know that I can remove Loud Mouth from the soccer complex if it gets too out of hand. I have the advantage of experience and knowledge of the Laws on my side.
But think about this: 53% of the referees in Oklahoma are 16 years old or younger. In other words, more than half of the time you are at a game, a Referee on the field will be an average age of 14 years old. In the accompanying pie chart, please note the birth years of referees in Oklahoma Soccer Association.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t make a difference to Loud Mouth who, or how old, the Referee may be. Whether it is a 41-year-old man, or a 12-year-old girl, Loud Mouth has to yell at the Referee. Loud Mouth has no class, nor does Loud Mouth have respect for the Referees.
The Oklahoma State Referee Committee is also concerned over the number of parents, bystanders, and other sideline attendees who feel that they have free reign to criticize, demean, and defame the Referees on the field. A directive from the State Referee Committee is on its way to inform coaches and leagues that referees expect coaches to control their sidelines and that if the coach cannot control himself or the parents, the game will be terminated.
As the 2nd Vice President and Referee Assignor for LoCoSoccer (Logan County Soccer Club) one of my foremost responsibilities is to ensure that our Referees are not being physically assaulted or verbally abused by parents, spectators, or coaches. I take this responsibility very seriously. LoCoSoccer will, at the least, remove you from the fields for verbal abuse, and at the most file criminal charges for assault and/or battery. In between those two extremes are suspensions and/or banning from LoCoSoccer.
It is never Okay to yell or assault a Referee no matter what their age. But please remember, more than half of the Referees in Oklahoma are children. Please treat our younger referees the way you would like your children to be treated.

Ref Red Card

McCurtain County Soccer Club
McCurtain County Soccer Club
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