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McCurtain County Soccer Club

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Information For Coaches

A coaches meeting for all MCSC Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches will be held at the Idabel Public Library prior to the start of practices for the 2013 season - date to be announced - This is a mandatory meeting. Please bring a notepad & pencil.

MCSC Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referees and all other volunteers returning from previous MCSC seasons, must now submit their yearly Volunteer Disclosure Forms online.
Please check your email inboxes for correspondence from OSA or and follow their directions.
Please email the webmsater with any questions

Team coaches are reminded that anyone helping them during practice (including their assitant coach) must complete an online Volunteer Disclosure Form for a criminal background check. Prospective volunteers must furnish the MCSC with their name, address, telephone number and social security number in order for the club to initiate the process.

Also, make sure all team members parents/legal guardians have signed a Parental Agreement, and that your Assistant Coach has signed a Coaches Agreement.

Please remember to keep your team off of the game field before your game, wait until the referee has called the team on. This will help to maintain a decent playing surface throughout the season.

Absolutely no team practices are to be held on the game fields, coaches ignoring this rule will firstly be warned and then possibly removed as coach.

All coaches please remember....the MCSC is a recreational organization, and as such ALL PLAYERS MUST BE ALLOWED 50% GAME TIME regardless of their ability! Every player that wants to play, will play!

Also remember that you have signed a Coaches Agreement with the MCSC and must always act within that agreements guidelines, the club will not hesitate to suspend or remove a coach or assistant coach that does not act appropriately.

New coaches are advised to make use of the links page for assistance from many new coach websites.

Contacting Team Members

Coaches....Remember to contact all of your team members after the coaches meeting. Players with non-working phone numbers should be referred to a club official so that they may be informed of practice times and game schedules. Do not simply give up if you cannot reach a player!

Weather Cancellations

The MCSC Field Co-ordinator will advise the club President on the likelihood of play early on game day. The condition of the game fields is assesed together with the possibility of imminent bad weather when making a decision whether or not to cancel play.
Once the Field Administrator and club President have decided to cancel play, all team coaches will be notified by or before 8.00am game day.

It is then the team coaches responsibility to contact their team members.

If play has started when bad weather arrives, it will be up to the MCSC Head Referee to assess whether or not play should continue.

Player Safety

As mentioned at both pre-season coaches meetings, all MCSC coaches are required to provide water for their players during both practices and games. Coaches should make sure that their players are adequately rehydrated during rest periods. Parents should be advised to apply sunscreen to their children before practices and games. Be aware that sun damage can even occur on cloudy or cool days.

Litter & Rest Rooms

Coaches should make sure that all litter dropped by players and parents during their games, is picked up and disposed of. Don`t forget that the MCSC is a guest each Saturday at the Idabel High School, and must respect the property accordingly.
Similiarly, the rest rooms located at the baseball field, have been kindly offered for use by the High School, and all efforts must be made to keep them in good order.

Shinguards At Practice

All MCSC coaches are reminded to ensure that all players are wearing shinguards during practice sessions, and that players will not be permitted to participate on game days without shinguards.

Coaches Area.

MCSC coaches are reminded that only team players, themselves plus one assistant coach are permitted within the marked coaches area. Parents and other supporters should congregate on the opposite side of the field.

Words Of Wisdom.

"If you're not sure what to do with the ball,
just pop it in the net and we'll discuss your options afterwards."

Liverpool Coach Bill Shankly to striker Ian StJohn.

McCurtain County Soccer Club
McCurtain County Soccer Club
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